Wade Simmons at Blue Mountain, Ontario

Jul 1, 2009
by Tyler Maine  
Source: Wade Simmons

Wade here. I’m dropping a line to let you know that I will be at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario, the weekend of July 17 to 19 to ride with some lucky individuals as part of Blue’s “Ride with Wade Camp”.

Sessions run each morning or afternoon on Friday and Sunday for the 18+ crowd and on Saturday for riders 13-17. Check out the details at www.bluemountain.ca/wadesimmons or register at 1-877-445-0231 x6541. So come shred Blue with me!

Thanks for reading and see you at Blue in July.


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 boycotting wont help make blue better. i spoke with someone who works at blue, he said they just finished winning a lawsuit against the guy who fell and broke his neck a fwe seasons back. (sounds bad but this is actually good news) when skiing started many years back it had the same problem, people got hurt too often since it was such a new sport and back there they went through lawsuits just like with mtbing. but now skiing is a norm and they no longer have that problem, but remember that MTB is new and it will take a while before it becomes the norm like skiing. Lastly it is the insurance companies that are pushing to make the trails "safer" (lamer). But the people at Blue have no choice they have to follow what the insurance companies say in order to well get insured. The best thing you can do to help, is keep on going, putting your money in increases revenue and then they can afford to build new trails and better traisl, and also remember that blue makes honestly 1/10th the money it makes in the winter season.
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 Oh and even though the tourists pay the bills they can f*ck off because they clog up the parking lot and don't listen to the rules. (you cannot walk down the mountain anywhere but the designated hiking trail) Maybe next time I see some dumbass spacecase walking down the hill on the bike trails I'll clip him and he'll learn his lesson the hard way.

It would be nice to have biker specific parking for the summer so when we get flats we don't have to walk a half mile to the back of the parking lot, the tourists can walk farther. After all they are only there to walk around and look at shit. We pay alot more to be there than they do, so they can go to hell. Raise the price for the bikers and tell the rest to go back to where they came from, I would gladly pay more for my lift ticket to compensate for some of the tourists going to hell.
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 you know whats up
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 yet hardly any of the bikers can't seem to read or follow the rules at the bottom of the lift and WALK YOUR BIKE. So bikers are just as bad for not listening or following simple rules
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 dont you think that walking your bike thing is kinda silly?
i see that you dont want people bombing around and scaring people ect.
but if your just pedalling to the lift on the paved path that no-one is on in your granny gear i cant see any harm being done
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 It doesnt matter if you see the harm in it or not, it's one of the rules and they have it for a reason. If you want to ride your bike ride it on the trails.....I think stopping at a stop sign when no one is around is silly but i still do it.
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 Rules are rules, you'll see me walking my bike, whether I want to or not.
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 I think you all misunderstood, Wade is going to meet you at Blue and then your going to car pool to Bromont or Mount Saint Anne. Blue is just the place to meet up, no one expects him to ride there!
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 I find it hard to believe the parents of that retarded kid that crashed years ago even bothered trying to sue. The waiver you sign prevents the resort/mountain from having any liability for retarded kids.

Definetely some good points raised above. (Gord-o)

Other bike parks/mountains manage to have more advanced features and adequate insurance policies, so I see no reason why blue couldn't as well, (other than for the reduced revenues in the summer at blue not covering expensive insurance policies)

Fortunately for many of us we can still have lift accessed trails without driving across the province. Blue is there and we have to take it as it is and be happy that we have it. However I do agree that they have to give the customers what they want or people won't come. Blue has appeal, but not to the advanced downhill/freeride crowd.

It doesnt make sense that blue got scared off by people trying to sue when they have absolutely no liability for people being retarded and sucking ass. Your signature on the waiver before you ride means that you will lose in court if you try and sue because you get injured.

The parents of that retarded kid should have realized what they signed and saved themselves some legal fees. They fought for a hopeless cause.

Oh and the broken neck kid if you are out there, thanks alot, next time try learning how to ride and realize that you cannot ride safely with zero skill and a shit bike. Many of us loathe the day you thought you were cool and could ride a drop anyone with basic freeride and downhill skills could handle.

I could go on all day.

norcorider540 - resort is owned by intrawest, not the property that the trails are on, however selling to intrawest would be excellent assuming that they actually own the land whistler is on and not just the resort/village.
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 A waiver hardly ever holds up in court. If Blue said "We are not liable for ANYTHING" do you think a judge and jury would accept that?

