Replay: Red Bull’s Massive BMX Park Competition ‘Uncontained’

Nov 30, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesThe world's best BMX Park riders take on the most challenging custom park ever built. Descending on Nijmegen, Nederlands this weekend is a selection of 16 world class riders, chosen by team captains Drew Bezanson and Daniel Wedemeijer. They have invited 7 riders to be part of their team to battle against each other based on Execution, Variety, Use of Course, Style and Guts.


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 Filming work up there with that of Rampage. Almost unwatchable
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 You can't have camera work that goes up and down constantly. Nauseating to watch.
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 They must have hired drone racers for their filming.
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 Really is shite!
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 was sooo bad, drone filming must die
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 @friendlyfoe: Switching cameras mid-trick isn't helping either.
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 It's insane to think that Bob Haro Mike Buff and RL Osborne started out doing 360s and it was simply amazing to us ! So awesome to watch !!! None of us could have ever imagined the tricks they're doing today ! Great job guys be safe
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 I still have that special issue of BMX Action magazine Called "Freestylin'" summer 1984 (with Ron Wilkerson on the cover). It was a learning process for all of us. Small steps lead to bigger ones.
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 @1985haromaster: Had the same issue!!
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 @1985haromaster: The BMXA freestyle team did a demo at a local Bike Shop 2 years in a row, man was it awesome !!! '81 & '82 I believe.
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 @ATV25: I would have killed for a chance to see those guys back in the day. Eddie Fiola on the GT team was my hero. Not much of the west coast BMX scene ever made it to Toronto back then. So many lawn mowers on wedge ramps!! Good times.
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 @ATV25: Unfortunately my memory is seeing the Haro Team at L.Ponnick Bikes at 10th & Arch in Philadelphia (1987?) and totally insulting then team photographer Spike Jonze (now known as director of movies Being John Malkovich & Her) ..."dude, you are totally shorter then I thought you'd be..."
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 Are any of them riding 29ers or e-bikes?
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 No 29ers were harmed in the hucking of these insane sized jumps.
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 Those transfers!
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 First run and the Judges pick the hometown rider...
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 I stopped believing in a fair judging after this first duel.
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 These kids are ripping!
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 I looked up 20:00 CET and ut says that it will be 11am this morning PST? I'm confused any help?
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 who drew on bezanson's face? swell comp though!
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 Guys.......FULLFACE lids already! Be safe bros.
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 True true. It's sad that they still value fashion over function. But don't expect them to adopt slopestyle MTB's unnecessary moto goggles and neon colors anytime soon.
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 @filmdrew: I take it you don't really live somewhere where it rains?
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 @filmdrew: When you’re landing a backflip doublewhip, you probably want a good peripheral view of your pedals, don’t you think?
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 @N-60: For rain, totally.... I've watched Danny's run too many times. But seeing dudes suit up with goggles for indoors and/or on plywood-only contests seems a bit strange.. that's what my comment is about Smile
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 @tobiusmaximum: Mere mortals do, yes. But all the top dogs can ride full face just fine. I've seen many flipwhips in person (and I lived with Mirra for a minute, but that's another story...). Def seen guys practice with full face, then do the photoshoot in a skid lid.
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 Dope these guys know how to ride
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