Vittoria Launches eMTB Tires Designed to Increase Battery Life

Jul 6, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

Vittoria has launched a new range of dedicated eMTB tires that they claim increases battery range.

The new range of tires, which are specifically labelled as eMTB tires, include adjusted offerings of their Mazza, Barzo, Agarro and Martello models. Although all tires still use the same Graphene 2.0 technology and 4C rubber compound found on the standard offerings each model has been slightly adjusted to improve their performance and ability when used with an eMTB.

bigquotesBecause of their power, e-bikes need treads that do not wear out fast. Graphene improves the tread durability and rolling. This trait is very important as it positively affects the battery consumption, extending the battery life. The 4C technology, the layering process allowing to place 4 different layer of rubber compound in the same tread, improves the knobs strength and flexibility. Therefore, they can better resist to the strong accelerations of e-bikes (they do not tear off because of the higher torque) without compromising the grip. Vittoria

Vittoria claims that the new range of eMTB offerings will save on battery life with reduced rolling resistance from the graphene-enhanced compounds and that the casing, bead, tread, sidewalls have been tuned to be more puncture resistant. The eMTB offerings now feature a 120tpi 2-ply casing and they come in bright green packaging and even have a green lightning bolt hot patch just to make sure you know that these are dedicated eMTB options.

bigquotesThe heavier weight of electric bikes is an issue for tires indeed. Normally, tires are the part of the bike that is more prone to damage, as it is the only point of contact with the ground. Rocks, roots, debris… all obstacles you can find on the trail can be harmful to your tires.

Now try to imagine using a 22kg bicycle! Weight adds up stress to the tire. Every obstacle becomes a weapon that can provoke a tire failure. E-bikes require tires that can handle all that weight without compromising riding safety and comfort.

The new range of eMTB tires are available now and you can find out more here


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 So what’s the difference of someone who’s 170lbs riding a bike vs someone who’s 210lbs. Wouldn’t the weight difference account for more stout parts needed or am I missing something here with these “e bike specific” parts here?
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flag Porkybob (Jul 6, 2020 at 8:22) (Below Threshold)
 A 210lbs rider isn't using the same tires than the 170lbs one. At the same skills and terrain, he definitely does not.
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 You're missing that there is an e on the sidewall so clueless ebikers will think they need these.
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 Many ebikers are heavier than the average biker (I know a couple 250+lb guys). With all their riding gear (10-20lbs) plus a 55lb ebike including potentially a spare battery in their backpack and you have close to 350lbs total weight. Thus the need for stronger knobs that won’t rip off as easily. I’m 145lbs and already rip knobs off some tires
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 @vanillarice19: good to know Smile I’ve always wondered if there are actual differences in the products. I’m appreciative to put stronger brakes etc on my normal bike so I’ve wondered why they haven’t made the difference till now
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flag Noah353 (Jul 6, 2020 at 12:09) (Below Threshold)
 @vanillarice19: basically much harder on trails too, right?
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 Engine power and about 5 x the laps... you need to realize 99% of people do not put their pedal power through a full life. When they have an engine to get back up they start spending way more time on the bike, and more impactfully to parts, going down hill which wears shit out.
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 @Porkybob: I think riders like Steve Peat and Nathan Rennie might have something to say about riders who are 210lbs and their comparable skills.
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 Just the marketing group who hasn’t thought of that weight rider application
And I oop...
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 @Brownsworthy: they're going to say heavier faster riders can get away with light casings that could potentially work for lighter riders?
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 @vanillarice19: Well, that's just 'cause yer a ripper to start with!
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 The marketing is strong with this one
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 I haven't looked into these to confirm, but we may have just read an entire press packet that amounts to:

"We put our XC compound on our DH/enduro casing."
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 Just wait till AbsoluteBlack releases their $15,000 graphene tire!
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 So they just put a longer-lasting, less rolling resistance compound on knobby tires? Gonna take a wild shot in the dark here but I fear they'll feel like Wallyworld tires if that's the case. Extending range on eMTBs sounds nice though, I rented a Cannondale Moterra and climbed Farnsworth peak with a friend of mine, the bike was good, but the battery was definitely old.
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 Probably closer to dual compound Maxxis than Walmart bike tires if I had to hazard a guess.
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 @mnorris122: Probably - Just sounds like they're rehashing light trail compounds onto knobbier treads and thicker sidewalls.
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 Good thing for ebikes,cos finding a 2ply 2.6 o 2.8 it´s near to impossible. That is one of the things some manufacturers could improve easily, made a good hd tire line for ebikes. I hope Maxxis made something similar.
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 I can't even get a dissector tire in double down. You might be waiting a while yet
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 Have you tried the Eddy Current by Schwalbe? I got them and they're amazing! On my Decoy and Range VLT. Both have 2.8 rears but come in 2.6 too. I'm 185 lbs (84 kg if you live in a country without a flag on the moon ????) and routinely rip the side knobs off Assagai's with my squidlike, advanced beginner riding style. Hope that helps, my friend!
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 the question marks were supposed to be a smiley face because my comment about the moon was meant as a joke.
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 My eyes have rolled so far back that they have fallen out of my head, away from my body, and disappeared down the hill near my building. I am typing this on a braille keyboard.
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 Downhill riders are even fatter and lazyer than ebikers, thay need a ski lift or tractor to haul them up hill.
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 Oh. Can I use them on my non-E-mtb?
Would I be able to ride longer? )
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 You mean like, you can use them for longer until they wear out? If what they say is true then yeah, probably. It is easy to be skeptical though. Being skeptical is always easy Smile .
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 I'd be skeptical of these. They're likely just putting a harder/lower mix compound as the knobs to remove rolling resistance. You wouldn't have as much grip as a softer compound normal tire.
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 2021 - the year I am required to put on a face mask, before entering a bank to withdraw some cash.

And also the year I read this in a press release:

„(...)improves the tread durability and rolling. This trait is very important as it positively affects the battery consumption, extending the battery life.“

A year of irony!
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 Wait a sec you time traveler! The next year is remaining as shitty as this one?! No relief on the horizon? :O
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 @jollyXroger: more people on the planet will likely cause more shitty years in all of our futures...
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 Basically ebikers are fat and need special tyres.
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 Best advice to save battery - run slicks at 90 psi.
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 And a small 2 stroke generator to charge your battery on the go.
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 April fools?
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 Need a review on these. I'm 190lbs. Do I need these for my analogue bike? At what point does weight make a difference, or is it all marketing? Inquiring minds want to know!
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 No. You do not. Carry on.
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 Wouldn’t lighter weight tires with shorter knobs increase battery life???
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 E bike tires are great for us regular bike folks if you're hard on tires
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 Try viagra if your hard on tires.
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 @LemonadeMoney: maybe if I couldn't get them UP
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 on one have spec’d ebike tyres on the hello dave

maybe the we’re onto something
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 E-bike tires to make an e-bike easier on the legs. Lol.
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 What are you talking about e-“bikers” don’t need legs
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 Finally a rubber that’ll withstand an electrical pounding! ????
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 Where are the 29ers 2.6 ? All e-mtb i've seen comes with these measures.
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 They really need to change the wheel size to 19 in the rear and 21 in the front...and then add the motor...
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 What about the batteries in my legs, can it make me faster?!
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 Just get the non-e bike versions. They roll so much faster than my old Maxxis tires it feels like I'm on an e-bike.
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 I'm only here for the comments.
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 April fools was like 3 months ago.
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 Marketing - Its all about ripping off the knobs.
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 bike industry is so full of fluff.
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 I hope to be a fat ebikeing executive one day to.
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 Marketing garbage at its finest!
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