Ripping Big Bikes With Vincent Pernin And Eliott Lapôtre

Apr 21, 2014
by ShapeRideShoot  
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 I would pay so much money to ride those jumps at the end
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 how much
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 then pick up a shovel and go build them. There not going to happen here on the internet.
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 Here in the Netherlands we are not allowed to build anything. But we dont have mountains anyway.
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 You do have Germany 3 or 4 hours away though
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 I dig my own trails but I'm one of the lucky ones who has found somewhere to do it that doesn't get flattened. I get irritated by the predictable comment of 'Go build them then' because for the vast majority of people it really isn't that simple.
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 its not simple for 99% of the trail builders out there. You work your arse off, you get into legal wrangles with councils/landowners, you finally get them on your side only to find some drunk f*ck has put a big hole in each of your takeoffs cos he can't stand other ppl having fun in ways he can't manage. I'm sure its the same the world over. You just have to knuckle down and get on with it. There is no simple answer...
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 When you find out that your trail and all your time and effort have been destroyed by some stupid f*ckhead, it's the worst feeling concerning mountainbiking (except injury). It happened to me also this winter. Many hours and weeks of work were destroyed just because some f*ck thought that the part of the forest my trail was going through belonged to his family. I had only built my trail in this spot because I was told that the property belonged to my uncle. So basically after some legal actions, it finally turned out that the f*ckhead mismeasured the borders of his land by nearly a quarter mile. So now I'm back digging every weekend to recover at least some parts of my trail
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 Sounds like I'd be handing a certain douchebag a shovel...
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 That music actually made me miss the dubstep fad.
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 Yea, the singer kind of reminds me of this,
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 wow that song was bad....
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 much better on "Mute"!
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 Great video!! Vince Pernin just plain rocks. Now I'm stoked to ride!!
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 Music - why you killing my vibe?
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 Another great edit Mr. Rey. I have a new alternative line in "Nitro" for you to try...
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 Vive les Vosges Wink Superbe !!!
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 This is probably how look like my perfect trail,so fun,so smoooth...
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 Nice! Smooth mais engager quand même!
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 C'est où ça ? C'est dans les coins de Saint-dié ?
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 Great Vid, good raw riding, good music.
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 Damn that music was plain freaking horrible! Riding was stellar.
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 Super article !!!
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 Makes me wanna ride!
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 which resort is this?
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 End was awesome.
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 Not bad!
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 minty fresh
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 Where in Les Voges is this???? I live 45mins from that region!
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 They are called white rastas
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 Great feel to this vid. I actually like the music, too!
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 Makes me spend money and rebuild my bike!
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 koala tea
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 What DH pants is he wearing?
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 It's a shark, don't you get it?
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 There Troy lee
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