Video: Phil Atwill Talks Split-Second Decision Making

Oct 6, 2018
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On the race field, minute after minute, second after second, everything can change. After hours of training spent looking for the perfect line, the fastest one, sometimes you have to start again from scratch. Twenty minutes of heavy rain and roots and rocks are covered in mud, or maybe half an hour of shiny hot sun and everything is dried up. This is when you have to look at things around you from a new perspective. If you want to be successful in downhill racing a strong spirit of adaptation is a key point. Learning how to constantly change your point of view is an indispensable quality.

Sometimes it is within our race run that we are suddenly asked to adapt to a new scenario. Where before we had our line, tested, safe, clean, now there is a big rock, maybe brought there by the rider who left the start gate before us. In this case, the ability to change is measured in tenths of a second, you have to pick a new line like that, counting only on your instinct. This is the only way to take home the fastest run. This is the most intimate essence of racing, being ready to change the world around you at any time.

bigquotesThe ability to change and adjust to the current situation it’s definitely going to make you a stronger person and a better racer". – Phil Atwill

All photos by Alex Luise
Additional footage credits: Propain Dirt Sixpack Team

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 I'd like to change the rear wheel axle standard on my bike. It feels like I've been living with this one way too long.
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 OK, wider, thicker, longer or d, all of the above?
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 @ColquhounerHooner: All of the above eventually, but one thing at a time, let's not go crazy.
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 No problem just jam a wider hub in there, would not recomend going much wider though?
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 I’m not sure I like serious Phil Atwill. Dude asked the red bull interviewer for a gin and tonic from the hot seat. Keep loose Phil.
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 Matthew McConaughey & Phill Atwill never seen in the same place at the same time...Magic Mike on a bike
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 What are these guys called again? Oh yeah...successful.
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 Someone get this back wheel bandit a hair cut!
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 This was a good video.
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 I haven't watched the video yet but I fuckin love filthy Phil. He epitomizes mtb for me.
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 I want to change the weather
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 Take Aways...

Raining= Pisses
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 What did you overhear in the pits? Dish teh dirt..
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 I want his bike Drool
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