Revel Co: Brandon Semenuk & Rupert Walker's 2018 Year In Review

Dec 31, 2018
by Revel Co  
“One more year and we will be closer to wherever we’re going”

An untamed reality is a revolving door for chance and opportunity. Brandon Semenuk and Rupert Walker took that window of opportunity to make 2018 their most devoted year to Revel Co.’s endeavors thus far, and here are the fruits of their labor. 2019 will be no exception as Revel Co. aims to amplify their craft moving forward.

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 Brandon has always been a trend setter, Rupert bringing that trend setting to an additional medium. Interesting to watch how much content followed/modeled what these two did in the past couple years. It's been very enjoyable watching Brandons legacy unfold. Cheers to both of them for the content they brought us this year.

Also the shot @ 1:57 in "AIM" is lovely.
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 Thanks for the entertainment and inspiration boys! Stoked to see what you cook up next.
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 This kid should enter some comps he's pretty good
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 I don’t think he’s been signed yet man
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 It's next level quality where these 2 guys are concerned. Everyone else just plays catch-up. Keep them rolling lads...!!
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 Keep it comin boys!!!????????????????????????
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 What is going on with Brandon, does the laws of gravity not apply too him the same way as the rest of us?
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 “Long form media still rocks” -pb
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 If you don't look at the title you would just think you were looking at all the VOY candidates
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 I can't get enough of Semenuk. Love watching his videos. Super smooth, has a bag full of tricks and can practically ride anything any where tup Definitely my favourite rider!!!
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 am I seeing things or is Brandon on a hardtail in the RAW video...I have tried pausing to see but speed seems to be against me, Brandon please go slower nest time :-)...
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 he was using his slope bike i guess ticket s
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 Full sus
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 He could have been on a trike..doesn’t matter! Ahaha
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 Fantastic riding and the quality of the films is outstanding. Hopefully we get a few more in 2019
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 It doesn't get better than that. Got to be the most innovative freerider of late.
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 Todays wake&bake was great!
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 Amazing stuff as always!
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 Always so good!
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 this man is the man

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