What Passes For Humor - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

May 19, 2019
by Taj Mihelich  
The things that pass for humor in my head... here's a few assorted thoughts from the week for your entertainment.

For that friend who has too much bike. Or, for moles who shred DH rigs.

I must be getting old because those Friday Fails videos really make me cringe. Crashing doesn't bother me so much, it's those riders who appear to have no idea they're about to crash that scare me.

Sitting on the back seat of a tandem never getting to steer must be boring. With some of my clever engineering tandem enthusiasts now have some options to mix things up. This fits into my
#ProbablyGoingToPatent series which is full of more of my genius.

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 I worked at a vintage bike shop where we had one of the original 1930s Colson Rear-Steer tandems in our collection. We’d pull it out for special events and blow people’s minds. Look it up if you want to take a gander...
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 @Grego818: truss fork to boot! rad
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 I like your comics. I like pretty much any form of comedy, your's is refreshing, I never would have thought of it personally.
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 How come no helmet on the mole? Or has he been blinded by all the recent '50 times better' marketing talk. How did your Koroyd get into my Wavecel, you Mipster?
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 Here in The Netherlands, rear steering tandems are a pretty common sight. The front seat is for kids on those though, and you would not dream of taking them onto an mtb trail. I recently rented one for a ride with my daughter. It was really cool.
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 i've got my eye on a rear steer tandem on facebook marketplace at the moment. Kids saddle at the front, with widely adjustable bars, seat and bottom bracket positions, Adult stoker steers via a linkage between the cranks. they want £800 though, and it looks decidedly home-made, which makes me think I could make a less shady looking version.
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 Note the rear seat steering could give something from an other level to the one in the front
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 Reach around?
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 i always thought it would be cool for a tandem to have the brake levers on the passenger handlebars. Not for me but, would be terrifying for the pilot, not more terrifying than the passenger doing the steering.
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 If you get bored on your tandem, just go New World Disorder style: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKpO-Os6VxQ
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 Keep 'em coming Taj/PB.
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 Love these Sunday comics!
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 Way too much absurdity, love it.
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 Digging the double stack tandem.
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