Video: Trail Engaged Season 2 - An Update From Whistler Bike Park's Trail Crew

Aug 30, 2018
by WhistlerMountain BikePark  

Welcome to Trail Engaged, Season 2. We're committed to reviewing your comments and acting on them as much as possible. So, if you come across a section of trail that needs a little love, have a suggestion on how to make a feature better, or are dreaming up something awesome, this is your chance to let us know. We won't be able to complete everyone's change requests, but we'll do our best to keep the Bike Park prime.

Although we don't respond to every suggestion receive (we do read them all), Peter Matthews, a veteran on the Whistler Mountain Bike Park Trail Crew and innovator of some of the best shapes in the park, is here to respond and show how your suggestions are making a difference.

Episode One

In the first episode of this new season we take a look at a comment from our post last year that has been implemented, why trails may not be open when you want them to be, and knowing which trails are open or closed before you end up at the trail head.

Trail Engaged Season 2 Episode 1

Have an Idea?
Do you have a suggestion or comment on our to make the bike park more rad? Make sure you hit us up here to let us know.

Stay tuned for more episode dropping soon.

Video by Good Fortune Collective & Brock Newman.

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 That hair. That stache'. Dude save some pu**y for the rest of us.
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 I think he has a son. If so, he's had sex at least once more than I have.
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 Ron Swanson meets Ron Burgundy at Whistler Bike Park. Stay classy Whistler.
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 that mustache needs it's own twitter account.
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 That mustache needs it's own zip code.
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 Nice bum tickler indeed.... mustache rides are in order...just not with this kemosabe... LOL
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 Why was the Urban Cowboys mustache all brown and scuzzy?

Cuz he was lookin for love in all the wrong places!
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 it's like a mix of will ferrell and the dude on the brawny paper towels...
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 Basically the Canadian Ron Burgandy ????
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 Red flannel check, helmet head check, useless info check, grandiose please ride here commercial check = pinkishanadian.
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 Peter Matthews you are the funniest human being alive.
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 That means a lot coming from someone as world famous as you rachelle! Haha
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 @jazzawil: I'm just an idiot that crashed her bike, Peter is legit funny!
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 Why is he not doing the UCI Downhill World Cup commentaries with Warner and Claudio??
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 I'm in a glass case of emotion.

Wait, what...? you ate an entire block of cheese!? No I'm not mad, I'm impressed.... c'mon let's say we go put on our PJ's and hit the hay
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 You’re a smelly pirate hooker
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 Go back to your home on whore island
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 Poor Ropey McRopeducke getting his pass chopped in two. With a name like that you'd think he'd learn.
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 I like the episode it's funny but would be really nice if they answered some good questions and not stuff that we already know about. I really enjoyed the bike report that uesd to be posted on Whistlerbike about bike park updates bi-weekly or so. Maybe this should be a monthly episode not just once a year.
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 It's still so nice that they have Mt. Shuksan in the background. Jealous of Mt. Baker? I would be too.
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 just noticed that myself. it must be hard being Whistler.
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 baker is for people who can't afford whistler lol
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 Worst part of the URL is that you missed a slash at the beginning so... you better click the link or you won't get anywhere after typing all that.
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 The white Bobby Lee
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 ban rear brakes or require rear ABS to curb the crazy braking bumps
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 Whistler showing the world the way forward. Chatel bikepark could learn a thing or two from them.
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 I hate people with senses of humor
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 I hate morning people. And mornings. And people.
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 It's better if you can it moist. Good suggestion.
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 So glorious! Please make more.
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 Slightly derivative, but on point! I'd be like WTF if this showed up on HBO, but I would watch it for free on Pinkbike all, day, long. Good times.
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 The dude deserves his own show. Reminds me of the announcers from New World Disorder “Death Race”. Awesome.
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 Pete you beautiful bastard. Don’t go changing.
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 fuck yeah fall pass. thats wassup
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 Cute soup strainer. Don't worry It'll grow into a man stash one day.
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 so, hmm... where's that link ?
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 I hate these long summer droots.
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 Mustaches rule
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 Peter, I've missed you.
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 this guy is hilarious Smile awesome!
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 I have a strange desire paint a KISS face on something in my house now
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 actually hilarious
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 So's cold
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