Whistler Bike Park: Trail Engaged, Episode 4 - Video

Sep 12, 2017
by WhistlerMountain BikePark  
Whistler Bike Park Welcome To Trail Engaged

On this episode, Pete talks about what's going on with the Creekside expansion, trail progression for those of us who case jumps, and say thanks to the trail crew.

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Video by: Good Fortune Collective & Influx Productions
Sound Editing by: Keith White Audio

If you keep suggesting, we'll keep responding, so keep em' coming. Submit your ideas to bike.whistlerblackcomb.com/engaged.

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Whistler Bike Park Welcome To Trail Engaged

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Whistler Bike Park Trail Engaged Episode 4 - Video
Team Captain Trevor John Berg on newly rebuilt D1. Photo by Robin O'Neill

WMBP 2017

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 Way to keep rolling with that gigantic friggin mosquito landed on your forehead...props =)
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 Opening up Creekside is some sound planning ... if there was an A-Line alternative on that side, it would help lower traffic on the original A-Line and perhaps open up opportunities for much needed maintenance (ie. brake craters).
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 er maybe not have a race on A-Line.
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 @whatyousaid: It'd be (some form of) interesting to see a race down B-line. A bunch of rippers trying to keep it on trail might be fun to watch.
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 Whistler should be embarrassed. The trails are in such an insane state of disrepair and have been so since the second week of the season. Minimal maintenance has been done on 95% of the trails, and they can't use "it's too dry" as an excuse anymore; it gets this dry every single season. It's straight up bullshit for the price we pay, and this once great bike park has got to step it up real talk. Fix the trails or lower the f*cking price of a lift pass. So wack. Go to Big White or CGP or something. Anything is better than Whistler in its current state.
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 Sounds like you know a thing or two about trails! You should work on the trail crew and change things for the better. Try patching any trail mid season when there's 1,000 people a day going down Aline. Literally impossible.
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 whistler has been in disrepair the last few years. Im not sure its for lack of maintenance as much as an increase in traffic at the bike park. A-line and dirt merchant in particular have never been in worse shape in the 9 years that I have been going there. This year was an all time lower for me at whistler. Thinking of trying something new in the future although the new D1 was awesome!
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 I was at Whistler all last week and I'll disagree with you. While A-line, Dirt Merchant, the upper part of Crank It Up, and Freight Train had some pretty bad brake bumps, I would say most of the other trails we rode were in good shape weather considering. Original Sin, In Deep, Fatcrobat, Schleyer, Fade to Black, Dwayne Johnson, etc...all good to go. On the line of ""it's too dry" can't be an excuse", you should try volunteering with your local trail crew because you'll learn that trying to make repairs with dry substrate is damn near impossible. At Whistler, you can see their trail crews dragging fire hoses around anyway, soaking the ground and dirt and trying to make it happen, but frankly you need the consistent wet that only comes from rain to really make longer lasting repairs. Beyond the weather, the sport continues to grow, and regardless of resources available it will be extremely difficult to maintain trails made with any particle substrate that experience the amount of use that Whistler's do.

Despite your complaints and saying anything else is better, it sounds like you continue to ride there even though you have tons of other places to ride. If you don't think you're getting the value out of your pass at Whistler, here's a simple solution: don't ride there. Otherwise shut up with the entitled attitude and ride your bike.
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 Huh? I was up on Saturday and park mint outside of some holes on A-Line. Do you ever leave A-Line/DM?
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 @gramboh: i ride everything there, I'm just saying that in comparison to years past the park is getting much more traffic creating more pot holes and braking bumps. Even if the crew closes the train and repairs the areas they shortly are filled with braking bumps again because of the amount of use. This year was particularly bad because of the lack of rain. In years past there has been a lot more rain which definitely helps the flow trails. As far as the non flow trails they seem to ride fine no matter what the weather is like
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 best time of year...cool temps, crystal clear skies, no crowds, and good times....dont forget about all the epic trails outside the park as well!
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 @biking435: blown out trails in whistler > blown out trails in Utah.
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 myfriendgoose - is very correct, worst state I've seen it in years. Won't be buying a pass next year and just commit to climbing my descents instead.

A-Line and Dirt Merchant, tow big trails people come here to ride, have so many ruts that it affect your speed and fun of hitting jumps and clearing them. There is no spot on the berm that has no ruts in most cases. Ruts = craters or giant holes.
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 @biking435: Even sidetrack Wink

Or the sidetrack gap?
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 i'd cry about it if i were you
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 WB has a few things to be embarrassed about, the bike park isn't one of them. As for 'they can't use "it's too dry" as an excuse anymore; it gets this dry every single season', that's not true at all and yes they can. I've had a season pass for 8 years and this is by far the driest year I've seen AND if you were a builder you would know that the "it's too dry" point is entirely valid. Any repair in the dry conditions last a very short period of time and unless you want AL/DM closed every other day during the dry weather for repairs, it ain't worth doing. Why don't you just go ride Garbo? less crowds = better conditions.
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 Hope there's more trails like BC trail opening. A better way of getting to it would be nice. Cruising the ski trail to get to it blows and cooks your brakes. Other than that, loved it. Saw the work being done while on BC trail. Can't wait for next trip.
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 BC is just weird and awkward imo
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 @Scotj009: I think that's why I liked it. I ride highland mountain almost 1 a week. There's been a lot of smoothing out the trails there. Makes for a Lots of good speed flow . But not a lot of that "riding down a mountain" feel. BC totally gave me that.
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 My wife and I were there all last week. Although the trails were rough with breaking bumps, etc. we had a blast! This was our third year in a row, and we really enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone at the Bike Park for a Fantastic week of riding! See you in 2018!
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 Bob Ross has nothing on this guy, except his beard.
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 good stuff!
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 It's a shame that the section of no joke above red chair has been turned into a flat "sidewalk" like trail instead of the fun flowy section it used to be..
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 Fix the braking bumps it's too rough!
Don't fix anything you're making it too easy!

This (re-dirting this particular section)has been done once every year or two for a long time. Do you think it'll never rough back up? People like you are super annoying. Enjoy it while it's smooth.
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 Just ride faster when it's fresh. Plenty of flow on all of No Joke... I don't understand complaining when they buff it out...
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 @gramboh: there's nothing to understand.
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 @nickel: ive never seen that much dirt in there before it was definitely overkill, Better rough than smooth any day if i wanted smooth id ride the valley trail!
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 @turner49: oh well! Why didn't you say so! If you've never seen so much dirt in there, it must never have happened! Remind me to run my past experiences by you to make sure they're real and not made up.

It'll be rough again by Canada day next year at the absolute latest. Also, you're wrong. Just chill out.
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 @nickel: dude do you even whip?
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 I hear aline and dirt merchant is peaking right now cant wait for my trip this weekend
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 September is always amazing in Whistler.
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 This is funny. I now look forward to watching the next episode.
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 Did Canada invade and take Whatcom county over, or is the Whistler Bike Park just poaching Mount Shuksan? That's very American-like of you, stop it. Stop it now!

Keep your poutine, but please send our painting back!
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 please dont go any faster
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