Watch Return to Earth for Free this Weekend

Apr 24, 2020
by Anthill Films  

Watch Now for Free: Return to Earth by Anthill Films

Even if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where the trails are still open, chances are you’re not getting after it like you normally would. We’re all hanging out at home, dialing back the risk factor to as close to zero as we can get and dreaming of the time that we'll get to ride those sweet ribbons of singletrack again. And when you can’t ride, what better way is there to dream than by watching a bike movie?

Not everyone has the means to buy a movie or subscribe to a streaming service. So together with our friends at Shimano and Trek, we have partnered up with action sports streaming service Echoboom for Anthill’s Movie of the Week. Every week you’ll be able to watch one of Anthill’s movies, online, for free, from anywhere in the world. To kick things off with a bang, we are starting with our latest film Return to Earth.

Click to watch Return to Earth for Free right now until 9pm PST on April 26:

Each movie will be available for a limited time every week. Our hope is that this will encourage you to make the most of this short window... Invite your friends to an online watch party. Got a trainer? Try spinning in sync with the movie. Care to re-enact your favourite segments in the living room or backyard (safely of course)? We look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. You can share all your ideas with us on Instagram using the hashtag #anthillmovieoftheweek.

A quick note to all those who have purchased the film already: We hope you don’t feel like we are undervaluing the hard-earned money you’ve put up to watch our films. Our goal to do what we can to help bring a little fun into the world right now. Anthill couldn’t exist without the ongoing support and stoke from everyone who comes out to a premiere, downloads a movie or watches on a streaming service. From the whole team at Anthill Films... THANK YOU!

Stay tuned to find out what movie will be coming out next week.

Want to go deeper? Check out Anthill’s new podcast Until Sunset, with episodes featuring exclusive interviews captured in the field while shooting Return to Earth. Available now on most platforms where you get your favourite podcasts.

Brought to you by Shimano and Trek Bicycles featuring Brett Rheeder, Thomas Vanderham, Casey Brown, Matt Hunter, Reed Boggs, Ryan Howard, Joey Schusler, Thomas Genon, Brandon Semenuk, Carson Storch, Emil Johansson, Jackson Goldstone, Jakob Jewett and friends. In association with Pink Bike, Trail Forks, Evoc, Clif Bar, Sony, Whistler Mountain Bike Park and Freehub Magazine with additional support from Bike Park Lenzerheide, Spawn Cycles, Rocky Mountain Cycles. A 4K film by Anthill Films with art direction and creative by Good Fortune Collective. Photography by Sterling Lorence and Margus Riga.



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 Sterling Lorence's photo is still my favorite from last year. Rheeder juxtaposed in shadow against the distant valley wall, and the track of dust following him up into the air. The meadow in the foreground. The shadowed trees and observers on the left. The golden light filtering through it all.
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 Is this trick called the cricket??
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 @RedBurn: ha ha that's pretty funny, but it's wasted on the 'muricans.
So you might not get as many up votes as you deserve.
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 Great movie. Beside the impressive riding, the light work is awesome. Thanks Anthill Film
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 Damn. Not only are those kids way better riders than me, there bikes are way nicer too. Good for them, and I am pleased they aren't inside playing a video game. Smart Parents.
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 Bought it when it first came out because Brandon semenuk was near the top of the cast list that was promoted so I was excited to see a semenuk film segment from anthill but really he was hardly in it at all so I would have rather watched the movie not knowing semenuk was in it and been surprised to see a couple semenuk clips then see him near the top of the cast and be left waiting for that full segment that never came.
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 That is marketing sir
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 @gouty: oh I know it was exactly marketing. I was just pissed I paid for it when I knew it would eventually be free to watch somewhere at some point
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 It's already on amazon Prime for those of you who have amazon prime
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 I don't because amazon is the bain of our society
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 @friendlyfoe: You could be right, but love it or not, it's too late. They are here to stay.
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 @jomacba: Accept it or not, but you`re corrupted.
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 Probably unpopular opinion: In my view the most boring Anthill film to the day.

Don't get me wrong. The riding is great, but the arrangement of the sequences seems not to have a plot, basically loosly connected clips all over the world with a "Wanna be hip" soundtrack. Using the same old narrative elements with the philosophical message as we've seen it in surf movies, snowboard movies, bike movies, yoga movies, whatever movies...I know Anthill has the creativity...not sure where it's gone this time.

If I missed something I am really open to hear.
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 Insanely beautiful cinematography and stellar riding footage all around (especially from Brett Rheeder). The content with the old man's dialogue is so forced and tacky to me. Thank you for putting it up to watch free though!
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 Class move and will provide escape to a lot of people. Cheers
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 Please tell me what that song is that isn't listed at the end, it has the lyric 'all along the watchtower', and 'Indian summer.'
It starts at about 10 mins when the Moab section starts? Is it The Band??
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 Great film but bit of a strange edit, jumping from one side of the world to the other, bit hard to follow. Riding is class tho
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 This film just blows my mind in so many ways. When a 45 minute film takes you almost double the time to watch because you rewind every segment (ok, and partially cuz of pesky kids) - you know it's a good one!
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 Heck Yeah!
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 Great film watched it a few times since lockdown began. Whatt happened to Fabio putting his documentary on Amazon prime?
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 The last 5mins in awesome ???? - great movie !
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 Reminds me of the 30 day ride challenge.
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 Serotonin levels at 69%
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Thanks @anthillfilms
Really appreciate you guys doing this
Amazing movie
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 Am I going crazy or did they just use the whole Disney 'Cars' soundtrack?
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 Ashes for agassiz. - get on it @ tubi.
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 Thank you!!!!!!
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 Best thing Anthill has done to date. So good. Many thanks..
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