Video: Joel Anderson - Always Fast, Always Steezy

Jan 18, 2021
by melonoptics  

As perpetual lockdowns keep us from venturing outside to capture more good times on video, we had to look to the cutting room floor to satisfy our appetite for content.

First up is the best bits from last year's UK tour from the ever fast and ever steezy Joel Anderson:

More Joel? Check out Joel and friends in Stumpy Sessions:

Joel hails from Triscombe in the South West of the UK where the trails are small but mighty enough to challenge the best.

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 I remember him in the BTR video:
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 and don't forget f*ck you get pumped:
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 saw him pedaling his bike in the air...I know that on big jumps if you hit your brakes in the air it will tip your bike forward a little, does pedaling in the air cause you to tip your bike back a little bit? I've always wondered about this, and if this could help prevent otb??
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 Google Ronnie Mac's air wheelie for a full explanation of the physics.
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 @1992dr350: So pedaling in a high gear while in the air on a big jump will bring the nose of my bike up? In my mind that could stop otb...
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 Works for motorcycles, I really doubt it would make much difference on a bike. Besides the whole pedalling on the air would potentially make things worse...
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 @Caiokv: thats true. it would make Friday fails a whole lot funnier though!
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 It worked for the kids in ET.
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 @Caiokv: @send-it-bro It does work to a small degree, though less than the obvious centrifugal force of a motor. If nothing else keeps you from hanging onto the dead sailor...?
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 It's just a trick, an ET. the gyroscopic effect of an MTB wheel is no where near that of an MX bike to have any effect
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 Air pedals win medals! It's physics
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 I bought a BTR Pinner after watching Joel ride one - well, that and a day out on one, courtesy of BTR. While I've never found anything approaching his speed, he's still one of my favourite riders to watch and the Pinner is still here and still up top also.
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 Brilliant vid - what's the tune?
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 In the Arms of Anger by Under Earth
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 @ethlikesbikes: haha I thought it was some generic stock music probably titled 'shred - 150bpm 1' - sorry under earth but shit bike vids by chainreactioncycles have ruined me
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 @browner: yeah it was a pretty dull track tbh, got so bored/annoyed of it I hit mute.
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 I just picked up a 2021 Enduro Expert so I should be riding like this by summer right?
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 Eh... here we go with overusing the word "steezy".
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 My favorite part is when he ramped his bike.
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 Charging hard and metal, FAAAAAARRRK YEAH.
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 Where's that photo with the leaf?? ( 1:28 )
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 1.29 is black mountain cycle centre. so likely 1.28 is the same place
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 @scantregard: Yep landing of the same jump
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 Joel is the duuuuuude!
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 So gooood.More of these
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