Who Can Win the Overall Title - EWS Zermatt?

Sep 18, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  
Florian Nicolai was on the move today. he took third place.

After 44 stages in 7 races on 3 continents, it's all going to come down to one day of racing in the Swiss Alps to decide the fastest enduro racer in the world. While Isabeau Courdurier has already wrapped up her overall in emphatic style, the men's race remains wide open with Nicolai and Hill currently the hot favourites. Let's crunch some numbers and see who needs to do what to win the title.

Elite Men:
Mathematically, anyone down to Remi Gauvin could still win the EWS overall with a perfect weekend but it would require disasters for the two front runners, Sam Hill and Florian Nicolai. Barring race-ending mechanicals or crashes, it's likely that one of these two men will lift the overall crown on Saturday.

At the moment, Sam Hill has 2740 points while Nicolai sits 60 ahead on 2800. The form is probably with Sam Hill, who finished 2nd in Whistler and Northstar (compared to Nicolai's 9th and 14th) but Nicolai will be in more familiar terrain in the high Alps and can definitely expect a good result.

One thing to note is that Nicolai must end the season on more points than Sam. If they tie then Sam will take the title as he will have had the best result at the final round, which is how the title is decided according to Section 9.1 of the EWS rulebook.

Sam Hill was so close to his first win but would have to settle for second by .8 of a second.

If neither rider wins the Queen stage, here's the equation:

· If Hill finishes 1st, Nicolai must finish 2nd
· If Hill finishes 2nd, Nicolai must finish at least 4th
· If Hill finishes 3rd, Nicolai must finish at least 7th
· If Hill finishes 4th or lower, Nicolai must finish within 5 positions of him.

There's one curveball that Zermatt could throw into the mix though, the Queen stage. If either rider wins this they will be granted a bonus 40 points in the overall. Zermatt's Queen stage is the very last one of the race so we won't know who was won the overall until the very last rider of the weekend. Neither rider has won a Queen Stage all year but given it could happen, here are the updated sums:

If Hill wins the Queen Stage:

· If Hill finishes 1st, Nicolai cannot win
· If Hill finishes 2nd, Nicolai must win
· If Hill finishes 3rd, Nicolai must finish 2nd or 1st.
· If Hill finishes 4th or lower, Nicolai must finish within 1 position of him.

If Nicolai wins the Queen Stage:

· If Hill finishes 1st, Nicolai must finish at least 3rd
· If Hill finishes 2nd, Nicolai must finish at least 8th
· If Hill finishes 3rd, Nicolai must finish at least 11th
· If Hill finishes 4th or lower, Nicolai must finish within 9 positions of him.

Other competitions:
Elite Women

Series leader Isabeau Courdurier on one of the many many rock slabs found out on track in Tasmania.

Courdurier already has her title sewn up and now has her eyes set on completing a perfect season. Who would bet against her now?

Under 21 Men

First in U21 for Antoine Vidal

It's pretty much all sewn up for Antoine Vidal in the Under 21 men's race. The only way he loses now is if he scores no points for the weekend and New Zealand's Brady Stone wins the race and the Queen Stage.

Under 21 Women

Photo by Caleb Smith.
Leah Maunsell. Photo: Caleb Smith

Canada's Lucy Schick is most likely to take the title in Zermatt this weekend but can still be beaten by Ireland's Leah Maunsell. A sixth-place will guarantee the North American the title but if Leah doesn't win then Lucy will also win it by default.


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 Lets not count Eddie Masters out yet. If Hill and Nicolai end up in a Swiss jail Eddie only needs to get 1st riding with one arm to take it.
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 Adjusting my fantasy team now...
  • 19 10
 I think this beast named Rude might throw a twist or 5 to this equation.
  • 53 5
 Jared Graves drops in and cooks breakfast for the all the riders. Everyone drinks from his tainted juice boxes except Richie and is disqualified. But only Maes immediately applies for a Therapeutic Use Exemption. Martin wins Zermatt and the championship.
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 Comedy Gold
  • 54 4
 Come on Sam!!!
  • 9 1
 I just be happy if he won... Rolleyes
  • 4 2
 Flat life!
  • 3 0
 @Dropthedebt: excellent work. I'm a fan of what you just did there.
  • 2 0
 @lister11: do you still have the Norco 07 DH team?
  • 2 0
 @Dropthedebt: no mate, slimmed the garage down. No more DH bikes. It was great though.
  • 1 0
 @lister11: loved mine as well. Still got an A-line 06 and a Manik 07 tup
  • 28 7
 I just cant wait till next year. RUDE VS HILL VS MAES. Its gona be the best season ever.
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 Can we also hope for some limited live coverage??
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 I think Dailly, Nicolai, and Masters will remain serious podium threats. Dailly had some wins before his hideous elbow injury last season. He's getting back to form now and he's young, skilled, hungry, and fast AF like Maes. Let's hope for healthy athletes and not too many mechanicals. The overall could be taken next year by half a dozen riders I think. Also, go Sam!
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 Yes that'll be totally dope! Wink
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 and Masters- I think he's on board for another year of schralping.
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 Actually, I think Malamed will be a contender. He has majored a lot and rode exellet even with a broken wrist (3:rd as best). And with Masters healed up, we have 5 top contenders. Just hope the coverage would improve so we can watch it live.
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 Sam Hill will go back to DH if he wins EWS again
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flag CM999 (Sep 18, 2019 at 11:29) (Below Threshold)
 I'm hoping rude's sponsors realise that supporting a drug cheat is bad pr for them and walk away. At least maes has a credible explanation
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 And a healthy Jesse Melamed!!
  • 21 24
 I too am stoked to see the epic battle of Roids vs Hill vs Maes.
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 Dailly will be in the mix too
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 And silently, kevin miquel getting there as well..
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 Don’t forget our resident Mr. consistent, Damien Oton!!
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 @Endurip: hate to say it for such a geniune-seeming guy, but I strongly worry Jesse will continue to crash out of his competitions.
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 Cant believe I forgot Eddie. Really wanted him to win it this year Frown
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 @CM999: I just bought a Yeti for myself and my son. If you’re not cheatin’, you’re not tryin’ hard enough.

