Course Preview Videos & Details: Windrock Tennessee National Pro GRT & EWS Qualifier

Jan 31, 2019
by Daniel Sapp  

Winter is still in full swing for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, but the time is growing close for the first big event of the season, the Tennessee National Pro GRT DH and EWS qualifier races at Windrock Bike Park in Eastern Tennessee. Registration is now open and we have the course preview and all of the details below.

Windrock Bike Park will host the Tennessee National March 6-10. It is the opening round of the Pro Gravity Tour National Downhill Series (UCI C1) and there is also EWS Qualifier. Additionally, there will be a Best Whip Contest in the newly constructed "Red Bull Ravine" and a kids' downhill race. Windrock has partnered with the US Open of Mountain Biking event team to bring a compete weekend of events, run in a similar structure to the US Open.

The Tennessee National is designed to be a high level, early season race that riders can use to test and prepare for the season ahead. Hosting this event in March makes it the first big race on the international calendar of the season and it avoids conflict with other events on the busy summer schedule. The year-round riding at Windrock Bike Park makes it the perfect location for such an event.

Sean Leader and the Windrock Bike Park crew have been busy preparing the courses for this year’s events. An early version of this year’s downhill race course on Windrock’s “Middle Finger” trail can be previewed in the videos below. The course is now closed until practice begins. It will undergo minor changes and tweaks to suit Windrock’s vision for current downhill courses and to offer the best possible experience for racers. Spectators are welcome and the pits, parking lot and finish area are free to view. Passes to access the course and mountain are $10 for the weekend.

In addition to the world-class venue, the list of riders who will be attending is strong and growing. Confirmed riders for the event include:

Troy Brosnan - Australia
Loris Vergier- France
Luca Shaw - USA
Mark Wallace - Canada
Neko Mulally - USA
Dakotah Norton - USA
Charlie Harrison - USA
Isaac Levinson - Norway
Reece Wilson - Scotland
Magnus Manson - Canada
Mitch Ropelato - USA
Jure Zebjek - Slovenia
Kye A’hern - Australia
Henry Fitzgerald - Canada
Elliott Jamieson - Canada
Vali Holl - Austria
Miranda Miller - Canada
Frida Ronning - Norway
Caroline Washam- USA

Adrien Dailly - France
Yoann Barelli - France
And more to be determined...

Registration is now open starting at $70 for amateurs and $100 for pros, plus lift tickets (discounted for racers)

The full event schedule can be found here.

Best Whip:

Event sponsors include:
Industry Nine
Worldwide Cyclery
Explore Oak Ridge
Adventure Anderson County

With the current riders confirmed and rumors of several others we've heard, it looks and sounds like the Eastern United States may be well on its way to informally hosting the start of the World Cup DH season and with finals in Snowshoe WV, things are looking good for gravity racing in America.

Videos: Jack Berg


  • + 52
 AARON GWIN!!! GET YER ASS DOWN TO TENNESSEE AND SHOW YOUR TEAMMATE SOME LOVE!!!!! Side Note - Thanks to all the dudes that have been working their asses off to continually transform Windrock ! So dope to be able to ride and train on some of the best tracks in the country.
  • + 4
 Word to the side note....
  • + 6
 I hope Cathro or WynTV makes it there. I kinda miss those guys.
  • + 24
 I wonder if they'll let me sign up to ride in the kids dh race. I'd win for sure
  • + 11
 It’s way more fun to sign up for the pro class and try to not die ????
  • + 15
 Like Kramer, dominating at the dojo...
  • + 27
 You've obviously never been there and seen how these little groms ride
  • + 1
 Nothing better than a struggling sandbagger. Pure Schadenfreude
  • + 3
 Neko looking smooth on that new whip.
  • + 4
 @Cbc4447: agreed I would always rather finish last with the pros than first in a village idiot race
  • + 5
 kids that race over there are not like any other type of grom you'll ever meet
  • + 11
 Neko still can't convince Gwin to race at his personal bike park?
  • + 6
 It's so awesome to see what Neko is doing. I had the privilege of riding in Reading, PA years ago. After a full day of practice for the Duryea Downhill he went back up and worked on the track. He is really continuing the tradition of building. riding, and racing that he was raised with there as part of the Reading Racing crew. Props to all of them.
  • + 5
 So I take is SRAM is doing their team camps at Windrock? If so, I am surprised the rest of the Commencal team is not coming over.
  • + 7
 These are just a few of the riders confirmed...there will be more. Rumor is the whole team will be there.
  • + 3
 Sram camp is the week leading up to the race and it will be at windrock
  • + 6
 I think I'll rotate my brake levers up a little for this one. Steep steep and did I say steep
  • + 12
 This place amazes me. Steepest steeps I've ever steeped.
  • - 2
 @wmelton14: yep, everyone knows that TN is known for tall steep mountains, hahahahahahah, not! all 800 feet of vert
  • + 3
 @bobosan: Yeah all these idiots who have ridden and raced all over must have it wrong.
  • + 1
 @bobosan: come ride it Wink
  • + 4
 Come back Danny! Awesome to see what Sean, Neko, and crew have created in these hills.
  • + 4
 Here's to better weather than last year! Can't wait!
  • + 6
 But now it's tradition to try and slide down the mountain 12 beers deep.
  • + 1
 @honda50r: I think Wes and I won that competition last year!
  • + 1
 @honda50r: Been there done that!
  • + 1
 Gotta Love Windrock! Year round riding on some of the steepest, gnarliest DH trails anywhere and it just gets better and better every year! If you have not been, you are missing out! Built by riders for riders, #RidetheRock
  • + 2
 that sure looks like some sticky mud for sure! i bet that place a mission once its rained heavy?
  • + 2
 Muddy waterslide
  • + 2
 Mission is an understatement. The clay down south turns to playdough
  • + 2
 Windrock is actually gritty so the old DH trails stay firm. But all those berms they've been building and the man made stuff gets turdy real quick.
  • + 1
 @bizutch: True, you just have to stay out of the ruts and not go as fast.
  • + 1
 Bring WC DH to America outside of Windham! As a note: nothing wrong with Whindam, just a change of scenery would be nice. Whindam is still awesome!
  • + 5
 Snowshoe, WV USA 2019 Finals.........
  • + 2
 That’s a stacked start list! Can’t wait!
  • + 1
 Gutted we are not coming to Windrock this year Nico. Hope its a good race :-)
  • + 2
 Wait, I thought the best place for mountain biking was the PNW . . . .
  • + 2
 Never was, nothing to see here!
  • + 7
 It rains all time in the PNW and the trails are uphill both ways Frown
  • + 1
 Middle Finger and the step down are closed for a month?
  • + 1
 So sick. That whole park looks like a blast.
  • - 1
 There must be a reason both of those previews were so slow. Compared to Lois anc Lucas pov from last year that was snails pace.
  • + 4
 winter conditions vs race day conditions ..
  • + 1
 No Greg?? Weird to see only 2 of the syndicate boys there
  • + 2
 @norcorider121: I wouldn't leave Summer either.
  • + 3
 If kiwi Wyn can go full masochist with some Belgian CX, no one can hide anymore.
  • + 1
 It's probably not a complete line up.
  • + 0
 @BenPea: We all know he only did it for the beer...
  • + 0
 @Deuce-DeuceAndAHalf: yep, and that's how they came up with CX in the first place. I just had an Afligem and I'm getting the urge to head out into the gale on anything with two wheels...
  • + 2
 Already getting nervous
  • + 1
 Get Seth down it as course sweeper. Don't nail yourself again though bud.
  • - 1
 RIP port angeles underworld cup.

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