Warp Speed Practice Highlights - Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Cup 2016

Aug 5, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  

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 Danny at 4:01. Pure filth.
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 @krystianj you beat me to it.
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 Hart line...
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 making that mountain his bitch.
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 i'm gonna boost over this gap and land on the back side of that rock #stayonyerbike
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 Hartbeat-em @ 4:01
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 Love Rachel's last bit~ "I think the changes make the course the EASIEST I've ever seen for the mountain, and it's going to be a lot of fun, and HARD Hahah!" ~also, Gee opens the vid with a Rock & Roll kinda f*ck yea mentality.. Love it!! ~These two are already Legendary with more to come! #Cheers
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 YEA, The famous....... (loading)........ Redbull........(loading)..................player..........(loading)...............!
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 i dont why so many people have issues. im running slow interwebs filtered through a shitty site block on a un-updated computer running windows 98 and internet explorer at my shop and have zero issues.
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 @cptstoney: it's a Christmas miracle
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flag slayerdegnar (Aug 5, 2016 at 13:25) (Below Threshold)
 @cptstoney: Highly doubt it!
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 another guy who blames the redbull player for his bad internet conncection Wink
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 @slayerdegnar: wanna put $20 US on it? i'll post a video to my profile.
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 red bull gives you wings. red bull music gives you headaches
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 yes, spoiled the video for me
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 I miss the old Dirt days. Where has the AC/DC, Iron Maiden e.t.c gone?... used to be that id watch one of them in the week.. then loop the shit out of it on a Sunday morning before riding (i.e, one of the old Schladming Prac Vids!!)... now.. now i just prefer the RAW vids because of the exact reason you just pointed out.
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 Seriously hope that no one is gonna get badly injured or worse... That speed on rocks is just nasty in case of crash.
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 Sounds like T. Hannah took a hard digger, Sam Dale blasted his collarbone and Myriam injured her knee/ankle. After watching all the raw footy, I was not able to identify anywhere on track where I would want to crash. I think they may need to install those run-away-truck sand pits in case someone's brakes gives up the ghost.
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 brook mac Donald like a pig , insane!
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 So stoked for this race!
Brook's SloMo was the Bomb
Rat-boy style is fu*&ing immense
and Rachel's bike color wise just not really doing it for me
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 Gee was quite jovial in that interview!! His sour-puss attitude was all gone and he seemed to be excited about the race! Nice changes all around.
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 Because his "sour puss attitude" is a figment of your imagination based on a few edits that you have seen and some undeserved bad press. The guy is a legend enough said!
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 @oldfaith: Oh he is definitely a legend, never said he wasn't. But yeah it is based on the edits you see, and what you see is that "sour-puss" image. Why do you think someone like Loic is so liked by the masses? Cuz he is fun and a joker and interacts with people on edits and thats what they see.
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 Stop beating the dead horse!
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 @ianswilson815: this is his work,some people joke a bit with it others are serious about it and then joke afterwords, most of the people just see that part and don't think that if he(racer) doesn't do well he will end up without a deal.
people see that and that it sticks like the look's like a session joke ahah
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 @oldfaith: I derived his sour-puss attitude from watching him at the US Open a few years back arguing with the lifty who wouldn't let him get in an early practice run before everyone else. When the lifty denied him access to the gondola i heard Gee yell "dont you know who i am?" The lifty calmly said back "you're Gee Atherton. I dont care who you are. Practice starts in an hour. You can get in line with everyone else." Later that day after I wrecked super hard and broke my helmet visor off I was on my way back to the car and as I passed the commencal tent (yeah this was several years ago) Gee was yelling out insults about my broken visor. Never met the guy but he clearly didn't care about my torn Jersey or bleeding arms. Just wanted to make fun of my broken helmet.

You can't tell me Gee is such a great guy.
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 Are Gwin and Rachel Atherton running orange forks cause they are ranked first?
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 Actually because it represents their Hair and skin tone
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 Gwin needs to paint his bike or something it looks filthy with the orange fork imo
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 No money leftover for that after signing him unfortunately.
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 @jclnv: I gotta admit I chuckled...
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 Troy is soooo smooth. As always.
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 you can see Loic's new paintjob in the first clip of him!!!
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 What shoe is Danny wearing? Looks like a Kestrel a bit.
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 Well your question amazed me that you were looking at his shoes. LOL!!! so i was curious and checked, they are FiveTen's.
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 You're trolling, right?
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 @yanndmc: i dont think i am :/ where is he?
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 How F'ing far did Brook travel at 2:10 ?!?!?! o_O

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