Video: Yoann Barelli Rides Through Rotten Skinnies and Jumps

Jul 17, 2020
by Yoann Barelli  

Welcome to Dead Fall everyone! Pumped to be the first person riding through the entire trail in 10 / 15 years Smile

Every thing is getting rotten,

It was super safe hahahahahahahah!

Hope you enjoy it



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 Best thing to happen to Pinkbike maybe ever? Love this guy. Couldn"t wipe the smile from my face. Classic!
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flag Strobeha (Jul 18, 2020 at 17:36) (Below Threshold)
 Can’t stand him. Not funny at all but tries so hard. Rad rider though, can’t take that away.
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 Dear one up, please sponsor yoann a one up tool with bacon strips, and maybe pump?
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flag nhlevi (Jul 18, 2020 at 1:34) (Below Threshold)
 I couldn't f*cking believe what you wrote. Just checked one up's site and I still can't fathom it. Bacon?????! Serously? Like a piece of scrap rubber or cloth couldn't do the job. I know ya'll are meat eaters anyway but supporting the murder of animals to make goddamn tire plugs is close to the pinnacle of human stupidity. Good thing Yoann is vegan too.
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 @nhlevi: This is satire, right? I can't tell anymore.
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 It is shred or be shredded. They'll understand.
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flag nhlevi (Jul 19, 2020 at 12:23) (Below Threshold)
 @f*ckingsteve: No you're just another f*cking steve who doesn't get it.
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 @nhlevi: Google is your friend. Maybe you should take a quick gander on the old interweb before making a jack a$$ out of yourself. Just sayin
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 Jody is awesome. He halted up about 20 + bags of concrete to fill in a hole in the rock face. He puts his signature 3 jumps in almost every trail he has built. Rode this trail at least 10 years ago. He is awesome. Great work Jody. If you’re in the sea to sky corridor and you need some electrical work done, look him up. Better electrician then a trail builder.
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 Concrete ain't cool though:/
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 He was more excited about that skinny that he's been on some massive drops in other videos.
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 cause it's a really tricky one^^ i can tell you!!!
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 "holee focking crappy shieet" - yesssssss
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 I was almost dissapointed but luckily you said tak tak tak at the last minute on your first section. it's not an ITG description without tak tak tak!
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 Don't forget chook chook chook!
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 Absolute maniac love you bro
  • 9 1 old scool ????????
Barelki is crazy but I would have done the same with an extra trip to the hospital ????????
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 Amazing dude thanks for sharing!!
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 13:15 “and here we see the Barelli in it’s natural habitat “
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 If I were to guess the french word for plank, it would have been planche.. I'm surprised Yoann wasn't able to reverse engineer that one.
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 Maybe start carrying a folding Silky saw in your pack? Very helpful in clearing small blowdowns.
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 Jody's an electrician now i think - be cool to hear from him here or elsewhere. He should go ride it with Yoann...
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 I had two thoughts initially:

1. Holy crap Yoann sounds so much like Hank Azaria's scuba character from "Along Came Polly."

2. Holy crap that's so much wood. That landing has to be the biggest wood feature ever.
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 As sad as it is to see him leave racing, I am absolutely pumped to see more of this kind of riding from him. Always having fun and it's contagious. The trail riding version of Ratboy
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 I've rode plenty of janky loose woodwork. Worse thing to do is walk on it and jump up and down. The structure will hold the weight of rolling tires no problem. This is a sport based on risk right? You don't like the jank ? Leave it alone go ride some place else. Keep it gnarly dude.
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 You nailed it Yo! you almost ate shit on this step up ahahah
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 Probably cuz it was make for 26 wheels...
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 As Usual my favorite PB performer, Yoan!!!!
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 This guy is the Steve Irwin of mountain biking!! Cheers Yoann I just broke my collar bone, it’s good to see I can come back from injury even stronger!!
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 “I’m going to fix it with my dick”. Typical Frenchman
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 I dont even know what to say! I feel fear and happiness at the same time watching this, and even after watching it, stay well dude!! Thank you!
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 "It was super safe hahahahahahahah!"
Big Grin LMAO. I don't know how he stays so positive. What a guy! I could learn from him.
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 Yoann Barelli's nickname, is, "Too French, too strong". LMAO.
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 That was a lot of fun to watch! Incredible woodwork and your enjoyment is palpable!
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 Rode this trail about 5 years ago, it was super sketchy then too. It's a work of art.
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 @yoannbarelli you are a huge inspiration your riding and attitude always put a smile on my face!
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 OH MYGAWWD YOANN told the world about a SECRET TRAIL. Such a loamer. OUTRAGE!
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 This was intended on a being a joke. Yoann seems like a rad dude and that trail has obviously been abandoned by the original builder for many years. Looks good to go and he gave no indication of where it was. Good work Yoann! Look forward to seeing the rehab on the trail as well as future videos!
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 Yoann why do you refer to yourself in third person ?

Smile )))
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 Yoann ‘Into the wild gnar’ McCandless....
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 Yoann single handedly keeping real MTBing alive.
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 Awesome track and riding.
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 If I eat those same berries will I be able to ride like him?
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 Who ever built that trail wow that's alot of work. Skilz
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 Best thing on Pinkbike so far
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