Winners of the Yeti Prize Packs from the EWS Chile Fantasy Contest Announced

Mar 26, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

With a brand new stop for the Enduro World Series in 2018, it was anyone's guess as to who the track would favour. No one was able to guess that Sam Hill, Martin Maes and Robin Wallner would form the men's podium, but @MTBCO719 was the close with the top 2. He'll take home the Yeti Men's Riding Kit. Many more people correctly guessed that Cecile Ravanel, Isabeau Cordurier, and Katy Winton would form the top 3 in the women's race, but @cool3 came away with the Women's Riding Kit in the draw.

Stay tuned for the next EWS contest ahead of the Manizales, Colombia stop later today!

What They Won

Yeti is going to deck out the two lucky winners in their riding apparel.

Men's Riding Kit

Men's Yeti Enduro Kit
•  Enduro Team Replica Jersey Signed by Richie Rude and team: $80 USD
•  Enduro Shorts: $120 USD
•  Enduro Bibs: $110 USD
•  Enduro gloves: $30 USD
•  Yeti Branded Backcountry Research Mütherload strap: $20 USD
•  Yeti Race Team Hat, T-Shirt, and Sweatshirt
•  Prize Total: $360 USD

Enduro Jersey
Limited release Team Issue Replica Jersey are known to sell out. The same Enduro Jersey cut and style worn by our Yeti Fox Factory Team riders, this jersey is ready for a day on the Enduro track or an epic day of riding. The 3/4 length sleeves offer superior sun and crash protection and the lightweight, wicking fabric helps keep you cool and comfortable all day.

Enduro Shorts
Heavily tested by the Yeti World Cup team, the Enduro Short gives the utmost in performance from all fronts- fit, function and look. The fabric is durable, yet so light that you won't give these shorts a second thought. New this year we added another pocket on the leg to stash a tool or snack. The back pocket still fits your smartphone. The race cut design makes any rider look and feel like a world-class racer on the trail. Pair with the Enduro Bib for long days on the bike.

Enduro Bib
Yeti staff and world-class racers have put a lot of test miles and effort this year into re-designing the top-of-the-line Enduro Bib to cover all your bases. We changed the pockets slightly to hold your water bottle in place and reduce movement while you ride. The entire back panel and straps are made of mesh to increase breathability and wick sweat more efficiently. We made all the pockets easier to access to ensure tools, snacks, and hydration are all within reach. The Enduro Bib still includes a sweat-resistant zipper pocket for your media device. Wear these under your favorite Yeti shorts and jersey for the perfect ride kit. We take no responsibility for your actions if you decide to wear this piece solo.

Enduro Gloves
For the mountain biker who loves a super lightweight and breathable glove. The Enduro Glove uses quality construction and a barely-there feel to give you the handlebar traction you need on the enduro track or your local lunch ride.

Backcountry Research Mütherload Strap
The NEW Mutherload maximizes all the benefits of our dual-shockcord retention system with the versatility and adjustability to mount what you want, where you want it, anywhere on your frame. This strap will flat out stick like "poo to shoe" over the most demanding XC/Enduro race courses and trails anywhere. Not available for sale, Yeti branded.

Women's Riding Kit

Women's Yeti Riding Kit
•  Women's Enduro Jersey: $80 USD
•  Women's Enduro Shorts: $120 USD
•  Ruby Chamois: $60 USD
•  Yeti Race Team Hat, T-Shirt, and Sweatshirt
•  Prize Total: $260 USD

Women's Enduro Jersey
Whether heading out for a race or just an epic day of riding, the Enduro 3/4 Sleeve Jersey is essential to your kit. The 3/4 length sleeves offer great protection on the Enduro track or hot sunny days. New this year, we added Polygiene anti-stink technology to the lightweight, wicking fabric. The Polygiene keeps this jersey stink free without washing. Yup, we tested it. And DriRelease, open-knit fabrics help keep you cool and comfortable for long stints in the saddle. A slim, yet comfortable fit ensures you can focus on what's important- getting on that podium!

Women's Enduro Short
Tested by our Pro Women Enduro Racers, the Women's Enduro Race Short gives the utmost in performance from all fronts- fit, function and look. The fabric is durable, yet extremely lightweight, making these shorts the go-to choice on hot summer days and the enduro track. The race cut design makes any rider look and feel like a world-class racer on the trail.

Ruby Chamois
With a dialed-in fit, lightweight, and breathable fabric to increase comfort when worn under baggies, an exceptionally high-quality Italian chamois that was custom-made based on our women riders' feedback, and style cues from the yoga world such as the comfortable, wide Lycra waistband, this liner short is simply unparalleled in the market.

MENTIONS: @yeticycles / @EnduroWorldSeries


  • + 17
 But the person that won the women's kit is a dude....sooooo. Wouldn't it make more sense to pick a woman to win the women's kit, assuming there was at least 1 woman that picked the right order? Just a thought.
  • + 13
 i'm transitioning if anyone wants to send me that women's kit. donk gonna look on fleek...
  • + 2
 Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Like, hes probably stoked that he won, but like, that sucks haha
  • + 5
 @chillrider199: Now he's got to find his MTB Cinderella
  • + 3
 I know a dude that rides around the same trails as me who has a Beti, perhaps he'd appreciate the kit! I think he genuinely doesn't know..,or doesn't care.
  • + 2
 Thanks Yeti and Pinkbike! Stoked to get some new riding gear! Most of my current riding gear has a fowl stench that rear's it ugly head everytime I ride. Looking forward to a fresh kit...although probably short lived. My wife immediately hit me up to see if she could get in on the action. It certainly made the conversation easier that it was a mens only kit. Thanks Yeti!
  • + 3
 hmmmmm yeah Id bet a fowl stench is way worse than a foul stench. unless youre talking about fried chicken, then id take the fowl stench over foul any day.
  • + 3
 I like the gloves, but more importantly....hasn't it been a while since Yeti dropped a new bike on us? Let's make something happen, come on!
  • + 1
 It’s 2018, we won’t judge if the guy wants to wear a woman’s kit on the trail! Anyway, IBIS bike is designed by a woman to fit a man!
  • + 1
 Yeah but that fugly yeti teal
  • - 1
 I guessed all the women in order and the top two men too, while MTBCO719 guessed only the top two men. Strange :/
  • + 8
 Its almost like you didnt read the rules or dont understand drawings
  • + 2
 Quite a few people guessed the top two men correctly. I think it's just quite a poorly written article. "but @MTBCO719 was the close with the top 2", that line doesn't really make a lot of sense.
I'm guessing that there was a draw for the men's kit prize too. Although it's not really stated.
Anyway, it's just a bit of fun. No harm done.
  • + 1
 @Pedal-Bin: Exactly my thoughts
  • + 0
 Why is the female kit 100 dollars less

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