Finals Run: Greg Minnaar Flies Down the Lenzerheide Track

Jul 4, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  

So who won in Lenzerheide? Catch all the results here


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 His type of course is apparently any type of course at the moment....
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 its all a conspiracy the livestream went down as Gwin left the gate his forks fell off so he flew down on the back wheel destroying everyones time but he was sent back to do another run because the run was to cool for the UCI but he couldnt go fast because his bike was fully working on the second run only the people who seen it with there own eyes will know what really happened
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flag amanjzamani (Jul 5, 2015 at 1:02) (Below Threshold)
 what do you mean by destroying everyone's time??
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 'Murica is still in denial over their infallible hero eh?
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 Ever read a US History textbook written before 2000? We really like our infallible heroes!
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 Guys who look fast, usually push the edge of their ability at crazy speeds - they look loose and wild - fast as hell. But Greg rides those speeds in total control and it gives him the appearance of not hauling ass like some others, when in fact he's kicking ass all over the track. It's just a matter of throwing down the perfect run.
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 I think we saw a case in point with Connor Fearon. :/
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 Yeah, but he doesnt just look fast.
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 RedbullTV has the complete runs we've missed on the replay.
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 Loic was very close, the mistake at the end cost him. I think he needs to relax.
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 Zero mistakes....thats the formula.
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 Greg reminds me of watching Jim Clark or Jorge Lorenzo racing, there is so little drama that when the camera pans with him he looks like he's barely moving. Then the clock stops and everyone's jaw drops.
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 It is the same that used to happen when watching Nico years ago......he didnt look so fast or spectacular but te time was faster. 11 years ago Gregg raced in our national finals and signed a t shirt for my to be born boy and yesterday he put his t shirt on and showed to all of his friends with a big smile. Thanks Gregg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 @Fix-the-Spade I have said before that both He and Gwin are so smooth that they remind me of Lorenzo. Its one thing to be smooth on a flat tarmac racetrack, but being that smooth on a world cup DH track......these guys are sofaking fast!
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 I raced my first world championship in Cateau de oex in Switzerland in 97 and three most smooth riders I have ever seen were Peat, Nico Vouilloz and Palmer. Looking fast is not always going fast and yes, Lorenzo is very good. Cheers
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 That was perfection.
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 How did we get through an entire WC DH and not one single Lord Warner "Look at the time!".
You've changed, bro.
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 Claudio said it and Warner was all "hey, that's my line".
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 Smoother than smooth
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 yup smoother than a gravy sandwich
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 Smooth is fast is Minnaar.
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 I said to my friend while watching live his style looks boring, but it is in fact so impressive. Earlier this week I remember reading he said he didn't like the track and he goes and smashes it. So impressive from the big souttth affriikaaaan.
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 Minaarguably the smoothest World Cup run ever made! Makes me feel good that a man of my age bracket still has it...and tons of it!
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 Big props to Greg! He is one of the most amazing riders ever to compete in the world cup for sure. He made that course look easy
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 Just as with auto racing, the fastest guys are very smooth and it looks like they are going slow. Amazing how easy he makes it look.
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 So composed just looked like he was cruisin down
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 Quoted as saying he hated the course earlier in the week....
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 Would love to see a bike check, apparantley he's using a super extended XXL frame with a custom rear end. Wonder if this was an advantage on this crazy high speed track
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 Thats actually the first bike ive seen him on that looks like it fits him
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 Damn that chick that manages Syndicate seems annoying. Always loud and running around with that camera....
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 Like tahnee too.
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 Im no expert, but it seems the fastest times carry the most speed through the entire course...
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 When Claudio said at the beginning of the broadcast that this wasn't Greg's type of track, I was hoping that he was wrong. Never count a good man out.
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 Claudio was bagging Brosnan for being too smooth and not hanging it out enough but changed his tune when Minaar was coming down suddenly smooth was good?
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 Do Minnaar and Bryceland get along? You hardly ever see the two congratulating each other like Peaty/Minnaar and Peaty/Rat
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 Not everyone can understand the rat like peaty does.
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 the rat came up to greg after his run and they both embraced....the syndicate team with Kathy are a tight unit
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 South Africa's greatest sport star in recent years!!! Yet most of SA has no idea about this sport! We need exposure down here!
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 Butter riding on greased quicksilver ...
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 Mantequilla. The man's a genuine hero
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 Beautiful run. Could tell the track's sketch but he freaking owned it.
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 Minnaar is the new smooth....
-That was so smooth, it was almost...
-No, better!
-Yeah-that's it!
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 Why the f*ck does Pinkbike post this shit before the replay is available? Even without "winner" in the title we know that's why this gets posted. They're not going to replay the guy in 15th...
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 Dear Pinkbike:

Please stop posting spoilers before the replay has been around for a while. Maybe make a title like: "WC mens' winning run" or something similar. Leave the winner's name out of the title. It's hard to find the replay lately without diving into a sea of spoilers.

Angry gnome
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 Is he good or what eh???? This man!!!!
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 Congrats to Greg on the win. Nice addition to his resume.
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 The man
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 Props to Red Bull for this pretty cool stop motion video.
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 Unbelievably smooth... You have to watch the rest to realize how sick his run was. Smile
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 I said he will win! santacruz and specialized always win alternately since last year! haha
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 Good for him ! Smooth as silk
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 Well done Greg, making us here in SA proud.
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 All class...!! That is all..
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 Nice one Greg !
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 He's the man.
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