Why Adrien Dailly, Florian Nicolai, & Dimitri Tordo Were Penalized at EWS Colombia

Apr 2, 2018
by Sarah Moore  
After receiving a 20 second penalty for illegally shuttling a stage in practice Adrien Dailly would be pushed down from 5th to 9th in Colombia.
After receiving a 20 second penalty for illegally shuttling a stage in practice, Adrien Dailly would be pushed down from 5th to 9th in Colombia.

Adrien Dailly, Dimitri Tordo, and Florian Nicolai were docked 20 seconds for illegal shuttling at round two of the Enduro World Series in Manizales, Colombia. In Adrien's case the penalty pushed him from 5th place to 9th place. We caught up with EWS director Chris Ball to learn more.

Could you give us more details on the illegal shuttling that Adrien Dailly, Dimitri Tordo and Florian Nicolai did?

Chris Ball: We asked that all riders and teams follow the official course liaisons at this round even during training. Operating an enduro event in and around a city of 500,000 people meant that there were roads everywhere of various designations. These riders took the wrong road.

Who caught and reported them?

Chris Ball: The race organisation.

When was the last time a penalty was issued for illegal shuttling?

Chris Ball: Whistler 2013.

How was the 0:20 time penalty determined?

Chris Ball: The Race Director [Jorge Jaramillo -Ed.] believed this to be an adequate penalty for the rule infringement that occurred. Penalties for illegal shuttling can be given in a range from 10 seconds to a full disqualification. The 5 sec penalties given in the downtown were for crossing a course marker outside of the tape.

At Whistler in 2013, Fabien Barel was docked 5 minutes for illegal shuttling. Why is there such a disparity in the penalty issued to Adrien Dailly, Dimitri Tordo and Florian Nicolai?

Chris Ball: The Rule Book has changed considerably from 2013 to 2018 and penalties are now reduced in size to allow for more frequent application. We also have a Yellow Card rule now that stays with a rider for the whole season. Two yellow cards in a season equal a 200 series point deduction from the Championship points.

Did any of the riders receive a yellow card for this?

Chris Ball: Dimitri Tordo has been issued a yellow card for two rule infringements in two races. He received a 5 second penalty in Round 1 for a missed time check.

For full results, click here

We've reached out to the riders and their teams for comment.

Dimitri Tordo on his way to 12th.
Dimitri Tordo on his way to 12th.

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  • + 86
 Wait, pedaling is consodered shuttling? Im so enduro illiterate.
  • + 31
 yeah, made it sound like they got a break from riding that others did not!
  • + 56
 @lyleo: shorter / easier way up the hill maybe though? What if riding on one road saves a bit of time / effort on the transition, would that be fair?

Rules are rules, you are a professional racer and you should read them, understand them and practice them.
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 hike a bike is all the rage
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flag ismasan (Apr 2, 2018 at 14:51) (Below Threshold)
 @Racer951: hmm, if that's the case is pretty stupid from the organization not to use that climb as the official one
  • + 26
 @ismasan: There are all sorts of private land issues in the area plus I suspect they picked a specific route to try and minimise conflict between riders and road users and minimise road closures etc - set a route to help the locals as well as the riders.
  • + 26

That’s what’s wrong with most of the world right now. Rules are rules. Happy to see them enforced it will only further legitimatize the sport. The other mtb disciplines have them and use them often. Good move EWS.
  • + 2
 @ismasan: huh? im not sure you get the whole enduro race thing?
  • - 12
flag ismasan (Apr 2, 2018 at 18:32) (Below Threshold)
 @Racer951: yes, I do.
Time limit is enough, there's no point in adding extra difficulty to liassion stages, in any sport.

@paulskibum: that could explain, yep
  • + 6
 @ismasan: it seems obvious from the answer that there are a lot of people living there, most of whom are unlikely to be race fans. The organisers need to minimise impact on the local population, hence why they set routes out.
  • + 12
 @ismasan: It doesn't sound like you do - it's not 'adding extra difficulty' - enduro is timed DH stages with transitions that must be ridden to keep within your provided start time, the liaison route is chosen for specific reasons, amongst those others have mentioned regarding local access etc the organisers try to stretch the rider so that the transition isn't just an easy spin to the top, it's the whole point of 'enduro' - if you take a different transition you may get an advantage as it could be a faster or easier route.