However, there is a voluntary assumption of risk when mountain biking, and the possibility of injury is very foreseeable. Doesn't mean Blue has fallen below society's standards of tort when you're voluntarily participating in a sport that with inherent risk (just like any 'extreme' sport). Combine those obvious facts with a waiver, it simply makes a stronger defense, but would never guarantee non-liability.
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 WOW All the Blue Mountain haters crying about trails closing and bad weather. How about glass half full for a change. 15 trails, a day out with your friends. 2 new trails. Wade coming to the hill. I spent the past few days there and had a blast, met some amazing riders who weren't bashin Blue. I'm jazed about this weekends O-Cup DH race there. To all the haters maybe you should man up and show us your mad skills on the boring hill. Hey if you make the podium they usually give you the microphone and you could speak your mind for a minute and tell Blue what you really think. Or maybe we should all just try to enjoy this amazing sport of DH. If the hills aren't good enough for you, try riding faster. "Ride with some COWBELL".
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 wade simmons at blue he will prob be bored of it in one run because unless they have stepped up there game from last year its not even worth the gas and tow ticket to ride blue anymore never mind one of the best racers in the history of dh but thats still wicked tup
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 Were do I sign up for the "Drinking Beer at the Pub With Wade Camp"
Seriously, that would be worth the trip!
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 Apparently Blue has stepped it down again this season for there "Lengthly Risk and Injury Minimizing Speel" It is in fact not worth the trip unless you're just getting into it... or Wade Simmons is showing up!
Last season they closed everyones fav run Highway and now second faved Autobahn.
On the brite side there are fifteen new lodges and a starbucks...oh and your first lift ticket of this season will cost you over $50...JOKES ON US RIDERS!!!
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 EXACTLY what I meant and this SAMMO guy(3 rows up) thought "Landslide is the reason to close Wall and autobahn is chump shit" Well if that's the case everytime it rains, Blue can use that excuse to close any trail that they feel like to including the beinners' courses without even both to fixing it or improve it. Remember The Progressive Park which got 3 levels of drops and a wall-ride. And what was the reason to close it then, huh? Landslide again??? NO, it is becuase too many amature like SAMMO got hurt and BLue decided to close it. How can we gonna improve our skills if BLue keeps closing the trails which they think is too dangerous. Looks who is the one think inside the box now. I have been thinking about why we don't have something like Diablo or A-line here at the Blue.
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 i love how i just got called out! booyaa
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 we should ride together somtime.. i would like to share my amature skills with all. noob it up maybe?
see you on the hill! Smile
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 i made this account just for you godfriedSmile

blue closed autobahn...get over it. it was easy as shit, thats clearly why it was you're favourite run.

so i think you should deal with it and stop complaining, and learn to hang on a legitimate downhill trail
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 oh and just so you know man Wade had a great time at blue. he had a smile on his face the whole time. rode the legitimate trails, and didnt bitch about autobahn being closed
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 Seems like everyone feels my pain! Blue had so much potential. Now it's just a waste of time and not worth the money. You have to wonder why Ontario biking, boarding etc.. sucks balls when every where else in the world bends over backwards to make sports challenging and fun... not entry level and drab?? (tried my best to not fly off the handle)

Sorry Wade in advance for an ambarassing mountain bike resort.

Like mxnate said... have a great time ripping at Bromont and Anne! Those places care about riders.
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 That's just it Gord-o it's not about the riders at all at Blue...it's about the tourists wandering around the Village aimlessly. So they're not worried about us Riders at all. ALL RIDERS BOYCOTT THE SEASON!!!
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 Those tourists help support what very little riding we have left. I'd be very careful about bashing the hand that feeds you. There are larger issues at play, most of which are uncontrollable - especially insurance premiums.
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 I I couldn't agree more. Is that the reason why Blue hasn't raised their season pass this year. REOPEN HWY, Autobhan, Scorpionthunders and Progressive Park as well, You got the land, Blue! Don't waste it.
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 Sell the mountain to Intrawest. They know how to run a business, and they have the money to back it. They will provide more than riders would expect. Intrawest won't be crying about some lame ass suing them. They will make that hill so sweet, riders will come from all over to ride.

