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Nov 8, 2017
by Vernon Felton  
Jonas Johnson auction

A well-loved member of the cycling community, Jonas Johnson, passed away this year. Chris King—where Jonas worked for 12 years--is raising money to help Jonas’ family. You see, Jonas leaves behind a wife, two young kids and baby. Chris King, and a host of companies in our cycling community, are pitching in to try and help Jonas’ young family.

You can help out by entering to win this amazing bike and a bevy of very cool parts.

The entry fee is modest. The product on offer is stunning. And the cause is incredibly important. But you need to go to and enter by November 12th to bring home the loot.

Jonas Johnson Auction Harry s Hoard Chris King Santa Cruz Bicycles Enve Moots Fox Racing Foxhead Continental SDG

Given what you could bring home, you’ll want to do just that…

You can win a Jonas Johnson-Edition Santa Cruz 5010 decked out in the Chris King Matte Punch components and decaled-up to match. The bike is dripping with a full XTR group, Enve/Chris King wheelset, Enve stem and handlebar, Fox front and rear suspension and Transfer seatpost, Continental Mountain King tires and a SDG Shibuya saddle, the seat that Jonas also included in his own bike builds (for which he was kind of famous). In short, it’s an amazing bike and it could be yours.

Jonas Johnson Auction Harry s Hoard Chris King Santa Cruz Bicycles Enve Moots Fox Racing Foxhead Continental SDG

There are plenty of other cool prizes on offer, including a set of Oakley Jawbreaker glasses, Moots titanium stem and seatpost, and Fox Proframe helmet, Attack shorts and Indicator Moth long sleeve jersey. There’s also a trio of Oakley packs in the mix. Here's a link to more photos.

In short, there's a crazy amount of very cool stuff to bring home. Ten bucks gets you a ticket—50 bucks gets you ten of `em! But if you want to win, you need to enter as soon as possible--you've got till Sunday November 12th. Jump on it.

Check out the bike and parts—you’re going to want to.


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 As of the time I'm posting this, there are two comments in this section, both talking about how ugly the bike is. Really? That's your first reaction after reading this? First, it's an absolutely incredible bike -- more than anyone deserves for helping out with this cause. But more importantly, it's going to help the poor family -- a wife, two young kids and a baby who lost their husband and father. And you're talking about how ugly the bike is? Not how awful the situation is and how you can help, or how awesome it was for the companies involved to donate an unbelievable prize to help out this family... Which, by the way, speaks volumes to the kind of person Jonas must have been to want to help his family in this way. I'm not normally some huge bleeding heart, but damn, where is the humanity? Donate because you want to help, donate because you want to win the bike, or don't donate at all. But shut your trap talking about "ugly."
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flag pipomax (Nov 8, 2017 at 9:38) (Below Threshold)
 Be and let be.
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 @TheR thank you. Jonas was an incredible co-worker, friend, husband, and father, we miss him dearly.
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 Well said man. Thanks for that. Thanks to Chris King for being an amazing company and looking after its employees.
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flag speed10 (Nov 8, 2017 at 11:25) (Below Threshold)
 I 100% agree with your point, but I also support the 1st amendment and free speech. Just because you don’t agree, doesn’t mean anyone needs to shut their trap.

PS I’d be happy to own the bike and have donated. I wish the best to the family.
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 What are they thinking? That bike looks soooooo sexy
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 Yeah, when I read what it was for I stopped caring what the build was or even if I could win it.

It is a nice looking bike though, I can't believe people are complaining even if they hate pink. It's just a few decals guys, and some grips, $50 dollars and you'd get all new decals, $75 with grips
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I agree with you. Free speech is a crucially important part of a democracy.

However, that is a separate issue to knowing when, where and how to exercise that right, and when, where and how to choose to refrain from doing so.
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 @orientdave: As I said, I like the bike and think it's cool. I am really happy to donate and be a part with CK and these other great companies helping out this family in what must be an absolute terrible time. I'm not here to bash the cause. I like the bike. BUT If you are worried about immature, tactless people making comments, then the internet is not the place to be. A couple people said the bike looked bad because of the stark color choices. It doesn't spoil the sentiment of the fundraiser.
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I agree the internet can be a cess pit of immaturity and tactlessness.

Therefore we have a choice:

A) resign ourselves to it always being so and leave.
B) stay and make a concious effort to try to encourage everyone to bring more maturity and tact.

I for one am firmly on the side of B)
I take it from your responses you are more likely to be in the A) camp?