It's just common sense, it's part of the event, it's not the organisers deliberately adding difficulty if everybody rides the sname route and that's how the event has been designed, transition stages are part of the race, designed to test the rider.

By your example, why have jumps, rocks or corners, after all they all add difficulty so what's the point?
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flag jrocksdh (Apr 3, 2018 at 6:49) (Below Threshold)
 @gatorfireman: they should have made the claim that they were suffering or that they're parents once lived there and they probably would have been granted a helicopter ride and an automatic trophy.
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 @Racer951: looking at the neg props I guess people is not seeing my point.
Of course people taking shortcuts should be penalized, I just say there shouldn't be shortcuts cause the easyest way up should be the chisen by organizers, since enduro is just about the downs.

I also said (by mentioning another user's coment) that road access issues might be the explanation for the chosen liassions.

  • + 2
 @ismasan: "since enduro is just about the downs".

"Go back to school son!" - pinkbike ews fans
  • + 4
 @ismasan: If enduro was only about the downs wouldn't it be a multi stage DH race? May as well just use uplift then and DH bikes while we are at it?

As I say, you are missing the point about what enduro is, the entire point of the competition is to time downhills and make riders put in the effort and miles to get to the top of stages, the transitions being picked specifically to test the rides endurance (you seeing where the name comes from now?) so making them as easy short as possible completely misses the point.
  • + 2
 @Racer951: I could be wrong about this, but aren't some enduros lift accessed? It is timed downhills, with local organisers free to set out their own rules regarding shuttling, practice etc?
  • + 1
 @Racer951: yeah, all you said Wink
  • + 1
 @jaame: I think on occasion they uplift certain stages of accessibility is poor or the transition just too nuts - like a 3hr climb in whistler or something but I think you are making an argument for arguments sake (as usual) - all riders would still get the same uplift, nobody getting an easier or faster route and uplifted stages are in the minority and if included are not to 'make it easier' on the rider.
  • + 2
 @Racer951: no I'm simply stating that Enduro is timed downhills. All the stages are downhill stages. There are no uphill stages. How the riders get to the start of said stages is a secondary concern, as long as they all get there by the same means.
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 So basically, they cocked up, went the wrong way and got a bit of a (metaphorical) beating for it.
Fair enough, just like a car rally. Barel was using a truck for uplift in 2013, that was a bit more than pedalling up the wrong road, but it's good that they've made the penalty system more flexible since.
  • + 48
 Was that the french line everyone is talking about? :-P
  • + 12
 I think Barel only shuttled to the start of the climb...
  • + 7
 I thought Barrel simply got a ride from Creekside to the main village.
  • + 1
 Yes it should be clear on the rules and bikers language what is an approximation to the foot of the mountain and what's shuteling. For me approximation is not shuteling and it should be allowed ifla the rules don't explicitly mention it.
  • + 7
 IIRC F Barel did not uplift as of actually going uphill. he just used transport to get him to bottom of the trail and then he pedalled up. 5 min for that is excessive
  • + 9
 the organization mentioned the points of access to start pedaling up hill during practice. People would leave the race village on their bikes , other shuttled from there to the start of the designated climb start.. stage 6 had the most horrible fireroad liason... all riders did it, and that shit drained most of us a big deal that day..
  • + 1
 @Lagr1980: are you talking about barel or latest race ?
  • + 1
 @trauty: latest.. practice was last friday
  • + 46
 They didn't pedal up the wrong road, they were shuttled by their mechanic/teammanager. It's not completely clear in the interview, maybe you should mention, that they actually used a car.
  • + 7
 that's pretty lame
  • + 47
 Sam hill tho
  • + 2
 sam hill is shit, fucking nooob
  • + 16
 Yeah well they shoulda thought twice before they did whatever it is they did!
  • + 9
 Chris Ball = laconic
  • + 4
 I had to google what that word meant
  • + 2
 @Rabbuit: Whoa... thanks for the warning. I'd better be careful; I might get banned. Razz Wink Glad I could enrich this comment section.
  • + 2
 is it tech Tuesday already?
  • + 1
Nah, keep it up, I come to PB comments to get more learns.
  • + 2
 @Rabbuit: Yeah, there's a lot of things that one can learn about on here... Book Wink Razz
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 Are there some news about doping penalties going around?
I haven't seen.

