Warner's POV - Red Bull Foxhunt 2016

Nov 5, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  


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 Warner taking the French lines ....
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 They were mostly Fooking-c*nt lines! ;-)
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 On the downhills he is still a beast haha! Love it.
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 Everyone was so slow. Torturous to watch.
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 because its easy to judge speed while sitting at home on your ass........ I can assure you it is not torturous to take part in, riders of all abilities mixing it together and all having a good laugh.
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 The fit ones can pedal like fook to get through bottle neck and up climb. Then the ones with lesser skill hold the ones with more skill up that aren't so fit... Lot of weekend warriors that don't race as it's more a social fun 2 day event... Not knocking it at all just the way it is just a fun event.
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 It's not slow cuz they're slow. Its like a traffic jam on the highway, all the cars are capable of going 60 miles per hour. Why aren't they.
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 Try doing the Megavalanche, you'll learn what slow is when you get stuck behind 30 odd riders on single track traffic jam.
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 @genewang321: Because of f*cking Prius drivers have their head's up their ass smelling their own farts.
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 'Hell is other people' -- Jean Paul Sartre He also took French lines...
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 99% of the POV stuff around is either painfully boring or so far beyond anything that a mere mortal rider can relate to. This ride looks super fun and Rob is hilarious. I actually think they should have mass start DH/enduro races ala Mega Avalanche more often. Every rider for themselves mano y mano. This is great stuff that makes you wanna ride.
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 Didn't know Warner liked to smash into people's back ends!
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 I laughed the whole time, and felt bad for him
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 Now that is my kind of event! is there anything like that here in the States? Because if not, than we need one. And we could have a special English division called the " f*cking Wanker Class" , so at least someone will be yelling "f*ck!! sorry!!". that was truly awesome.
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Classic Rob
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 After watching this, rewatch gee's POV. Really shows where the world cup guys are at.

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 wow sick stuff, he`s not even riding his Session.
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 Damn, so who was the slippery bast'd who came in 1st, he was nowhere to be seen.
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 Colin Ross semi retired Irish DH champ. He's going to be chasing as well next year lol
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 yup we did this straight away! Recalled watching his POV earlier recalling how warp speed like it felt. Rob's levels up from the guys he was overtaking. then Gee was another level up again.
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 "Sorry, oh f*ck... sorry, tight innit..... sorry... just killeda guy, sorry....... " the one and only.
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 My money's on the guy in red.
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 I miss the old freecaster rob
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 To his credit, he was faster than everyone in front of him.
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flag beatjumper (Nov 5, 2016 at 14:05) (Below Threshold)
 if that were the case he'd be 1st place.
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 @beatjumper: Poor logic there ripper! That jam up on that bridge would seal the deal for a lot of people.
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 @BDKR: yeah but Gee managed to get second. I'm sure he's faster than a lot of people but i would expect some people just didn't want to risk the overtakes.
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 Nothing like a friendly mass start DH race with 200+ of your closest fiends.
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 I think Gee should start in the middle of the pack next year because its probably a lot harder getting stuck in that traffic jam
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 I love how the comment section is being censored for saying fuck, fucking or anything fuck-related whereas the main article is dripping of fuck, fucking and fuck-related chat. Fuck yeah!
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 Rob Warner is my spirit animal
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 Cant stand watching POV,s But its Rob Warner. Had to watch. Fucking hilarious! Get the fuck out of my way! Oh Fuck! Sorry.
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 WMTTF - warner mean time to "f*ck" , about 2 seconds? Smile

He really got some speed up there towards the middle! flying!
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 I'm more considerate when i'm driving on the pavement in GTA! that was brutal.
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 Lower Trestles on a Saturday morning.
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 I'm in love with his attitude toward and liberal use of, the word F$*% Cracked me up the whole time.
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 Lol what a cunt, but seriously most of those blokes shouldn't be on a bike. That bridge was worse than drivers trying to merge in Vancouver.
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 watched it, want to do it ! nuff said.....
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 Reminds me of the start of the Virginia Creeper Trail.
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 Warner - "sorry not sorry"
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 trail and terrain looks so nice
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 So f--kin epic!!! Warner still got it!
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 good to know there's still a racer inside this announcer
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 'That's it for me and shortcuts', immediately takes a shortcut.
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 I wonder what his favorite word is
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 " tight innit?" - that's what she said
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 F****** Awesome !
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 Rob Warner is such a cunt!!!!
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 Warner on commencal (helmet sticker)? No giant buddy anymore?
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 FOCK YEAH its not censored
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 Sketchy with the crowds holy shit!!
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