How To Corner With Anneke Beerten and Rachel Throop - Video

May 20, 2016
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 Nah, all the local shredders around here know the secret is to over cook everything, then blast the tops/ends off the berms so no one else can get as rad!

Also, roll all the lips!

Seriously though, solid tips, a few i need to put to practice.
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 Yah, let’s be critical of the free tips we just got from a pro.
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 Guess they unveiled the real secret of cornering, and the Council of Pro Riders hacked the video site.
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 Any video with Rachel Throop is worth watching Razz
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 Funny how much is similar about cornering in different disciplines, but also different. Road racing is a great example. It's normal to (at times) trail brake deep into a corner on the front brake (based on the situation).

That said, Rachel is spot on, but the terminology is awkward.

1) She mentions "braking speed" when it sounds like she means entry speed. Of course you use your brakes to set an entry speed, but once that's set you then transition off the brakes to not lose any more speed.

2) "Enter at the appropriate apex" sounds instead like it should be "select an appropriate turn in point". This of course is important because where you enter a corner (if you are carrying any kind of speed) will affect where you apex the corner. And the apex of the corner after all is not the entry. :-)

Where you enter has huge effects and the different ways into and through corners even have names. You can "square an entrance" (late apex), "square the exit" (early apex), or even double apex a corner. Blah, blah, blah....

Anyway, not to take away from Rachel. She's rad and she's killing it!
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 True. And while it's a good thing to also feature women in how to videos, cornering basics have been explained about a million times by now and no one gets even close to Brian Lopes in Mastering MTBing Skills.
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 they mention most of everything, but i still prefer to dive in the corner so my body position goes from front to neutral (middle), or even further back and i look trough the corner , cornering on a flow track has northing common with proper DH loose track, or off camber, or flat turn....
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 Yeah, these are berms, not 'real' corners.
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 I honestly didn't feel comfortable cornering on berms for the longest time.
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 Showing a 'This video is password protected' message for me.
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 same here
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 Fixed now.
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 There are a bunch of great Dean Tennant edits that are password protected..... It's the worst
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 The last time I encountered a password-protected video was when I accidentally ended up in a porn site.
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 @uphill-blues: Accidentally, eh?!?

I like your 'about me' comment too. I wasn't stalking you though, I just accidentally clicked on your name...
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 They forgot to mention foot position, belly button, not steering and shoulders. Maybe elbows but some prole are different there. They did meniton not braking a good few times though.
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 Prole... people... auto correct... grrr
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flag bikesandfun (May 21, 2016 at 1:10) (Below Threshold)
 I would think these are just a couple tips geared towards the female riders. If you already know all the aspects of cornering, did you actually expect to learn anything from this?
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 @bikesandfun: How is cornering female specific now?
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 @bikesandfun: Guarantee Anneke is faster than you.
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flag bikesandfun (May 21, 2016 at 16:43) (Below Threshold)
 @mgolder: It isn't.

I only mention that it's probably geared towards female riders because:

1) There's two of GT's female riders explaining the tips and riding.

2) The tips seem targeted towards more beginner riders. The tips aren't super in depth, any didn't mention many of the more advanced things @betsie brought up. I'm not saying all female riders are beginners and wouldn't want more advanced cornering tips or anything like that. I'm just saying, the video seems targeted towards beginner riders, and judging by the fact that GT chose to have two female riders giving the tips and riding, maybe they're targeting it towards women.
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 Also, I didn't mean to write "the" female riders. I agree that sounds like I'm putting all women that ride into one group and skill level, my bad.
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 The biggest issue I have with cornering is confidence and lack of experience. I don't know how far I can push entry speed, lean etc until I've gone too far and that hurts sometimes - I suck at trying to save a bad decision. :p And a lack of confidence does cause the body to lock-up and throw-off the fundamentals.

I guess following a more experienced rider would help a lot at finding those limits or a lot of riding, patience and gradual improvements.
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 I didn't hear the tip I got years ago about railing big berms: counter-steer up the berm a bit and you will keep the fastest line as long as possible. Turning into the turn or 'down' the berm will take you to the slower flat line or even worse - washout. Obligatory PB sexism - Anneke looks hot. sry.
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 not sexism, objectification more like.
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 I just learned there are a lot of "really important" things to remember when u corner.
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 You mean impor ent
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 @BudGreen: impor ent
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 @yakimonti: relly impor ent
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 How to corner - don't think about the corner, think about exit speed and how much you want of it. Oh and probably more importantly look ahead for the love of cod so you don't shit your panties and lock up when you see a berm in front of you. The entire mountain bike community thanks you.
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 Fairly basic but basic is good, for more advanced cornering stuff I reckon lee McCormack (especially his coaching book) can't be beat.
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 Watch EWS videos of her riding. Throop could use a cornering coach.
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 Dang. Fast.
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 My 2 tips: Low / inside hip positioning and upper body strength. Leverage on superwide bars will only get you so far.
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 went to school with rachel, glad to see she is crushing it
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