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Who are the 2023 UCI EDR World Cup Champions?

Sep 17, 2023
by Ed Spratt  
After the last round of the 2023 EDR series, let's see how the results stack up in the overall standings and who are the 2023 overall champions.

2023 Overall Champions
Elite Women: Isabeau Courdurier
Elite Men: Richie Rude

U21 Women: Emmy Lan
U21 Men: Lisandru Bertini

Team: Yeti / Fox Factory Race Team

Overall Points Standings






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 Let's put the politics, doomsday prophecies, and conspiracy theories aside for a moment and just celebrate these incredibly talented riders!
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 Give ‘em one last big pizza party before they’re all laid off #f*ckUCI
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 Huh, to you its conspiracy theory.Book

Yay!!!!! 1.Richie 2. Jesse
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 Second only to Richie Rude, 1st season on new bike/team - amazing Jesse!!
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 Agreed. Enduro is an amazing discipline. Win the Enduro season and you might just have the world's best mountain biker.
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 @Adamrideshisbike: there are a lot of different ways to measure mountain biking skill but sure, winning this says you’re one of the best, that’s for sure.
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flag billreilly (Sep 17, 2023 at 17:51) (Below Threshold)
 @Adamrideshisbike: Win the Enduro season and you might just have the world's best GRAVITY mountain biker.

Make them race uphill as well and it's a different story!
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 @Adamrideshisbike: As far as I'm concerned the world's best mountain bikers are the top guys at the Megavalanche and Mountain of Hell - 40 mins of flat out racing, across glacier, rock shale, alpine meadows and pine forests, with brutal lung-bursting climbs, superfast downhill singletrack and pedal-pounding fire road transfers. Nothing compares.
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 @brentkratz: and? Nothing extraordinary. Jesse is talented, that's all.
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 @billreilly: They can still race XC for fun and some of them are doing this... clearly not on WC level, but Nino Schurter would also not race on WC Level in Enduro, even if he is one of the best descenders... So overall you can say they are one of the best in the world
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 @Adamrideshisbike: Not to mention, the Mega riders have to wear 3 hats these days - XC, DH and Cyclocross, since they have push their bikes through slushy snow thanks to global warming. Same thing for their rides - the bikes have to do XC and DH duty as well as everything in between.
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 @Adamrideshisbike: Those guys make the Enduro marshmallows look like couch potatoes with their leisurely uphill tours after a 4 minute soft DH cakewalk
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 @danstonQ: Haha, you and I are talented; in comparison, top 10 WC riders on another planet! To come second after a few months on new bike and team is literally extraordinary!
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 nice spreadsheet; feels like monday
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 Best comment ever
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 No kidding. What a sad way to celebrate the Championship.
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 @brentkratz: sadly true. Cold as ice, lazy and contemptuous. No written words, no pictures, nothing. This is not an article, this is paperwork.
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 Three North Americans in the men’s Top 5 despite no races on their home continent. Awesome.
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 Just looking on YouTube a beardmeatsfood posted a vid 4 hours ago about eating pizza and had 4m views. The enduro raw footage posted 21 hours ago had 18k views. DH raw from last week had 85k. Enduro raw from 2 months ago has 11k views. The proof is in the numbers.
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 Justin Bieber has 73.2M monthly listeners on Spotify. Does not mean its good.
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 @casey79: no he is crap but more people like him than enduro racing lol. you obviously didn’t understand the post. The first observation was just a reference as they where by each other on YouTube. The DH vs enduro observation is just a fact after looking as a comparison on the viewing numbers on YouTube.
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 It just tells the truth about people's stupidity.
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 So, will this be the Last UCI EDR? As fast as teams are pulling out. I see it hard for the EDR to continue. Maybe if it was done outside the UCI, it would have a better chance. The coverage it gets is really pathetic. Such talented riders.
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 yes but:
if everything we get out of an season ending is an excel chart showing the results maybe i see the point why people dont get excited..
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 You may as well be talking about the stamp collection members disco for Antarctica for 2024.

It’s not got a following because x, y and z reason but still, it’ll be a shame if they pull the plug.

(Nothing against stamp collecting mtb enduro riders)
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 @bohne: always easy to say while we‘re enjoying our sunday off work The race ended this afternoon so let‘s give the editors some time and I‘m sure we‘ll see some great articles popping up tomorrow!
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 It's easy to point the finger at the UCI and granted, they haven't helped the sport move forward at all. But imho, the broadcasting/covering of an enduro event has always been troublesome from the start. The main reason is the format itself. DH is quite simple, a rider sets off from the start and +/- 4 minutes later arrives at the finish. It makes for easy viewing and camera's can completely cover the course.

I own an enduro bike, I mainly ride enduro when I'm in the mountains, but I never really watched broadcasted enduro racing over the years.

I don't own a DH bike, I don't ride DH, but untill last year I hardly missed any DH race.
And that sums it up I'm afraid.

