Video: Yoann Barelli Goes 'Into the Gnar' in Oaxaca, Mexico

Nov 24, 2021
by Yoann Barelli  

Last week I went to Oaxaca Mexico for an Into The Gnar X Oaxaca Expedition Camp. 6 days of biking across a beautiful landscape, and experiencing the Mexican culture. From flowy to gnarly trails, From 5 stars to full-on local and traditional restaurants, Oaxaca has it all! To finish it off on a rad note, the full crew of participants, organisation and myself filmed an Into The Gnar Episode on one of the roughest trails in Oaxaca, El Toro. 16 people in one video, it was definitely a hell of a rodeo!

Thank you to Sarah, Jesse, Dusty, Keith, Ken, Leon, Mark, Matt, Miguel, Ryan, Tappen, Kalen, Jenny, Rob, Wicho, Betto, Javier and Flavio, we smashed it.

All the Into The Gnar Camps are based on making you a better rider, and they will. The progression of all the participants during those 6 days was simply mind blowing.

Enjoy this special episode of Into The Gnar, It's us, having a blast on our bikes!

See more of my YouTube videos here.

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 I'm impressed with how many names Yoann can remember.
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 Yeah I respected that
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 I'll be down there in two weeks with the same Oaxaca Expedition crew, so excited!!
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 You'll love it!!
The tradition is 2 shots of Mezcal in every restaurant you step in Wink Enjoy the trip haha !!
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 @yoannbarelli: holy cow, after the second restaurant the only thing i'd be riding is the toilet
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 El Toro is no joke, steep, loose, deep ruts, long with unforgiving sharp rocks. You drop through two or three different ecosystems. I love it up there. I miss that magical mountain.
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 Barelli seems to be the guy that brings the stoke level so high any doubts you have on a section just go away.. Looks like this was a blast!
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 Oaxaca really on the come up, dang!!
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 Really want to do this trip in February for my birthday, but my buddies and I only have 200mm DH bikes and I'm trying to find out if this will be wayyyy overbiked and not worth bringing them vs renting a bike down there. If anyone including @yoannbarelli can offer insight it would be extremely helpful in my decision! thank you
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 Renting a bike from these guys is only like $120 for a day. If you did a week long trip bringing your own bike may be worth it. Don't know what the week long rental price is
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 You can shuttle almost all of those trails so you can technically ride them with DH bikes but I'll bet you'll enjoy them more in a 150-170mm travel bike.
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 Is it possible to ride there without a guide? Does anybody know how it works with the riding permits? I want to stay there for 6 weeks and bring my own bike to Oaxaca. But I cannot afford a guide and a shuttle service for all the time.
I like pedalling and explore the area on my own.
But what I read the land is all owned communally by the various pueblos in the area. They control access to the trails and want to know who is traveling through their communities

Any experiences or tips?
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 You definitely can ride alone and without a guide though, you have to pay a fee in Ixtepeji. Let's call it a "riding permit".
It's about $10.00 USD IIRC so not too expensive.
However, the place is enormous!
I would strongly suggest a guide at least for the first couple of days.
Enjoy your trip!
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 sbgrollon, I been building a trail network and still have lots to explore here. I'm in the Huitzo area, send me a msg and lets meet up for some outings!
  • 3 0 -- Javier will hook you up! Truly one of the best trips I've ever done.

And Huicho knows *all* the lines!
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 Huicho makes lines on the fly. He's fast and a good dude.
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 Does anyone have link for this spicy trip?
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 I had a good time with Transierra Norte the ride,
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Ride with Yoann (and me, haha) in the spring!
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 First of, there will be a INTO THE GNAR camp in the Baja in March 2022

Then back with Oaxaca expedition in November 2022

More camps and new locations coming soon Smile
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one of the best local
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 Barelli, the new face of Mexican mountain biking!
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 Hats off to Yoann for being very entertaining. It's the only MTB channel I see that draws in even people not interested in the sport.
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 À d'entro del gnarsito
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 I'm riding with these guys next week and after thus video the stoke is at an all time high. I hope this trail is on the menu but everything looks amazing. I can't wait!
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 He’s so pumped! Awesome
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What happened to Barelli Concepts website?
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 Que padre, it's on the bucket list. Looks like everyone riding went to next level with great coaching.
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 @krumpdqncer101 it’s redundant. Seems like you’re the one getting emotional there bud.
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 Wow, the "turn your head" tip worked great for that guy haha!
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 Friends avoid riding in Mexico. If injured you will not receive adequate care and may be held hostage to a corrupt medical system. If medical staff discover you are from North America they will require an open tab on a credit card for their version of sub-par medical care. Getting med- evacuated to America is near impossible and if there is a fatality recovering the body will require bribes. I have personal experience with both scenarios unfortunately. There are plenty of great places to ride elsewhere.
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 @JuanFco: In America we call him mierda
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