Every Trail in The Whistler Bike Park on The Camp of Champions iPhone App

Aug 29, 2010
by Ken Ach  
The Camp of Champions, with help from GoPro spent a couple weeks this summer filming every trail in The Whistler Bike Park in HD from two angles. The footage was then synced and tagged with a GPS point. Set up in a split screen format, you can ride with / follow COC coaches Alan Hepburn, Xavier Raventos, Brett Tippie and friends Andrew Baker, Kyle McDonald and Jarrett Moore through the Whistler Bike Park. See the lines the pros take. Be safer by knowing what to expect. Get a better idea of what a trail looks like with this digital squirrel catcher. Use it to get rid of your intimidation of a certain trail or to show your friends that are nervous about hitting the park that the Whistler Bike Park isn't just the Boneyard packed with scary features. It’s also great for those days you can’t ride and wish you were in Whistler. The videos have been loaded onto The Camp of Champions iPhone/iPad/iTouch app that's available for free in The Apple iTunes App Store. Once you download the app you can watch the videos and all our other content on your phone from anywhere. Check out your next run - From the chair, from the GLC patio or from the other side of the earth. Get stoked for your next day in the Whistler Bike Park. Full details inside,
Download The Camp of Champions iPhone App Here

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Multi Platform Accessibility
We have created numerous ways for you to access all the different videos so no matter what kind of phone or computer you use you can watch the videos. Download the videos in HD from The Camp of Champions Vimeo Page and import them into iTunes. Set up playlists of your favorite trail combos (Mine... Freight Train to Dirt Merchant to Lower A Line) and press play. They will play consecutively. Once downloaded, the videos can be dropped directly onto your mobile. If your life IS iPhone or iPad enabled, download The Camp of Champions iPhone App here. Launch the app and click on the "Videos" tab. Scroll down until you see "Bike Park Tour" click it and all the trails are sorted by ability level required. Or, cooler still, click on the "Map" tab. A Google Earth view of the Whistler Bike Park will pop up with every trail marked in their correct position, thanks to GPS. If you are in the bike park, your position will be shown on the map in relation to where you are in the park and to the trails around you. Zoom in to see the different trail positions better; some of the trails start really close together. Click on whatever trail you want to ride. Each trail is marked with the ability level required to ride it. The ability level required to clean a trail is slightly different - you’re on your own for that. There are no digital squirrel catchers so you can ride every trail in the park without getting worked. Best of all, if you are in the park, you can see where you are in relation to all the trails in the park.

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How to play the videos
To play the videos, click on the ability icon that corresponds to the trail you want to ride, the trail name will pop up, click the play icon and drop in. A split screen view of the trail will start playing. Follow one of our pro coaches down a trail and at the same time check out the looking back view of another one of our pro coaches chasing. It's the best way to get an idea of what to expect and to get a closer look at a feature. The GoPro's are insane, but the head cam angles sometimes deceive on how difficult or easy a line is. That's why we went with a split screen for the video. The timing in the videos has been synced so that the leading pros' footage and following pros' footage line up so you can check out both views of the same feature. It's awesome for learning new lines, pre-running your favorite trail or for just getting stoked to go the park. Once you've downloaded the videos from The Camp of Champions Vimeo Page and have them in iTunes, watch them in slow-mo if you really want to get your tech on.

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Learn new lines - find better lines on old favorites
It's amazing how much you can learn from just watching the pros do a trail. When I was building all the videos, I was sometimes questioning if people would even like them or how much they would learn from them. Or worse - if they would think "Whatever". Maybe it was just that fact that I couldn't ride at all for the first month and a half of the bike park season, because of a wrecked ankle, that I thought it was a cool idea.

One afternoon, after editing for what felt like days, I went for a ride and when I came to a section on "In Deep" that I usually can’t clean. Instead of doing my usual line I flashed back to Xavier and Alan's line and I took their line instead and blazed the whole section. That's when I was sold on how useful having the videos on our app was going to be, instead of thinking of it as something we were just doing for a laugh because it was cool, fun to watch and because I couldn’t ride. In iTunes you can slow the videos down to frame by frame speed if you want so you can see the lines in the tech parts even better. The videos are as close as we could get you to riding with our coaches. The only way to get the Bike Park better is to come to camp next summer and ride with us in person.

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Thanks to Alan Hepburn, Xavier Raventos, Brett Tippie, Mike Montgomery, Andrew Baker, Kyle McDonald and Jarrett Moore, for sending it down every trail in The Whistler Bike Park - more often that you would believe a lot of times. Blue Velvet was the record with five attempts before nailing it, who'd a thunk? Flats, people, blow outs, clouds, smoke... Thanks to GoPro for the cameras and to Whistler Blackcomb for building the most amazing park in the world right in our front yard. The wonder never ceases. If you haven't made it out here yet, hopefully these videos get you stoked on a trip out this way. Also thanks to Banshee, Transition, Santa Cruz, Morewood, NS Bikes, Spank, Straitline, Race Face, Alpinestars, Maxxis, Kali, Dakine, Nema Brand, Lama Cycles, ODI, Elka, X-Fusion, Haro, Marin, Formula, Oakley, Redline Oils, Pedros and of course our home town homies, Chromag. We couldn't have built the best bikes in Whistler to film this and coach our campers with, without all of you. Thanks again!

Ride with us in person next summer
If you want to come ride with The Camp of Champions next summer and hit the Whistler Bike Park and The Compound with our pros in person, and have all the fun that a week of mountain bike camp in Whistler really is, hit us up at www.campofchampions.com and get ready to have the best week of your life...Riding in Whistler.

This project in no way, shape or form has anything to do with Whistler Blackcomb or The Whistler Bike Park, expressed or implied. It has been done because we thought it would be cool and also as a public service for our campers, future campers and mountain bikers around the world that wish they could be riding in Whistler, RIGHT NOW.

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 "20 years of American technology has unwittingly created a massive electronic playground. It took the minds of 12-year-olds to realize it's potential."
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 I ♥ stacykohut
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 can you make it for android to that would be sweet
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 We're working on it. Ken
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 you legend, thanks Smile
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 fantastic app, great work guys! i just wish it was up like this when i was there a few weeks ago. AS a first timer it is a great idea, but too late for me!! Makes me want to head back today!!
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 Dang, we've had it up for a month but with all the summer fun biking is, it took a while for it to make the home page. Glad you like them, download them to your computer and pretend you are here. Ken
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 Downloaded this app a while ago. Great layout, nice and tidy, easy to navigate but I just wish you could comment on the pictures!
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 Best app for the iphone by a long shot i think!
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 nah maybe if u live or are visiting whistler but to most people its just videos of what you want to be riding but arent
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 i tried watching both screens at the same time when they split off on renegade. did not work.
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 Are the videos stored on the device, or streamed when you run the app?
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 streamed, you need some kind of internet
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 I love Renegade! such a fun trail.
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 I wanna this for symbian 5th ! ; D
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