Who Can Still Win the 2023 EDR World Cup Overall Title in Châtel?

Sep 16, 2023
by Ed Spratt  
The party continues next week just a few hours north in the familiar venue of Derby Tasmania

After kicking off in March the seven-round 2023 EDR World Cup series has reached its conclusion as riders prepare for a final showdown in Châtel. None of the Elite titles have been decided so we can expect some intense racing as it will all come down to the final seven stages of the season.

We have broken down the numbers and tried to make a bit more sense of the stats before racing kicks off for the final round of the 2023 season.

How does the points system work?

Unlike DH World Cup racing where the final round all comes down to the final race with no qualifying points the EDR World Cup series continues the traditions of the EWS with a more complex points system allowing for alternative ways to pick up points than just the race win. For 2023 Queen and Pro stages were taken out of the racing and instead, a small number of points are now offered for top individual stage results.

For each stage, an Elite rider can expect to receive 20 points for a first-place finish with this dropping to five points given to tenth place. U21 riders take 10 overall series ranking points for a stage win with a drop to three points for fifth place. When it comes to the race result point scale a win in both Elite categories offers 400 points. For the Men's racing, this extends back to 100th place where 45 points are offered. The Elite Women's scale ranges from 400 points for first to 30 points for 30th. For this weekend's seven-stage race, the maximum number of points on offer is 540.

While the Elite categories see every EDR World Cup round count towards the overall in the U21 racing the series is decided using each rider's best five EDR World Cup results. For the final round the maximum number of points available to the U21 racers is 270.

Points Table


Stage Additional Points Table


What are the current elite overall standings?

Top 20 Elite Men

Top 20 Elite Women

Who can still win the titles?

Mathematically, there are just six racers left in the running for the 2023 overall titles as Emmy Lan has already wrapped up the U21 Women's title fight. In the Elite Men's series, there is a four-way fight for the overall with Richie Rude currently leading the standings by a healthy 238 points. Last year's EWS champion Jesse Melamed will start in Châtel 280 back and Rhys Verner is the only other rider in touch of the title, 322 points off the series leader.

For the Elite Women, we have a repeat of 2022 as once again the overall goes down to a final French face-off with Isabeau Coudurier leading Morgane Charre. Morgane will need to pull back 212 points on Isabeau if she wants to be the first elite women's UCI EDR World Cup Champion.

The last title up for grabs this weekend is for the U21 Men where Lisandru Bertini leads Sascha Kim by only 80 points based on both rider's five best results so far this season. With 270 points on offer, this could be very close.

Elite Men
Richie Rude - 2199
Alex Rudeau - 1961 ( -238 )
Jesse Melamed - 1919 ( -280 )
Rhys Verner - 1877 ( -322 )
Elite Women
Isabeau Courdurier - 2707
Morgane Charre - 2495 ( -212 )

U21 Men
Lisandru Bertini - 1075
Sascha Kim - 995 ( -80 )
U21 Women
Emmy Lan is the 2023 U21 Women's UCI EDR World Cup Champion.

**With Charlie Murray on 1647 points and 540 points up for grabs there is potential for Louis Jeandel on 1127 points to take 5th. For this to happen it would mean Louis finding 520 points and no one between him and Charlie going over 1667 points in the standings.**

**The most likely contenders for 3rd, 4th and 5th in the overall standings are Hattie Harnden, Gloria Scarsi and Bex Baraona, but mathematically there are other riders who could also achieve this. While it would take some pretty disastrous results for Hattie, Gloria and Bex there is still a chance that Mélanie Pugin, Rae Morrison or Raphaela Richter could make it into the top five.**

How can the overall titles be decided?

Elite Men
After a strong 2023 season, it is Richie Rude who leads the Elite Men's overall title fight going into the final round as he just needs to secure 303 points to become the clear winner of the first Enduro World Cup title. For Richie simply finishing the race 3rd or better with no top-ten stages would take enough points for him to be well clear of the three other riders competing for the top spot. Alex Rudeau has the best chance at toppling Richie off the top of the series standings but he will need a very good showing in Châtel to find the extra 238 points to bridge the current gap to first. With Alex Rudeau's biggest lead against Richie only being 127 points ahead finding a 238-point gap will most likely mean a very bad race for Richie. Jesse Melamed and Rhys Verner are also in the running for the top spot but at 280 and 322 points behind respectively they would need Richie and Alex to struggle in order to overtake them in the standings.

Elite Women
Isabeau Courdurier carries a strong lead of 212 points into the final round and with 540 points on offer for the perfect race, Morgane Charre will need to perform very well in the final round of the season to dethrone Isabeau. From our calculations, Isabeau Courdurier would need to secure a 329-point combination to take the first EDR series champ title. An example that would score enough points for Isabeau would be 5th place on every stage netting 70 points with a fourth-place finish securing a further 280 points. Given Isabeau has yet to finish outside of the top five this year if she continues this she will secure at least 250 of the 329 points needed to win the overall making it very important for Morgane Charre to come as close to the perfect race as possible. No matter how Isabeau or Morgane do this weekend they are both guaranteed a spot in the top two.

