Video: Yoann Barelli, Steve Vanderhoek & Reilly Fogolin Build and Ride Down What is Essentially a Cliff Face

Sep 10, 2021
by Yoann Barelli  

Three years ago Reilly Fogolin (an upcoming MTB talent) and I spotted this cliff and thought that we could ride it at some point. Fast forward and I looked at this thing again a month ago, I called Reilly and Steve and boom, the project started!!

I hope you will enjoy this mini documentary about some buddies sharing the same passion.


We want to acknowledge that we built this line in the middle of the forest, our play ground. We took our time to build it and we have the most respect for this beautiful place. We named this line "The Panther" because you will have to ride it like a panther. If you find this line, there will be tools at the bottom. Make sure the run out is solid, make sure you have the braking control for the top of the line and make sure you can absorb the compression at the bottom. It will be fast. Please do not communicate the location and please approach this line with respect, this is no fall zone!

We want this sport to grow and we want to share our visions and creations.

With love,
Yoann, Steve, Reilly

Special thanks to:
NF - Travis
Ride Wrap - Stu and Kayli


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 Hey look at Steve with the pressure gauge! I wonder if he used the Jenson discount from Remy...
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 With a landing strip like that, "The Cougar" would have been a better name!
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 I know Yoann and Steve are active on PB, so: honestly, what drives you guys to do this? I'm genuinely curious, and not being an ass with this question.

What's the risk/reward ratio for you guys? It's amazing to watch, but I just cannot grasp the drive to continually find, build, and ride lines like this. It's bonkers.
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 They do it because it is fun. The bigger risk is not living.
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flag black-tusk (Sep 10, 2021 at 10:38) (Below Threshold)
 Click bait influencer money?
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 ...this stuff is way above my skill level but I have to assume the thrill of creating a line that's never been ridden is a hell of a rush (problem solving, some engineering and being an adrenaline junkie all rolled into one).
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 Content, Progression, Satisfaction In that order
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 Recognition, glory, and money, but mostly glory and recognition; it's the thing all humans desire. Kudos to them! They are achieving it. We watch.
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 I have to assume it's like skiing primarily back-country lines vs. staying in bounds. once you get to a certain level, in bounds can be boring. Taking your skills and continuing to grow them requires bigger (and subsequently more dangerous) lines to keep the sport fun and continue that upward growth trajectory. And again, to us mere mortals, this is terrifying. But if you've been building and honing your skills on similar terrain, this may be scary but well within the skillset of those riders. Would be curious to hear from Steve/Yoann though!
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 Well, if it's the same as what my wife says every time I leave the house it's "have fun, look good, be safe" in that order.
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flag Joe89 (Sep 11, 2021 at 6:51) (Below Threshold)
 What a stupid question. Do you ask Brandon Semenuk why does he do new trick combos in his videos? Do you ask why does Caroline Buchanan become the first girl to land a mtb backflip? Did you ask Travis Pastrana why he wanted to do a double backflip on his moto? Ask Sam Hill why he went so fast on small overweight downhill bikes? Cos they just want to man. There is a little voice inside their head that says, I can do this!
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 yeah...nope. Sick run though! cool to see the work that goes into creating something like this. ...also, good to see Steve is back at it (or was this before his ride with Remy?)
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 This was 5 weeks to the day after the injury !
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 Take it easy on that wrist, Steve. I see you nursing that thing after the first roll in. I've had chronic wrist issues for years, get it solid. Super cool line, evokes memories of watching North Shore extreme videos as a teenager.
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 That was sad watching Steve die inside
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 I lost it when Steve was left hanging on the fist bump!
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 I would love to see this stuff up close. I’m not one to shy away from steep sketchy lines, but it’s hard to tell from the video and the ever present GoPro effect.
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 Impossible not to love Yoann...great stuff!
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 I would grade that a double black diamond- 5.10a.
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 Awesome... How many baguettes!?
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 “Build”, eh?
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 It's just right over there------------------->
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 Always enjoy video from this folks! cheers
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 Well, you certainly didn't look scared at all. Way to make it look easy.
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 These guys made it look easy.
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 When in doubt, downhill bike
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 Impressive (as always).
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