JK, I think USADA and all the anti-doping agencies should ban only the really “unfair” and or harmful ones. Masking agents - maybe.

In Maes case, that was total B.S., he should have been left alone due to circumstances and corroboration by those doctors that gave him that life-saving drug to help his antibiotics work better.

Cannabis should not be considered as something giving anyone an advantage except for calming one’s nerves, and likely the rider would probably have used it a few days or week prior to the race.
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 RUDE yes if he drink from someone else's bottle !
  • 3 2
 @seb306bzh: Really think hes been back on it since hes been back dominating the second half of the season? I dont know who to believe to be honest but the guy paid a price and came back to set things straight. Hes done that so give the guy a break, The joke isnt funny anymore.
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agreed. and if we wanted to go through the useless exercise of classifying banned substances, it's not like he was on EPO, HGH, blood doping, etc. Not saying higenamine and oxilofrine don't have their advantages but as an armchair pharmacist it seems minor... also he came back as strong as ever and is kicking ass. i don't think there's any way he'd risk his entire career especially now that (i assume) he's going to be tested even more often.
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 @WasatchEnduro: ya, if you're going to risk doping why just do something minor, go all the way.
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 Lets go Florian/Canyon!!
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 You know you root for Sam, in silence, c` mon. Hahahahaha
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 Gogogo Flying Floooo !!!!
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 Since we are on Enduro. Someone's probly already asked, but what happened to the Privateer series? No series finale?
  • 5 0
 sadly he got like 80th - worse than last year. Guessing the sponsors were not happy
  • 4 0
 @MikeyMT: yeah I know his results weren't where he was hoping, but thought a wrap up video would still be sweet. Perhaps the difference between pros is not just that they are blistering fast, but that their mental game (conditioning/training) is on a different level to handle the pressure and expectation that having all that free stuff brings with it.
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 I'd actually quite like to see an interview with Adam on what he thinks the pro sponsored deal brings and or takes away. IE freedom of chilling at an event vs everyone knowing who u are, advantages disadvantages etc. Would be an interesting watch
  • 7 0
 @Snugs: Totally agree. And I think the big thing we saw with Adam is that the mental game is absolutely critical. I hope he ditches the pressures and awkwardness of the (reality) show - takes his learnings and smashes into the top 30 next year!
  • 4 0
 @MikeyMT: cant help thinking too that the stardom was too quick. Which pro goes from unknown to everyone following your progress overnight. Surely it's a slow build up or gradual success and sponsorship, and thus a more mild learning curve for that side of the business, and more time to focus on the racing and results.
  • 4 0
 @Snugs: I dunno. I mean I like Adam from what I've seen and he's clearly pretty damn fast but I'd expect pressure to result in crashes rather than below par results. Like you said above though, would be really interesting to see what he thinks are the reasons. He seems pretty self aware and hearing his take would be really cool.
  • 3 0
 @MikeyMT: Sponsors may not be happy with his results but what they are really looking for is exposure. The Privateer series is providing a huge amount of brand exposure for them. My question is, with all the support he's getting, is he still considered a privateer?
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indeed. the whole premise is that you take a fast privateer and give him/her more support and see what happens. to not wrap things up would be chickensh*t. not that we're owed anything. I'll bet we get another episode out of this season tho and i've enjoyed the series and appreciate the work that goes into it.

it would be great to have the series continue and choose a new privateer for next year. not a slight on Adam, he's gotten two years of support that other privateers haven't now, but let's move on... maybe grab a fast lady who's nipping at the heels of the sponsored riders. +10 for someone with good camera presence. I'd bet sponsors would be jumping at the chance for some positive publicity.
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 How about a poll to choose the next Privateer?!?!
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 ha! another episode just dropped! yay!
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 Let's get raphaela Richter added to fantasy
  • 6 0
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 if you had to back either it would be sam he has been in way more pressure situations
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 Tall order to win the queen stage for those two. With martin and rude on the sharp end...fireworks!
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 Nothing Sam can't pull off though.
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 Goooooo Sam!!!
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 I go for Sam Hill again :-)
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 Sam should have "Down" for first name
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 Sam has got the experience. I put my money on him!
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 Come on Sam! Hoping his teammate Elliot Heap gets a good result too.
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 No course preview from Ric????
  • 1 1
 If Nicolai wins the Queen stage, he must finish higher than if he doesn't win the Queen stage???
  • 2 3
 Realistically this article could have been a lot shorter if the only men's elite scenario given was "If Richie wins the race and the queen stage then..."
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 My Aussie dollar is on Mr Hill.
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 how do we watch this live? or best way to watch full race after the fact?
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 Go to Zermatt........
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 @onemind123: ill be in zermatt but wondered how I could watch online too?
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