U21 Men
The last title on the line will be the close battle between Lisandru Bertini and Sascha Kim in the U21 Men's race. For the U21 category, it is only the five best results that count leaving the pair with Lisandru on 1075 and Sascha 80 points back with 995. Sascha has a lot of work ahead of him as Lisandru is on a winning streak with three back-to-back wins. For Lisandru he definitely holds an advantage going into the final race but with 270 points on offer and a gap of only 80 points, both riders will still need a top finish to secure the title.

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 Wait... what? Has the whole season happened and I've barely even noticed?? Geez. Enduro really is in the shitter. I'd love to see a Pinkbike poll 'Have you more or less interest in Enduro this season?'
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 Much less
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 crazy hey?
remember the first two happened way back in March in Australia...
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 There have been many many articles on the series this year. If you frequent the site, how did you miss all of it?
  • 20 1
 @snomaster: I am here on a daily basis, to put it mildly. Still I was really surprised to find out this is going to be the last round already.
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 More interested in it as long as Edbull media house is filming.
  • 3 1
 I'm not just being brad-loyal when I say that I honestly I think the coverage was best with PinkBike running the highlights.
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 If not for Moi Moi TV and Ed Masters coverage before his fibger got mangled, I'd not know what's going on.....Seems like a good points chase for the top 3.....wake up sleepy people!
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 There's plenty of interest, just not enough coverage. Such a bummer!
  • 2 1
 Way less
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 @Twenty6ers4life: it's wierd, there's as much contrnt on the youtube channel (previews, raw, interviews, highlight show etc) but a: lots less sharing of it by core mtb media, and also less of those media doing their own content. Is it they don't want to share content now its Discovery, so a rival media company? And is the decline in original content (Dave Trumpire photo epics have been rad, but feels like way less across the usual outlets) down to tighter budgets at the media companies, making it harder to pay people to travel to events?

UCI MTB enduro playlist:

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 The real question is, why TF hasn't Pinkbike covered Enduro more? No bike checks, no replay links, no highlights. I find out more from Ed Master's youtube videos than I have from a mountain bike media website.
  • 2 0
 @andyrm: I agree. It’s like they’re intentionally trying to sink the series. And no E-EDR coverage at all!
  • 3 0
 @andyrm: I agree, both EDR and DH coverage has been overly streamlined this year.
There was a comment on one of Ed Masters videos about the "Golden Age of Enduro" being just before covid. With its bike checks, finish line interviews. At least there were full stage previews on youtube. Its just not buzzing as it was.
  • 25 0
 Just because EDR is the UCI discipline code doesn’t mean we need to keep using… I don’t call downhill DHI or cross country XCO, but maybe that’s just me
  • 2 1
 Do you distinguish XCC and XCM another way?
  • 2 0
 @Hayek: I usually call XCM: (mountainbike) marathon racing and XCO just cross country (or XC). Though I admit it may still be confusing too as there is also endurance racing (like what Johnny Waddell started doing after his recovery) but yeah, XCM is marathon racing for me.
  • 19 1
 F the EDR . Hopefully it's failure strengthens Natuonal Series into something better.. Stupid name too, EDR...
  • 5 0
 Unfortunately they took over the Scottish Enduro Series so no chance of that in Scotland. Guess how many SES races there have been this year....
  • 2 0
 Enduro World Series sounded way better than "Enduro World Cup" to Facepalm
  • 1 1
 @mark-88: wow they don't even have a website anymore
  • 14 0
 I just miss all the bike checks, rider interviews and story's and photo articles that enduro used to do so well, especially here on pinkbike. Highlights where a nice bonus, but am more disappointed in the lack of articles. It was nice to have a different sort of covage for a different sport, doesnt have to be the same as xc and dh. but each to there own i guess.
  • 13 0
 Does anyone even care at this point? With lots of teams leaving after the 2023 season, the EDR seems to be done for. Which is probably a good thing though. I see far better survival chances for the sport of enduro racing if it returns to its roots.
  • 17 1
 Fantasy kept me interested….
  • 18 3
 Lack of Fantasy killed EDR.
  • 8 0
 Same here. They don't even need prizes honestly, it just made it fun to keep track of.
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 EDR will soon be Fantasy
  • 4 0
 "With all of this growth, expansion, and energy, where is enduro headed? ... The first element that everyone agrees upon is that the sport will continue to gain legitimacy, backed by the industry and cycling governing bodies." -- quote from a very nice 2019 read on the young history of enduro racing: www.singletracks.com/community/so-enduro-a-brief-history-of-the-race-format-rooted-deep-in-the-soul-of-mountain-biking.

Sad to see the demise of this beautiful sport. I'd be interested to hear from some of the other big name original organisers and later EWS Board Members, Franco Monchiero, Fredric Glo, Enrico Guala, and Crankworks GM Darren Kinnaird, what they think of it all
  • 5 0
 Not surprised. I have GCN+ Abo, cant find Andy edr coverage
But trillions of super borin (but well payd) road racing.

