Warburton Mountain Bike Trail Network Needs Your Support - Deadline to Vote is Today

Jan 24, 2022
by Ken Oath  

Words by Ken Oath

Australia’s largest MTB project is at the cross-roads.

Nearly a decade after the concept was proposed, and final hurdle is here. The fate of the project is now in the hands of those who benefit most - the riders and community.

An Environment Effects Statement was undertaken to substantiate the positive effects and minimal impact it will have and the time for the public to effectively ‘vote’ closes TODAY.

The mountain bike trail network will have 177km of trail, 1000m of descent set in a breathtaking landscape.

To support the project - head to this link to make a submission of support.

Like any homework task, it won’t count if you CUT & PASTE a submission. Simply state what MTB means to you AND why a world class MTB resort would be another great reason to visit Australia.

Here's some of my own reasons:

- Riding trails in a National Park will be amazing. An incredible and special setting that will make the ride truly unique.
- I spend too much on bikes and want amazing places to ride them.
- COVID isolation highlighted how important riding with mates is.
- The impact on flora and fauna of creating a narrow strip of singletrack is minimal as the extensive biodiversity report shows.
- The project is estimated to bring $48m dollarbux to the area annually.
- This project, along with others will make the Yarra Ranges a mecca for two-wheeled recreation and fertile ground for future champions on the dirt.
- Riding mountain bikes is the best mental health maintenance I know and when I ride, the worries of the world don't seem so heavy.
- My earliest thrill on two wheels was mountain biking and I couldn't imagine my life without those experiences, connecting with people and the land.

If you can spare the time to support - make a submission now.

Ride safe!


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 There is a Typo Australian currency is Dollarydoos not Dollarbux
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 Ken. Oath.
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 Locals and government changes in regulations have really killed this which sucks.
$13 million dollars from the Federal Government, and not a single complete trail has been built because of red tape and locals.
Couldn't have cost half that to build the entire trail network in Bright.

I hope it get's up and running.
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 What's the objection from locals? Economic benefits are well established, so I guess they don't want the TLD-clad riff raff spoiling their solitude...?
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 @caltife: Like every conservative - their objection is change.

Doesn't matter how much you show them the potential benefits and opportunities outweigh the potential shortfalls and risks they don't want things to change.
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 @caltife: A close friend of mine lived there with his wife for several years and recently left.
Said “we couldn’t stand it any more, older generation locals who moved there for solace object to any change within the community. They assume anything done by anyone younger than 50 is wild and reckless. They pushed back so hard on a concrete walking path along the river in town, and when it got built, they all talk about how good it is”

