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Video: BMX Park Styles With Erik Orgo

Mar 25, 2014
by Dmitri Shushuyev  
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welcome to the team

Erik Orgo is a new International Team rider for Volume Bikes and Demolition Parts through OnWheels.ee distro. Special thanks to Gusts Osmucnieks and Monsterparks for letting us shoot there when everybody else were sleeping.

Filmed and Edited by Dmitri Shushuyev

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 looks like the warehouse level in the first tony hawk pro skater
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 Great riding. I know I am an "old schooler" or "cranky old man". I did grow up with BMX/freestyle/street riding. However, I really just don't get why it's trendy/stylish to ride brakeless. Yes, it proves you are using skill, balance and flow better than others. But when you actually really want to stop or avoid a collision (especially riding street) the Flintstone method just seems a little ridiculous on bikes worth $1000 or more.
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 it's not because of any trends nor because it's stylish. it's all based on the level of comfort on the bike and is pretty much the same thing as choosing what you ride whether big bikes or bmx. riders don't use as you call flintstone method when doing street lines nor even at dirt jumping nor even at park. you get used to it and you get around to measuring the speed just right.
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 Maybe they're using skill, flow & balance better than others. Or maybe they just want others to think they are. Like more badass for not wearing a helmet instead of the reality of just more dumberer. Maybe it's for fear of accidentally grabbing the levers when putting hands back on, so it's easier to grab the bars again with no levers in the way. Brakeless makes the bike lighter & eliminates the need for detanglers or tracking how many times the bike has spun independent of the bars, but no brakes imposes some limitations as well. There are advantages & disadvantages. Most probably do it because they're trendy sheeple, but some might make the choice for practicality's sake. I ride my way, they can ride theirs. Those brakeless dudes can pull some pretty killer shit.
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 I was never a die hard bmxer but I did pick one up used a few summers ago without a brake intending to put one on, but after I rode it for a while I felt like it actually improved my ability as a rider.
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 You can put brakes on your bike if you want, or don't...who gives a shit.
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 Coming from someone who rides mtb and bmx I can say that on a bmx bike taking the breaks off has a different feel. It makes everything feel more flowy and makes you more aware and pay attention to your surroundings. I go back and forth between running a detangler and break less. Plus on a bmx bike the brakes aren't anything like a mtb and are harder to set up in some ways. From my experience you can stop just as fast with your feet if you need to as with breaks as long as your not bombing a hill. I run brakes on my dj though.
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 I'm going to start a new trend! I will put rim brakes and disc brakes on my bike just in case one fails! BAM! That is how evolution of the sport begins!

Dear department of R & D at Avid........................!
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 I can get why they are trying to simplify their bikes the most and focus on riding, but there are still some people, like Drew Bezanson, killing it with a rear brake; I usually find them more stylish, even if it's less "hard" to ride like that.
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 "the Flintstone method just seems a little ridiculous on bikes worth $1000 or more." You will not be truly happy as long as you care what other people think of you. Smile
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 Your right there are guys who kill it with brakes, in fact my favorite rider Van Homan runs a detangler.
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 no brakes = nothing in your way for whips and bar spins. No stopping and bailing out = must attempt. Also, notice 20' riders are turning into skateboarders = same tech trick style...no brakes on a board. I ride brakes on my mtb, dj, but none on bmx. Because on bmx you session spots, like skaters.
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 Yeah pretty much, since I use my dj for dirt jumps I really don't need brakes for my bmx, because like you said when riding street you just stay at spots.
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 I ride brakeless on my bmx, it fells flowier and simpler. Brakes are really hard to set up right on bmx to, but I do understand why people ride brakes. Using brakes lets you do more tricks. Its just personal preference in the end though.
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 Yeah I've learned how to set them up properly which is kind of a lost art now a days but I see why people don't do it because without brakes a bmx bike is pretty much maintenance free.
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 the music made me go into a meditative state of mind and body
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 any1 know its name??
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 walk by pantera
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 /\ hahaha!
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 That edit was amazing. Whoever did the edit totally understands the importance of sound. Each sound was purposely accentuated fitting into the soundtrack, giving an eerie feel. The riding was too notch too!
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 Uhmm that was amazing...probably couldn't have made that edit any better, and medditated right out!
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 Crank flip to manual FTW!!!!! Nose to 180 just to rub it in their faces. Smile
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 Ya that was an excellent choice of music and editing. I loved that there was still sounds from the bike, pegs hitting a rail or tires stomping on a landing, well played!
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 Great riding and filming!
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 crank slide to manual to oppo whip was insane. along with a vareity of other combos in the vid
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 I'm not a huge fan of BMX but this was sick!
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 Ok I ride dh and bmx and I find keeping brakes on the bmx helps me ride smoother and with more speed and flow because I fell more confident. I really liked this edit but all the way through I thought it would be better with more speed, maybe it would have been if he could shave a little speed here and there to maintain flow.
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 Beautiful- well timed and completely SICK!!!!!
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 cool to see more and more bmx videos on pb
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 Your Welcome! Wink
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 what is that song!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
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 Please someone, what song is this?

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