Video: Melt The Winter Blues With Neil Donoghue, Tim Ponting and Mojo Suspension

May 14, 2014
by Film This Tyler  
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 Sixtapod To WillyWaver puts the biggest smile on your face ! Two of the most "fun" trails at BPW for sure....

Nice to see the Pro Line being used at the end too ... There are huge !
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 I was there last weekend. The trails are insane! Simply the best I've riding. So much flow and speed, you just want to go again and again.
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 Regardless if its been raining and is windy as hell, BPW really helps build up the self confidence as a rider and you can't help but have the biggest grin on the planet after a couple of days riding there Big Grin .
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 Well at least now i dont feel so bad about neil donoghue thrashing me in my last race :p nice riding and cant wait to get myself down to bikepark wales this summer! Big Grin
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 you will love it... try sixtapod though even though it is a blue it is really flowy
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 Sounds good mate, enter the dragon is on the list too!
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 Enter the dragon is the only trail worth riding imo. Everything else is far too groomed. BPW is wasted potential if you ask me.
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 dai hard? Half cut? rock 'n' roll? deep navigation? zut' alors? any of the lower section black trails? Sounds like you barely scratched the surface of natural trails mate! For a high traffic bike park they have been pretty brave to make it as natural as they have.
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 I rode all the lower "black sections". Wasnt impressed. This is my opinion....
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 Each to their own, try half cut, rock n roll and dai hard if you are looking for more natural trails, and the two blacks that head down to the cafe. All are super fun and far from groomed!
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 Meh. If im down in wales again ill be hitting up llangollen, moelfre or any of the private tracks.
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 I'm glad to see theres some one else that is not fully impressed with BPW, don't get me wrong it is still a fun place to ride but for me there seams to me a lot of sections that have been rushed and not fully finished. Ridding through a building site spings to mind. I've riden the blues and red mostly as i'm more of a trail rider but have ridden the blacks to see what there like. Give me llandegla b line all day long over BPW.
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 he's the only one not on a Mavic WTS? Is it really that good, or is there some sort of conspiracy going on?
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 Bpw is great
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 Mom jeans

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