Wilderness with Yannick Granieri - Video

Nov 6, 2017
by Thibault Menu  
Wilderness with Yannick Granieri

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Wilderness is a video regarding Yannick Granieri showing his passion for all various action sports. Michelin supports Yannick through his career as MTB Pro Rider and this clip was a really good opportunity to mix different sports with Michelin Tyres and Yannick with his toys!

Wilderness with Yannick Granieri

Wilderness with Yannick Granieri

Yannick enjoys doing different sports around his MTB Pro rider career, these extra activities contribute to preparing him for events and video projects with his current partners. Moreover, sharing these moments with friends out of competitions is important for him in order to take his mind off the competitions and pressure during the season.

Wilderness with Yannick Granieri

Wilderness with Yannick Granieri

It also puts you in conditions to push yourself by trying new tricks that have never been done before...

Wilderness with Yannick Granieri

Wilderness with Yannick Granieri

Director/Editor/Colorist : Thibault Menu
Produced by: ASI Media Events
Sound design: Lucas Bellomo / Thibault Menu
Additional athletes: Julien Dupont, Pauline Bechet Granieri, Jeremy Marechal, Thibault Figone, Lucas Padovani

Dark tension – Kyle Preston
American Hebrew instrumental – Davis Absolute
Witness – Oliver Michael
Groove on – Stefano Mastronardi

MENTIONS: @michelinofficial

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 Amazing vid and amazing life you're having Yannick! Super motivating. (Tailwhip to indie was sick)
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 Great vid, great spirit, great life. I really like his statement that he is not about winning.
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 YT is just killing it year round from WC DH to Rampage to this...
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 The life!
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 Earth first! we'll ride the other planets later....
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 Just a thought, but if you care what the public perception of MTB is, or is you concern yourself with trail access, perhaps it may not be best to call your MTB / Moto film WILDERNESS.

If the old hikers who make the laws think that WE think this is what wilderness means, then I think it's safe to say we have a long road to travel yet when it comes to gaining larger acceptance of MTB.
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 Unfortunately, the concept of wilderness in Europe and North America are two vastly different concepts. Europe killed off all of the large animals and a large number of forested areas many years ago. That's why when they come to NA, the concept of them even seeing a deer is monumental. Meanwhile in the PNW I have elk and deer wandering around our house like a herd of overbred rabbits, and bears coming down the mountain on garbage day like heffers at a Golden Corral. Wilderness to us means exposed to the elements, no safety net, and no civilization. To Europeans, it means they went outside.
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 @mtnbykr05: .....'Wilderness to us means exposed to the elements, no safety net, and no civilization. To Europeans, it means they went outside.....'

very good point!
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 @mtnbykr05: That's sounds harsh but it's true. The scarcity of wildlife in western EU should be a warning to all. Coincidentally, yesterday there was a video clip on sfgate.com of a mountain lion sauntering down the street in front of some billionaires (Benioff) house in Pac Heights (urban SF but somewhat near parks) - made me a little proud, actually.
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 how does a guys that doesn't really win comps gets all this? And I wonder how many times people have confused him for Andreu haha- they should get a shirt or a cap saying "I'm not Andeu! I'm Yannick!" and "I'm not Yannick! I'm Andreu!"
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 does he still compete at all? feel like i havent seen him in a major contest in a while
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 @adrennan: I know I haven’t seen him at a contest in a while!!!!!!!! Frown awesomely RAD video!!!!!! Smile Wink
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 hell of a tire commercial, but Wilderness? come on!
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 livin the life...enjoy it yannick
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 A good movie to keep motivation during the coming winter...
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 Burn your mtn bikes!!!!!! Buy a dirt bike.
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