Winner of the Enve Wheelset from the EWS Colombia Fantasy Contest Announced

Apr 4, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

Colombia will go down in the history books as the most unique Enduro World Series race to date, with an opening stage that raced through the downtown streets of Manizales, followed by six stages in a single day amongst the dense rainforest high above the town. The tropical climate of Manizales lived up to its reputation with regular downpours throughout practice and racing, a stark contrast to Round 1's thick dust.

And while the conditions couldn't have been more different, the outcome was the same with wild, wild racing and wins from both Sam Hill and Cecile Ravanel. If you haven't watched it yet, it's definitely worth checking out the Official Highlights Video.

While many people guessed the women's podium correctly, only two dozen also guessed the top two men, Sam Hill and hometown hero Marcelo Gutierrez, and no one guessed that Damien Oton would round out the podium in third. @bert67 won the draw after his ever-so-close prediction and will take home the Enve wheelset. See you all in France for Round #3!

What He Won
Enve Composites is going to give the lucky winner a set of their M730 Wheelset.

ENVE Components M730 Wheelset

M370 Wheelset
This wheelset is the future of gravity riding and racing. Ride optimized, incredibly strong and debuting the most effective and lightest anti-flat system on the market, (Enve’s patent-pending Protective Rim Strip). These wheels will give downhill oriented riders a new freedom to set their tire pressure for cornering and rock garden stability without sacrificing their confidence to smash track speeds without compromise.

• Valued at $2900.00 USD

MENTIONS: @EnduroWorldSeries @ENVE


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 Third place in the Mens is the hardest pick - it's basically a complete gamble as literally any rider can take that spot!

Congrats @bert67!
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 gotta laugh at the folks upset that a guy already with support from a carbon wheel maker wins a guessing game to get prize of another manufacturers wheels. get over yerselves. 1. what level of support do you know he has. paid rider? free equipment? heavily discounted equipment? slightly discounted equipment? pack of stickers every month?

and 2. would you be as up in arms if the prize was money...... imagine the shock and horror, "man with job that pays money, also wins money in a guessing game, should never be allowed.!!!!!!!! " at its most basic its a favourable comparsion, yes/no?

well done @bert67 well done for your educated guess getting you the prize everyone wanted, and well done for working hard on your bike skills and personality enough that a fair few brands thought you could be an asset to them if they supported you. kudos to the man
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 It was the luck of the draw that got him the wheels, but yes, his guess did get him into the drawing in the first place.
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 And for the 2nd question: Whether it's rich guy wins more money or sponsored guy wins more products, yeah, people will probably feel the same anyway. It's the perception of, I need it more than he does... I,e. He already has plenty of stuff like this, and plenty of other people don't, life's unfair, etc etc etc. It's nothing personal. That's the way life is... Life's not fair, to use the cliche. Am I slightly ENVEous? Yes. Do I have anything against this guy? No. It was luck of the draw anyway. Congratulations @bert67!
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 Congrats! those are some rad wheels!
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 So bummed I didn't win this one. In all fairness, I didn't even enter but I am still bummed
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 I'm very envious but I guess we gotta just keep rolling on.
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 As a fellow contestant and potential winner in the drawing, a heartfelt (though slightly begrudging Wink ) congratulations to @bert67!
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 Ummmm, You spelled my name wrong
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 I just needed Gutierrez in 2nd. I had Sam to win, as he is incredible when it's loose and Oton is the smoothest in clips in the mud I reckon.
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 Dang so close lol, put Maes instead of Oton. Might have been different if Maes didn't get injured. Congrats!
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 Hey @pinkbike speaking of winners why are the last 3 prizes of the calendar giveaway still blank?
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 Scratch that, just found the listing of all the winners.
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 Congrats to @bert67 - nice to see a legitimate PB member win. I do hope that these don’t end up in the classifieds given your sponsorship from Nobl though...
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 What do you see as the problem with selling them in the classifieds?
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 I'm mostly legitimate and I won the xmas enve wheels.. and they are oh so awesome!
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 @tincancharlie: sell the ws and buy some hot wife
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 Well done
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 So jealous.
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flag Santamtnbiker (Apr 4, 2018 at 10:07) (Below Threshold)
 @speed10: Same difference.
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