Blue doesn't have one good jump,,, go down the 401 and you encounter 45 foot gap jumps at Sir Bromont.. (God bless that place) They have a medical cart sitting at the landing for those who don't make it. YOU DON'T MAKE IT,,, IT'S YOU'RE FAULT, but they will sure be there to help cart you away. Do you hear them sobbing about legalities?? Don't think so.

Mountain biking may just become the big earner for the mountain. This is a business. If you don't provide what the buyer demands... be prepared to go TiT's UP! Seems this may be where Blue is driving. 1/10th is what they deserve to get for the service they provide to the riders. It's a shame that a law suit is presented and they fold up like cheap suits. They should pour more money into things, bring more riders and provide better service. This is done at other resorts around the WORLD, why not here? Sad really.


Bitter rider!

Sorry for the rant.. gotta take a breath.
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 the resort is already under intrawest
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 yeah, Blue has been owned by Intrawest for a while now. Blue is great as it is. sure you don't get massive jumps, but they don't want to constantly have people being pulled off the hill on stretchers, thats just bad for the tourism they have. last year it was kind of lame at Blue, but this year they have changed the hill around alot and make it so much better.
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 'Go down the 401'? Bromont is a completely different province! I'll ride Blue. Its 1.5 hours away from me Not 10!!
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 I am 1hr from blue mountain, I want to go but, im more of an AM rider. I have done downhill there before but, the group of riders that will be riding with Wade will probally be pretty good downhillers. u guys think i should go?

Bike setup:

2005 Jamis Dakar 125mm rear travel
Marzocchi AM SL 20MM axle
Azonic outlaws
Avid Juicy 5 203mm
LX cranks with bash and chain guide

will the bike be ok?
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 lmao yea
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 he rode in winnipeg one time, it was a great day thats forsure. super cool guy
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 The real question: Can Wade still ride at Blue if there's drizzle?
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 yeah so everyone pays 100 for it to rain(Y):P
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 betcha its just packed
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 ya i went to blue mountain, never again. it rained like 2 days earlyier and they wouldnt let me ride, forget that. waste of time. Wade better hope it is dry for a couple weeks befor u get there lol
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 You'll be fine with that set-up.
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 Wow, it should be pretty cool. I'll head up to ride with Wade.
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 Wade Simmons=Legend
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 Guy, The mountain is owned by Blue Mountain. The Village is owned by Intrawest.
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 dude, they had to take shit out or the place was gonna get shut down. there were skinny-wearing emo kids that think because they can bunny-hop curbs they can downhill riding hardtails with one brake, or even bmxs bikes. they took the jumps out, too bad, most of us can deal with it. and if you cant hang, you cant ride
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 the Mountain is owned by Intrawest. they own the hole place. they don't just own the village. if they did peoples trail and season passes wouldn't say "intrawest" on them.

not to mention if you go to the Blue Mountain website. it says right in the top corner "Intrawest Resorts" and lists all of the stuff on the hill. why would they bother putting up pretty much advertising for another company on there site if they didn't own the hill.
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 thank you. when the hill wasnt being run by intrawest and then they came in, thats when shit got taken out. talk to anyone that works there, and youll understand
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and on the topic of Wade at Blue. i went yesterday. i was like a half hour late for the clinic/ride with him. though I'm kind of glad i didn't go, he pretty much just out ran everyone on the trail and waited at the bottom haha. it would be like riding with Sam Hill for most people. i saw him a few times and went up the lift with him though.
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 but wont i be the only non downhill rider there?
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 I'm afraid that Wade will find how boring the trails are, even the Wall to him will be a baby stuff. So hurry, reopen HWY and Autobahn now. Blue Mtn.
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 clearly you can not hang... the wall isnt a trail this year. it has been removed due to a landslide.. whistler staff enjoyed the mtn... autobhan is chump shit.. hwy is a classic but most cant hang on it anyways.
somtimes you gotta think outside the box and not ride like a fool to have fun

failure.. ye digg?™
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 you think autobahn isnt baby stuff lol.....it's mostly for little boys that like to dress like little girls who ride little hardtails that think they're good untill they ride a real trail then get hurt
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 hateraid being drank by the gallons!..shotty the yellow one
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 Kev-hal.....you should give up biking now if you dont know !
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