Whiteface Mountain Bike Park Will Not Open for the 2020 Season

May 11, 2020
by Downhill Mike Scheur  
A young Evil Elias Ingraham seen here in the "Un-Authorized" ORDA Photo Session/Photo by "I am not saying because he still works there"

PRESS RELEASE: Whiteface Mountain Bike Park

We sincerely apologize to our loyal customers as we will not be able to open the Whiteface Mountain Bike Park this year. This was not our decision as the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) replied to our request to renew our contract with this email. “Due to the scheduled Mid-Station Lodge and snowmaking construction projects at Whiteface this summer, we will be unable to have mountain biking as an activity this summer”. Their second reply was this “Construction will most likely last through the summer of 2021”.

Elias and I are deeply saddened by this news. We want to thank the many true downhillers that returned each year to ride with us. This unique destination for lift service mountain biking will no longer exist for the true DH enthusiast and the Adirondack vacationer wanting to try DH MTB.

Rider: Jason Memmelar/Photo by: Geritt beytagh

A special thanks to Karen and Brian Delaney of High Peaks Cyclery and ORDA for allowing us to run the show for so long. A huge thanks to both Jay Rand and Jeff Byrne for believing in us in the early days and Erik Balay for the pro-bono graphics for the 1st 10 years. The biggest thanks go to Marcelle and Peter Ingraham for all that they have done for the bike park and 5K DH’s which is way too much and personal to list.

Rider: Mark Nassan/Photo by: Unknown photog

For now, we hope you find an alternative place to be gnarly, we will miss you. We will be having a sale of all bikes, shuttle vehicles, gear, custom bike park jersey’s, tee shirts and even collectibles such as the entrance sign. Please watch for details for a Memorial Day “Going out of Business” sale to be held at High Peaks Cyclery in Lake Placid, NY on or near Memorial Day.

Rider: Patrick Campbell/Photo by: Unknown photog

As we continue to grow the DVO Winter Gravity Series at Bootleg Canyon and add many more events all year-long, we hope you visit us on the west coast.

Downhill Mike
Elias Ingraham


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 We are hoping not forever, but still waiting to hear back from ORDA. If we have to wait a couple of years, we still would need to sell almost everything. Each year we only get a 4-month contract. Last year, they did not let us know we had a season until June 1, then we opened 1 week later. Please notice the date on this as Monday, May 11. That is when we may know more and when this story will be published as it is still in "edit" mode.
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 This is tragic. I cant imagine how frustrating this must be for you guys. So sorry. I can't stress enough how incredible it was to get up there and shred some true downhill. I'm soo ucky to have experienced that place and the your hospitality. I'm also completely torn to think it be years to get back there. Its very sad and I'm very sad. I'm now going to go cry some more.
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 Whiteface was simply the gnarliest place to ride. I remember riding there once in 2000 on an old hardtail Cannondale down the fire roads on v brakes and having such a blast, despite my absolutely numb forearms. Fast forward 15 years and the steep epic gnar would still melt your forearms and glue a huge smile on your face. DH Mike and Elias were always super helpful and friendly and stoked to get everyone out on the hill. Watching some UCI DH race in the am in the lodge and then getting hyped to ride all day was so much fun. I wish you guys the best of luck, and we will try our hardest to make it out to some winter bootleg events.

ORDA really blew it with this decision as it is such a huge mountain I find it hard to believe that even with midstation construction and snowmaking improvements happening there couldn't be temporary detours around work. Killington had major projects going the last two summers and kept 3 lifts turning for riding. With all the recent trail building and focus on riding in the North Country, why wouldn't they embrace the hard work and dedication that has been shown throughout the years?!
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 Thanks for the very kind words. I always thought that the 5K DH would live in infamy, serious downhillers would move to the region to train and ORDA would help make DH an Olympic sport. Those were some big dreams I had because I thought this place had the infrastructure and people to make it happen. I even thought that the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid would house and train athletes. No worries as we will dream and create at Bootleg Canyon and other western riding locations. It was a fun run. Gutted for the area though as lift service is a nice addition to a riding destination.
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 Whiteface was my first DH park and is still my favorite DH park (sorry whistler). was planning on stopping by after the Burke EWS this summer. This is truly Sad MTB news for the ADK's. I truly hope that this is not the end of the Whitface DH but more I hope you (DH Mike) find a new home on the east coast to create a gnarly new playground.
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 I have had a home on the west coast for years and the DVO Gravity Series keeps us super busy with fun and gnar.
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 Sucks to hear this news. I’ve been coming up the last few years for a trip of the ADK mountain biking trails and always made a point of visiting for some crazy trails, and raw DH. If something changes, I for sure will make it up for a wild time! Thanks Mike and Elias for the hospitality, stoke, and keeping the DH flame alive in the ADKs. Cheers!
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 Terrible news. I only made it up there one time while vacationing in Lake Placid but I must say Mike and Elias were great guys. Lots of hard work building and maintaining the trails. Good luck in the future guys.
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 We are hoping this is only a temporary setback. Mike and Elias and their team had made WF such a great place for us to ride. Nothing I've ridden yet compares to the fun and challenge of WF. What a mountain! No biking on Whiteface - such a loss.
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 Sorry to hear this. Only made it up there once about 5 years ago but Mike could not have been nicer and more helpful. That mountain is a pretty humbling experience.
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 Just reading this now. Sad and disappointed. Moved to NY Capital Region last year from CA and was really excited to get to Whiteface this summer season. Is there anyone we can write to about requesting access for you guys and that we won’t be spending money there this winter because of this?
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 Great to have been able to visit over the past many years. Always appreciated the hospitality!
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 Scott, you and Adam will be missed and were always considered "hard-core" Whiteface downhillers. As Hard-Core as they come. Please visit us out west at a gnarly DVO event.
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 I’m sorry to hear that. Sounds like they shafted you and your business and all the hard work. Hopefully there will be some recourse. Best of luck
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 been there every year since 2006. always fun. some of the hardest trails around.
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 We will miss having some of the most challenging trails around. Thanks for coming all those years. Being the optimist I am, I am still hoping for a July and August mini-season this year at Whiteface. I sent my final request in a few weeks back and have not heard back from that yet. I just noticed they updated their website saying no biking. Once I know that is final, I will um.... not be as quiet.
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 @downhillmike: i was looking forward to going back this summer but probably can't cross the borders this year.
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 Wait... I read closed for 2020 but then I read everything is for sale??? So what gives?? Closed for 2020 or forever??
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 We tried and tried but they are just into mountain bikes there. Not into MTB, unreal!
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 Gutted to hear. Was looking forward to some big bike weekends up there this summer. Are you guys still planning on doing the memorial day weekend sale?
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 Yes, we are. All rental bikes and gear will be at High Peaks Cyclery on May 23/24, 2020 located at 2733 Main St, Lake Placid, NY 12946.
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 I wonder if it would be possible to "pedal access" any of the trails? Maybe using the toll road?
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 Maybe BETA could step in and coordinate some sort of epic loop both up and back down from the summit? All single track. I'm sure there would be people willing to help build it. There would be nothing else like it in the NE.
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 That’s a great idea. A local dream for many years.
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 @MikerJ: BETA has done amazing work in the region adding tons of new cross country trails. The summit is much higher than where the lift goes and the terrain gets much steeper towards the summit. A trail like you described would most likely become a very gnarly DH trail due to steepness and compaction. The top 1,000 feet from Little Whiteface was not for everyone and I can't imagine trails higher than that becoming popular in that area. We already had something that no one else had in the NE and people really did not come.
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 That's unfortunate.

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