Sometimes a sport is awesome to do, but a b*tch to televise and get people excited about it.
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Scott, i wish i knew what that actually meant lol

a disco in antarctica for people with a stamp collection? as in there is more chance of that
happening than EDR continuing? i hope EDR does continue, it just needs far better coverage and an anchor who is or who is like Warner, and show the stages live.

of course, i had to check and there is specific antarctica stamp collection - and if the organisers get together for birthdays and new year then i assume they have discos lol www.britishantarcticterritory.org.uk/stamps-coins/stamps
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 @Exbow: I've said this before, but there's a solution, but none of the broadcasters want to go through the trouble.

Set up the top 10 or 15 riders with official pov cams provided by and operated by the broadcaster. I suspect they might even be able to do live feed pov depending on the venue.

Then set up a few live cams at a couple specific parts of each stage to compliment the pov feed.

This is all doable with current tech.
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 @jayacheess: Say they do this with riders with those rankings from the previous year. The following year no teams will want to sponsor riders ranked 16+. There will be no incentive in it for them.
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 Top riders in from the last season get cams, and then whoever is top in the overall in the current season gets cams. Top riders or teams getting the majority of the coverage is no different than DH or XC. None top riders will get the more peripheral trackside coverage. Nothing is perfect, but it would be worlds better than what we've got now.
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 @Exbow: 100% agree. I don't get why people blame UCI, Discovery etc when it's so obvious what the problem is for MTB Enduro racing.

It's the discipline itself. The money and eyeballs aren't there to warrant the massive budget it would take to put on a proper live TV/stream coverage. And without that, nobody is interested in it.

MTB Enduro as a TV sport is flawed from the get go. And no matter how much HC enduro fans blame the UCI that wont change.
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 @Motofinne: Look at Motorcycle EnduroGP; their coverage is no better really. No live coverage, just highlights on You Tube....Hard Enduro is similar - only the Erzbergrodeo is covered live.....

Enduro, like Rallying is a hard & expensive sport to cover.
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 @nolimit: Sunday is the worst day to be off work.
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 @Motofinne: People blame Discovery because they make statements like this;
No one made them do that.
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 @ambeingt: Smile it was a fabricated event in my typical dismal sense of humor poking at the lack of coverage and awareness EDR has had. Apologies for that.

Enduro racing could be huge and it does not need to be broadcast to be a success. mx, dh, trials(moto or pedal), road.......were all very successful before being broadcast on screens.

We're talking about 'push bikes'. it will never be as big as F1, Superbowl or the day my wife makes me breakfast...if ever.
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 This is the first season in a long time that I haven't followed. Didn't even know it was the end of the season.
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 Actually didn’t even know it was on this year. I can see why Sam Hill hasn’t bothered.
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 Forbidden well ahead of some big teams
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 I don’t understand why Cranxworx doesn’t step up and offer a place for enduro, seems well run, focus is on fun riders and fans. Announcing is better? Isn’t that the obvious party set to grow from UCI awfulness?
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 Whistler had a great crankworx enduro this year.
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flag derryair (Sep 17, 2023 at 15:07) (Below Threshold)
 Maybe because enduro isn’t as good as XC or DH and is really boring
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 Seems that Yeti's trip to Tasmania was key in this World Cup
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 if you count second round same as average from all other rounds (867), then they still win
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 More likely Jesse lost it in Maydena. He had the speed there for top 5 with a 1,2, and 4 on three of the stages but ended up 19th on the day after some crashes.
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 it's weird also that the websites don't seem to give it as much footage as DH and XC - Still no feature on the winners anywhere. In DH, there's a feature within hours if not minutes with the winning runs, podium photos and interviews. .
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 Barely knew the season had started this year
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 Did you just come out of the cave?
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 @mcharza: just not been any great coverage. Past years I seem to have followed it closely without really meaning to.
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 i think a techy uphill section would be good, too, like they do in the ebike equivalent. they would be much easier to film as they're only 100-200m long and show a different side to the riders' skill sets also, why 7 stages of half or a third the length of a downhill race? just make it 3 sections lasting 4 minutes each plus one tech climb section. POV cameras is a great idea - and am not sure a camera on a wire can be that expensive? - the current coverage seems to blow too much on graphics and aerialal shots of the site etc.

Or it could be like a best of mtb stage race- 1) first section on a trials bike course 2) 2nd section on a downhill bike course, 3) the third section on a trail or xc bike course and the winner is the best over all 3 disciplines.
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 Congrats RUDE~!!!!!!
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 So anyways, let's get down to the nitty gritty. Who is this Incarnation?
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 If a tree falls in the woods, and an EDR racer jumps over it, would we ever know?
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 So, does anyone actually know what EDR stands for?
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 EnDuRo, presumably.
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 Both Pinkbike Academy winners finished 28th?!?!? Fishy, or awesome. Or both
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 This feels like a thread to show who didn’t ride their bike today.
  • 1 0
 I'm not angry any more, I'm just sad.
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 Let’s get Redbull to take it over
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 Wait, there was an enduro race?
  • 11 14
 Who else had no idea that there was UCI Enduro racing until this week?
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flag derryair (Sep 17, 2023 at 15:04) (Below Threshold)
 Is enduro still a thing??? I thought it everyone realised a few years ago it’s not as good as DH, it’s not as good as XC and it’s extremely boring to watch. That’s why it’s never got the recognition of the XC and DH and the teams are pulling out from the series.
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