Top Of The World Is Now Open - Video

Jul 15, 2016
by WhistlerMountain BikePark  
Some people like to wake up to a late breakfast when they have a day off, for some, the day started hours ago.

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Video by: Goldstein Productions & Good Fortune Collective
Team rider: Tristan Merrick

Who doesn’t like statistics? Ok aside from anyone taking Statistics 101 at school for the first time. Stats can tell cool stories, wow people at meetings and generally make a person sound knowledgeable on any subject. Did you know in America there are more people who ride bikes than ski, golf and play tennis combined? See, that is the type of useful knowledge that can be gleaned from statistics! Did you know that if fifty thousand people rode down A-Line and hit every jump they would have done over two and half million jumps and if each jump took one and a half seconds that would equate to a human in the air for over sixty five thousand hours?

Well statistically speaking we have not been 100% open yet as Top of the World has been up in the clouds under a layer of snow left from the one thousand one hundred and seventy-seven cm we received this winter. However, with one thousand four hundred and forty man hours of digging we are ready to open.

Top Of The World Is Now Open - Video
Photo by: Mitch Winton – Coast Mountain Photography

The upper-most section is still closed until we see some average temperatures climb, so expect to ride a section or two of HWY 86. There are also some snow patches so expect some adventure riding. The conditions and remote nature of the trail make it an “expert” experience. If you are a WB+ App hound and chasing vertical is your game, then this opening should put a smile on your face as you now have access to five thousand feet of vertical all the way to the Creekside!

See you on the Peak - Brian Finestone

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  • + 64
 I get up earlier on the weekends to ride than in the week days to work. :-D
  • + 5
 me too Big Grin
  • + 14
 amen to that! Always tough to get up for work..but a ride? I'm out of bed before my eyes are even open haha
  • + 2
 Same here!
  • + 5
 @Washirican3: Mondays are for spacing out and resting from the weekend!
  • + 3
 sadly I get up at 3.20am to go to work
  • + 37
 This morning I got up at 5 am for a ride. There's definitely something cool about seeing the sun rise from in the saddle of your bike climbing a mountain. And there's no one else on the trail which is a bonus, I guess I'll be doing some more early morning rides now.
  • + 26
 Well I got up at 9 and was at the bike park by 10. Same thing right?
  • + 3
 Thats RAD man, inspiring just added to my bucket list !
  • + 2
 I have my bd soon, and thats something i always wanted to do, 4th aug. I am going to wake up at 3 am and go thru my holy rutine. Its the day of the year where i ignore everyone around me because the person that has to come first for me is my self. Gotta love what you gotta love
  • + 24
 I thought there was an ad in the background.
  • + 9
 Finally going to make it to Whistler in a week after dreaming of the place for 6 years. Keen is an understatement. #YEWWW!!!!
  • + 1
 Have fun!!!
  • + 1
 Take all you've imagined and turn it up to 11, brother; stoked for you. It's 10 years ago that I did my season there and I still check the park cams in summer and winter. Say hi to Buzz for me if he's still repping Lift Ops!

oh yeah, and remember: WALK THE BIKE!
  • + 7
 2 year Canadian visa approved last week....hopefully will get to experience whistler early next year Big Grin
  • + 1
 Congrats m8! That is so AWESOME!Big Grin
  • + 7
 you used the word bacon in a mountain bike video. vod.
  • + 1
 they just changed the lyrics to O Canada, bacon has been added two more times.
  • + 6
 I let that shit buffer for like 10 min expecting some sweet edit!
  • + 1
 Seriously...where is the rest of it?
  • + 5
 See you tomorrow!
  • + 19
 see you when i win the lottery
  • + 16
 Or after trump gets voted in
  • + 2
 Done it this morning. Still lots of snow in parts on the trail, fun nevertheless. But since it leads to Ride don't Slide, it's still worth it.
  • + 3
 90+ and humid...
I'd kill to see some snow on the side of the trail.
  • + 2
 I love the video! I am an early riser, I too love being out before the sun!
  • + 2
 gonna cry, cant make it this year, looking forward to move to whistler for a couple months next year with wife and kids
  • + 2
 Why hello Top Of the World, I'll be riding you next month! Wait for me.
  • + 1
 It was 50F with a heckuva windchill this past week up there.
  • - 1
 I was there in August and there was still snow on the trail. Top part is awesome. Bottom section is eh.
  • + 0
 Looks like a fun trail all the way down there at 7,100 ft.
  • - 1
 What a terrible fucking video!!!!
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