Fear of change. It’s like people on bikes just want to go logging in the forest and steal all the car parks out the front of the shops. Those wild and reckless loonies!
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 @Waldon83: Hopefully once they realise they can start charging cashed up tourists $11 for a schooner, they'll get on board pretty quick
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 @Waldon83: As someone that was born and raised Warburton, I've also noticed that the vast majority of MTB trail objectors are people that retired here, usually from the suburbs, in the last couple of decades. They are happy to boast they moved here "for peace and quiet", after visiting the town as a tourist and falling in love with the place. These same people are the vocal minority now screaming from the rooftops "THE LOCALS DON'T WANT THIS", complaining about tourists, and telling Warburton natives what is best for us. The vast majority of true locals, people that grew up here, people that understand the youth experience here, we are in 100 percent in favor of the project going ahead.
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 It stinks of corruption to me, seems a lot like some Vic politician /local councillor doesn't want their holiday home near 'riff raff' and totally get what others say about the people that have moved to regional and remote places suddenly decide what's best for a town when they've used their generational wealth to retire there, selling the mansions they bought in eastern suburbs for $60,000 a couple of decades ago which are now worth multi millions.
See what happens when the logging companies move in and they need something to lock up areas of forests into something that makes money, then they'll want MTB Trails to bring in tourists.
The alpine trail networks are great but we need some competition in VIC to get a shuttle day ticket price down below $50, it's obscene the amount being charged due to not enough places to ride
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 @ODY89: The gate has been installed! no more morn/eve shuttles. Can't even pedal the private road anymore.
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 @dirtyburger: again this just reeks of corruption, and fingers from high places meddling into things.
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 Filled it in last night. Victoria is one of the most mountainous states in the country and the current mtb infrastructure is a joke. All we need to is look further south to Tassie to see how good it can be when the local government gets behind it.....
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 The riding in vic is such a joke when you look at the terrain and potential.
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 @dirtyburger: I agree. Has been for 15 years now. It’s crazy what living in British Columbia for a few years will teach you about Australian Red Tape Government.
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 Fair go, Vic already has some of the best riding in the country with Bright, Falls, Buller etc...but yeah, there is a huge amount of untapped potential too.
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 If you think VIC is a joke, have pity on us who live in NSW which is probably the worst state in Australia for mountain bikers. The best trails in Sydney is about 3 hrs away in the ACT
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 @bmar560: I live down in far East Gippsland and everytime I come up the coast into NSW I can't help but see the potential everywhere. It's good to see places like Brogo and Eden getting some proper trails built, and Narooma having more funding and input, as the terrain here is so primed for some amazing trail networks
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 Wake up Warburton. You can have your peace and quiet and still accommodate mountain bikers. Have a look at Marysville as a recent example. If you’re worried about noise, I’d be focusing my energies towards the performance motorbikers and car clubs who seem to think the road from Marysville to Warburton via Cambarville is an extension of the Phillip Island race track. Every weekend the Marysville locals have to put up with those twats.
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 Hope the other states start pulling their fingers out and see what Tassie is doing. There is a proposal in the pipeline for tracks at Mt Canobolas in Orange NSW that is under consideration at the moment, same local push back, but hopefully it gets through, as this one does too.
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 Just like Rubbuit said about Mt Canobolas which is located around 15kms out of Orange in the Central West of N.S.W.

Some of the best potential in N.S.W. Steep, gnarly trails. Plenty of vertical and most trails accessible by fire roads from top to bottom. Only problem is that some of the trails start in the conservation area and then go down into the state forest.

A lot of local push back for sure. Apparently mountain biking and mountain bikers are bad for the environment. Just ask the crazy CSU Professor who is behind the push back from the Conservation Party in Orange. He has even got the local Aboriginals on board saying that the proposed trails will effect native land.

I've been riding the trails there for around a year now and have never come across any bush walkers, any conservationists admiring the scenery or any aboriginals meditating in the bush. What I have seen is wild pigs and have been stuck in blue berry bushes which have consumed the majority of the mountain.

I've traveled to the US a fair bit and i'm constantly asking why Australia can't do the same as they do. So much infrastructure for any recreational activity. Chair lifts even on the smallest hills. Local governments encouraging locals to be out side and enjoying them selves. Living a fun and active lifestyle. Having a good day on the mountain skiing or riding while enjoying a few PBR's.

Maybe we just sit at the pub drinking VB and slapping the pokies instead?
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 I mean, I'm sure it would be more profitable for the Gov for us to just sink piss and play pokies...
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 Yep done, thanks for the reminder, I feel I put forward a compelling argument. I'm not from Vic, but the proposed is genuine world class, all Australian riders should be supporting this, with the hope other states want to compete! Ahh the dream.
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 Yikes! Post up the day it is due like a cramming uni student. Made a submission. Such an ambitious project, really hope it goes through. So much time and effort has gone into it to make sure it ticks all the boxes.
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 Even Western Australia is building more exciting trails than Victoria at the moment. We can't have that!
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 Shame this wasn’t posted earlier but kudos nonetheless. Diabolical that this project is being held to the same standards as the Westgate Tunnel and North East Link.
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 Done! get onto it! GEt your mum and everyone you know onto it!
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 Get behind it lads!!!
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 yeah boyyyyyyy

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