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Offering uncompromising performance, RUSH is the ultimate response to the demands of cycling and any sport combining endurance with speed. The perfectly vented lens has been designed to offer maximum lateral and vertical field of vision for an unobstructed view in every position. The Flex³ temple provides superb adjustment for total grip and comfort and is compatible with all types of helmet. Available with our REACTIV Photochromic lenses, RUSH is the perfect weapon to protect your eyes on days when you're at 100%.

$229.95 USD / 209.95 €

Learn more at

The winner of the Julbo Rush sunglasses is @ryderman. Congratulations @ryderman!


Contest Terms and Conditions

**March 18, 2020 at 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (“PST ”) to March 27, 2020 at 11:59 AM PST (the “Contest Period”)


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 Do they protect against corona?
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 Depends how hard the bottle was thrown at you.
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 @Fix-the-Spade: also full or empty
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 Love these glasses!
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 @C0yotekid: I liked the product before I got sponsored which is why I contacted Julbo to work with them. It's like when you say you like your wife... Normally you liked before dating her...
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 Curious about your feedback since you have experience and I've been shopping for riding shades lately.

I sweat like a guilty convict in front of a jury, any glasses I use with a lower rim catches the sweat, which mixes with dust, and blurs lower peripheral sight lines (i.e. the immediate trail). By looks alone, seems like these would do the same?

Similarly, is that window above the nosepiece hard to keep clean? it seems like the wiper patch on my jersey combined with a finger tip wouldn't be able to clear that trailside (or is it completely out of view while wearing the glasses?)

Scratch resistance? (again, sweaty, trailside wipe with grit and sand... quickly kills most lenses).

How quickly do the lenses transition?

Thanks Remy!
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 @robwhynot: I have some and love them. not this style though. Mine are rimless at the bottom. They transition from nearly clear to substantially dark, quickly. I sweat too, I take them off for climbs but i've been very surprised how well the anti-fog works. they frequently have discounts if you order from their site.

I loved my ryders too, but the temple was shorter on those and toasted a lens when they accidentally went thru the washing machine.. On the julbo, the temples are longer. so they do not hit the inside of the lens when folded.
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 @remymetailler: money changes everything!
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 @robwhynot: You might like the Ryders Roam with their Fyre lense. I kid you not, these are the best glasses I've ever worn, transition quickly, anti-fog that actually works and super comfy, I often forget I'm wearing them and awesome anti-scratch.

Specifically for you, the lower rim is remove-able. I'd recommend trying to keep it on at first, just for safety (less sliced cheeks during a crash)... but if you have the same issue, you can just remove it.
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 @dawnchairy: Does it though?
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 @robwhynot: Hey just saw that. The Rush glasses get rid of the sweat fog faster than my previous Smith ones, and better than the Fury ones (cheaper Julbo version). I have no issues so far with scratches. Use a clean and soft tissue. Rinse them with water before. Don't use your gloves!
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 Some people have 2-letter first names. Please consider removing the "at least 3 characters" for a first name. One letter for each should be sufficient. Thanks!
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 Exactly, i've officially changed my name to XT so people know i'm sturdy, reliable and reasonable priced.
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 @arrowheadrush We've edited that field so that you can use your real first and last names even if they're only two letters!
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 Who wouldn't want to Randy the Macho Man Savage down every trail?
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 Does first comment mean i win the glasses?
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 For sure!!! I mean, not sure if I'm the right guy to answer your question - but who cares. Enjoy your new glasses!
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 @pinhead907: Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!
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 Found an older pair of these on the trail while riding years ago. Thought they were some weird safety glasses. Had them sitting on my window sill one day and the sun hit them .... Lenses darkened ... I was. WTF. Been using them ever since. Would love a new pair.
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 actually I am currently treating some connective tissue inflammation on my right eye because I didn't wear glasses - I don't have glasses so this contest is great to sit this one out until I can ride again.
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 Can the winner choose the frame color? It's not mentioned in the terms.
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 So sick! I already have some carbon Tifosis but these things would make me the talk of the town. I have some Julbo glacier glasses that are dialed too.
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 So my name is TWO letters. Apparently it needs to be THREE letters to enter.
I lose by default. Thanks parents Frown

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 We've edited that field so that you can use your real first and last names even if they're only two letters!
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 Looks like a Trek Session
  • 23 2
 At this point you can just say Session... everyone will know which played out joke you're using.
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 Looks like a bicycle called a 'Session' produced by a Wisconsin based cycling company known as 'Trek'
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 Looks inferior to a Gambler ( @SCOTT-Sports you out there?)
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 We did ugly oversized eyewear in the late 80s early 90s in florescent colours AND oilslick!....why is all this ugly stuff back. Some " trends" should never come back. NEVER.... boomer out....
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 Gen X'r here agreeing with a boomer.
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 Kool Moe Dee disagrees. "You took my style, I'm takin' it back."
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 fanny packs and seat bags too man. I bought the goofy glasses as a joke but I like them. I didn't fanny pack in the 90's and I won't now. I prefer to have my water up higher than on my frame. Too much cow, horse and dog poo on the trails around here and its psychologically better to have the mouth piece up higher.
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 @MattyBoyR6: I've never tried the big, goofy glasses, but I think they might be practical for mountain biking -- better eye protection and all that without having to put goggles on. And I used to be a big fan of Kool Moe.
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 Julbo makes fantastic eyewear.
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 Ugly as sin but I love free
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 enter to win a pair of safety glasses made in wuhan
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 US and Canada only or around the globe?
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 This is a global contest - good luck!
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 Who is the weener?
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 Finishes in two more days.
*March 18, 2020 at 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time (“PST ”) to March 27, 2020 at 11:59 AM PST (the “Contest Period”)

Good luck to all who entered. I expect a full rundown from whomever wins.
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 I could really use these for the race season coming up!
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 do you have to post a comment to be entered?
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 Best part?
The name ryder is a different Eyewear company ????
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