Remember how CG told what is going on with doping in EWS www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeLwPd4uPBc
I don't know if things got worse, but they didn't get better.
  • + 7
 jumping over the haybales was not outside the tape no?
  • + 11
 For me is the same as when F1 jumps on the pianos... is cool.
  • + 1
  • + 2
 Yeah, WTF. I would think jumping the bales during that street section would be a DSQ. The rules are thereto make if fair for everyone.
  • + 4
 @PauRexs: cutting turns in car racing is a penalty too. What they did was more like driving straight through an S-bend than using all the track. (Actually that's exactly what they did, they cut straight through an S-bend in the track)
  • + 10
 They were told that jumping haybales was not allowed. Both wheels were to pass to the side. The race was on live TV yet some still tried to get away with it
  • + 4
 Yikes. This could prove to be a costly mistake at the end of the season when the points are tallied up. Or maybe not the way Sam Hill is treating everyone.
  • + 3
 Shuttle Doping is ruining the sport, ban them strip their titles (if they have any) have them due a docudrama with Lance Armstrong about the perils of cheating in cycling.
  • + 2
 On a different subject. How come there has been no mention of PED testing? I thought they were going to implement some sort of testing protocol.
  • + 1
 If they where lifted in a car on practice day, then a penalty is fair. That is just like a couple of select guys at a DH race only having access to a chair lift when the rest have to push on practice day.
  • + 3
 Cheating is not nice since.... ever!!!
  • + 0
 José Borges the Portuguese rider recive a 5s penalty in stage 1, if he dont recive he wins that stage, but rules are rules
  • + 18
 In practice he jumped a meter to the inside of the haybails over the tape. Riders were told both tires had to go around. In the race he jumped the bails on live TV so there was no hiding. He earned it
  • - 11
flag mollow (Apr 2, 2018 at 19:58) (Below Threshold)
 @davetrumpore: WE're?
  • + 3
 @davetrumpore: but what a race!!! and live from Colombia, en Español!!! ... better than the freecaster days
  • + 1
 @davetrumpore: like I said, rules are made to be followed, in relation of José, I think we will see him in top ten more than one time this year... Any way thanks for your explanation Dave about José case Wink
  • - 2
 Penalty for pedalling up the wrong road by accident during training? And then calling it penalty for shuttling, when they were actually pedalling? -Sounds bonkers.
  • + 20
 Riders cutting tape "unknowingly" during a race and then getting a penalty for it? Sounds bonkers.
You see where i´m going with this?
One can always claim "accident" and "unintentional". As it stands it is a high profile sports event with money on the line and if you´re a professional athlete you better know beforehand what you´re supposed to do. If you fail to comply to the rules in any way that is absolutely your own fault and needs to be penalized no matter what to keep the integrity of the competition.
as for the wording, they call it shuttling, but what it basically equates to is "getting an advantage through shortening the pedal section". One way to do this is shuttling. Another is taking a wrong (shorter) route. The end result is the same. As long as the rules state they cannot take another route, which paragraph applies as reasoning is solely up to the organizer and race commitee. It doesn´t really matter anyway. They could have just caled it cheating in every single case and be done with it.
  • + 13
 They were actually shuttled by their mechanics/team manager.
  • + 18
 @carlchristian they were driven up a private road in a car
  • + 4
 Integrity is everything.
  • + 1
 @dualsuspensiondave: They should make a DHWS, where your drunk buddies have to race to the bottom of the stage in their Tacoma and shuttle you up to the next one, making as much of a racket as possible to piss off the neighbors. Velcro straps not allowed, so its a risk/reward how crazy they drive up.
  • - 1
 fair enough if they used a car, but in practice? really?
  • - 2
  • - 1
 ........(sigh) enduro
  • - 2
 double sigh,.................

classic enduro.

why do they even keep time/have results with enduro anyway?

its just one big gravity gran fondo...............its fun, participation is huge for pros and regular joes alike, its stimulates bike sales, blah, blah blah,.............

but is it really a race?
not really, its more like a weekend sport demo/festival/local tourism board extravaganza..........

its more about post ride beers and pretty pictures.....
  • + 0
 @stacykohut: Then why are you even here? Smile
  • + 2
 @ugez: pretty pictures
  • - 1
 @stacykohut: that is my point, I suppose: it’s not really a race.
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