Have a good weekend. Enjoy the days.
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 All the best to te family and friends. Well done Chris King for supporting them too.
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 This 'll be my first entry for anything, ever. Its for real people in real tragedy. Not a vague fundraiser that you really have no idea where the money goes.
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 I only had the privilege to work with Jonas for a year, but he made a lasting impression as an amazing human, bike nerd extraordinaire, and friend to all. He is missed by so many, but none more than his family. Please do what you can to help!
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 Done and donated Hopefully all of us can reduce the emotional burden for the family with some solace in a more secure financial future for his wife and children. Major praises to CK and all the companies that stepped up for this family.
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 Thanks, @livlief, for helping out. Cheers--VF
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 Worked with Jonas for just about 4 years, Spent a week in downieville with him and honestly he's one of the reasons I started mountain biking. Kid always had a smile on his face and was happy to help with whatever he could I could go on and on. Miss you Jonas and I hope this helps the family. Miss you buddy.
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 Agreed. Well done. It speaks volumes of how this company is operated. Good luck to the family.
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 So heavy to hear. As a father it totally breaks my heart to know the impact on his family. All the love and support to his family and friends.
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 How lucky for him to have been working for such a generous company. Wish every kid or wife would benefit from a raffle like this, no matter if the men of the family died in a war or a horrible disease.
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 Got my 10 tickets. Just glad to help. Thoughts to those close to Jonas Johnson.
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 I'm sorry for the loss his family has experienced. I had a best friend die from a bike accident fairly recently too and he left behind a wife and 2 kids. My friend had life insurance, so money was one thing they did not have to worry about. Not trying to be a jerk, but if you are going to raise children, it is foolhardy not to have some reasonable amount of life insurance. Afterall, it's dirt cheap and makes a world of difference to those left behind.
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 You are so right. Term life insurance for young healthy people is so inexpensive but so valuable for a family. I think many young families just aren't aware of how spending about the cost of a tank of gas a month can protect the family in the event of a tragedy.
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 Bought my 20 tickets. Sending my heartfelt condolences to the family. It's good to see the industry stepping up.
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 wish i could afford to help more too! if id seen this drawing first i wouldn't have thrown so much money at the other three drawings... yeah im dreaming, but i want a new ride soooo badly. I know i have a very small chance of ever winning, but at least this is a really great cause. condolences to the family. so sorry we lost a great member of the oregon mtb community far too early.
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 Big warning in Google Chrome for the link (I tried from a Google search too). Given PB monitors these conversations for feedback hopefully they can let the author of the article know.
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 Strange - works on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari with no issues for me.
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 is it open to north america only? i don't see any mention re shipping overseas (or not)
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 This is worldwide. Smile
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 @Holstermx26: thanks - will get a ticket!
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 I am not able to make a donation using safari with PayPal. Can someone please email me at to try and sort this out? I tried the email on the site and my message was not accepted.
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 Same here. Hope they can sort it out because I'd like to chip in.

Edit: was able to get it done with Firefox.
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 @jhoward: Paypal is handling their transactions so any difficulty checking out should be sorted out with Paypal.
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 Awesome cause/bike. It’s great to see people step up and help out, it also feels good when you do it. Cheers
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 Sorry for the loss, that is really sad. I hope there are a million entries so that the family can never have to worry about money..
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 So many chances to win bikes lately and this one is for the best cause yet. Here's a $100 in best wishes to his family and the tiny hope that good luck will finally catch up with me.
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 Thanks, @dro-cfr. Very much appreciated.--VF
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 Does winning one thing preclude you from winning another? And which will be drawn for first? Going to buy tickets either way, just curious as I'd hate to end up with a backpack and miss out on the bike
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 ck is loving the 5010/solo. their olive limited run was also a 5010. hope they raise a lot of money.
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 What happened to Jonas? My condolances to the family
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 On July 2nd, 2017 Jonas Johnson lost his battle with Aplastic Anemia.
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 ugly, that bike looks freakin fantastic.
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 Done and done.
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 Bike looks awesome . Grabbed a ticket . Wish I could help out more .
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 Beautiful bike! If only it came in an X-Large Smile . My Condolences to his wife and children.
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 Good on you Chris King! Respect!
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 10 tickets bought
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 Thanks, @christiaan and everyone else out there who dug in deep to help Jonas' family out. It reminds me of why I like the riding community. Much appreciated.--Vernon
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 They should have those colors on a Juliana...
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