Is this the „new level „ Chris Ball promised?
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 It seems Enduro racing is forced into a rebuilding phase to me.
UCI/EDR was never going to work out.
Grassroots Enduro racing is now key for the sport to grow into good media coverage. Support your local Enduro races: Cascadia Dirt Cup, TDS Enduro, Whatcom World Cup, Cap Forest Free For All, Big Mt. Enduro, to name a few around me.
If we all put time and energy racing (or just having fun with timing attached), volunteering, and supporting these programs, more like them will come, as will attention from media, non-bike sponsors, and everything else.
This will be especially important going into next season with so many teams dropping out of the "big leagues". Can't let the local programs lose support.
  • 2 0
 The big teams should plough the money into grassroots sponsored events ie. The Devinci enduro Weekender and shit like that. Same money, but far more coverage
  • 6 1
 At the moment the bigger question is who will be in the EDR next year or would there be a EDR.
  • 28 0
 I've been reaching out to teams since the Ibis news and hopefully, we will have an article coming soon with a look at who will be racing.
  • 4 0
 @edspratt: very interested to see that. I’m shocked to hear how laissez-faire fans seems to be toward an EDR collapse, if this falls apart we aren’t going to have a real alternative for a very long time.
  • 3 0
 @edspratt: I wonder what the "big news" that Devinci was hinting the UCI would release in a few weeks. We'll probably know more then.
  • 3 0
 @Fill-Freakin: I initially read that as a big UCI announcement but I think it's actually a big announcement from Devinci. It was a little confusing/ambiguous.
  • 1 0
 @edspratt: I'd be really interested to know why they're dropping out. This needs a proper deep dive to really assess the health of the sport.
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 I think there are a few reasons really -

1. The initial excitement for enduro has waned, so the return for any company is less.
2. It's hard to televise. People are still annoyed at sections of a 3 minute dh track being excluded from coverage, and here you have around 10x or 20x (at a guess) the tracks over a weekend.
3. They moved the races in line with the dh and xc stuff (I think? It certainly seems that way). They now seeming have to compete with them, and those formats are also exciting (and easier to televise). Presumably that reduces the cost to teams though?
4. Doping and cheating scandals have, for some, tainted the series.
5. Youtube.

Personally, I used to love watching all the enduro coverage. It felt new and exciting and relatable in a way that the other disciplines didn't. I lived that there was the idea that 'normal joes' could race against their heroes. Now, I've not watched any coverage for a year or two, and looked through the rider list and don't recognise many of the riders. I watch dh (where I can), but honestly most of my viewing now is YouTube. Watching YouTube often shows either faster and more technical riding (DH - I acknowledge that the gap is small, but you can appreciate it so much better with Cathro's analysis), or fresher trails and more fun? I'd far rather watch some Ben Cathro or someone like Bernard Kerr any day of the week...
  • 1 0
1 - but why has it waned? is this because of decisions made by organisers and are they reversible. In my opinion it is yes to both
2 - it's hard but doable. coverage doesn't need to be the same as DH. it should be about telling the story of the day
3 - reduces costs for the organisers but makes enduro significantly less attractive
4 - meh, been and gone
5 - riders providing vlogs on youtube is the only thing keeping it alive

Personally I think removing the average joes and introducing the EWS 100 was the right way to go.

I just think they have made no effort to progress the footage. The likes of Jack Moir with his one camera man have shown it is all very doable. Course previews (with Carlson, not Ric please!), pre race track walk and pit interviews with riders and teams, race highlights, post race interviews, post race analysis. There are so many easy wins if the organisers wanted to push the sport forward from a view engagement point of view.
  • 1 0
 @mark-88: literally all those things are on the UCI World Series youtube channel's Enduro stream:

  • 1 0
 @andyrm: They have the highlights, raw and track preview but not the others I mention. Nothing that is making the sport a compelling watch.

I'd not actually seen the preview for this round despite checking here every day. Is the official EDR stuff making it to the Pinkbike home page?

I follow the UCI channel, so I'm guessing that course preview came out Friday evening - they've had all week to get people's attention.
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 If it wasn't for riders across all disciplines producing their own content on Instagram and YouTube then many disciplines would be a lot poorer, Specialized started the cull last year by dropping ambassador programmes, when a sport sells it's soul regardless of the opinions of fans then don't be surprised that people lose interest and walk away.
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 That was super interesting thanks for crunching the numbers Ed !
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 What’s for sure, is that if you want to follow a decent live timing not having to reload the page every 10sec , you need to look for the one trailow.com does! And, they show the gap in sec/min between racers ✊
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 Can't say I care. As long as there is an eddy master video of him bellowing heckles at the riders I'll be happy.
  • 3 0
 JM for the win
  • 2 0
 Man, the best and purest form of racing: a sideshow and a footnote, now.
  • 2 0
 If your team doesn't shut down... its already going to be a WIN though...
  • 2 0
 If a tree falls in the wood and…..,
  • 1 0
 Cross country rebranded ?
  • 2 2
 There has been 6 rounds already. Never even knew there had been one.
  • 1 1
 Can Ratboy still win it all?
  • 1 1
 We need an interview with Chris Ball on what happen.
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 Wtf edr m8?
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