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Check Out: Women's Winter Apparel Edition - A Fat Biking Suit, Windproof Gloves & More

Dec 20, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

We take a look at some unique women's apparel coming to you this season from Gore, Peppermint, Velocio, lululemon, and Pearl Izumi. Whether you spend the winter months in the snow, mud, an indoor trainer, or riding to the pub, we have an outfit for you so you don't have to spend the cold months hibernating.

Activity #1: Fat Biking - Snowy & Cold

Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding

Chalet Hybrid Jacket
• Stretch panels
• Antimicrobial & wicking
• Two zippered front pockets
• Comes in black
• Primaloft Thermoplume insulation
• $150.94 USD

Chalet Hybrid Pants
• Stretch panels
• Antimicrobial & wicking
• Two front pockets
• Comes in black
• Primaloft Thermoplume insulation
• $135.85 USD

Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Down riding kit with wicking in the right areas.
Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Ready for Quebec winters with Primaloft Thermoplume insulation.

Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
One of ten ways you can wear this garment.
Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Polartec Power Grid insulation to protect against the cold.

Flag Multifunctional Band
• Slim Fit (~17 inches)
• Seamless garment
• Breathable
• Multifunctional (more than 10 ways to wear it!)
• 4 different patterns
• $26.42 USD
Gore M Women Thermo Shirt
• Full length zip with underflap
• Front chest pocket with zip
• Double layer cuff and hem for durability
• Warm active Polartec Power Grid insulation
• 3 colors
• $149.99 USD

bigquotesEstablished in 2015, Peppermint is a relatively new player in the women's cycling apparel market. Based in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, and owned by the same parent company as Canadian outerwear brand Orage, the foray into fat bike apparel this year makes sense. The Peppermint Chalet Hybrid collection looks perfect for people who live in cold climates and want to spend the winter on fat tires. The stretch fabric on the back of the jacket combined with the insulated front panel makes it super cozy and comfortable, and it should also mean that you're less likely to overheat when you're climbing.

If you're more worried about being cold than overheating, Gore's Women's Thermo Shirt with its high collar and low-bulk gridded insulation would be a great base layer to combine with the Peppermint Chalet jacket. The soft, brushed inner and an underflap on the zip mean it's comfortable enough to wear on its own on warmer rides, or with another layer underneath when temperatures drop. Having fun and staying warm in winter weather is all about layering!

The elastic waistband on Peppermint's Chalet Hybrid collection pants means you can eat as much as you want during the holidays and they'll still fit when the time comes to burn off the extra energy. Jokes aside, they are comfortable and insulated in all the right places without adding too much bulk. In sloppy conditions, they are still thin enough that you could wear them under a waterproof pant.

You can never have too many hats, gloves or neckwarmers. Peppermint's super colourful and comfortable multifunctional band is bound to brighten up any winter outfit you pull together and make you think of warm climates when the temperature dips below freezing. It's also super versatile and can be worn as a neckwarmer, a hat, a headband and more.

Activity #2: Riding in Pacific Northwest Winter - Rainy & Muddy

Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Staying dry to stay warm.

Gore C7 Women Gore-Tex Shakedry Viz Jacket
• Waterproof
• Back zipped stow pocket
• Visibility paneling
• Use with backpack not recommended
• 3.9 ounces, 3 colours
• $279.99 USD
• Gore-Tex membrane with Shakedry technology

Gore C5 Women Gore-Tex Active Trail Pants
• Waterproof
• Small inside key pocket on waistband
• Wear-resistant seat reinforcement
• 6.3 ounces
• 3 colours
• $199.99 USD
• Gore-Tex Active fabric

Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Gore's super thin windproof gloves.
Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Ample dexterity for opening pockets.

Women's Merino 210 Long Sleeve
• Slim-casual fit
• Longer rear hem and set-in sleeve for on-bike fit
• Ultrafine Merino brushed interior
• 79% Polyester / 18% Merino Wool / 3% Elastane
• Comes in Heather Charcoal
• $110 USD
Gore M Windstopper Gloves
• Water-resistant
• Medium thermal protection, totally windproof
• Optimized for gloves-on use with touchscreen devices
• 2 colours
• $54.99 USD

Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
The Velocio Merino 210 Long Sleeve and another way to wear the Peppermint Buff.
Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Don't wear a backpack to keep the Gore Shakedry jacket beading.

bigquotesFor winter riding in the Pacific Northwest, you have to stay dry to stay warm. The naming conventions of the Gore products might be a bit convoluted, but the products get straight to the point with simple, well thought out designs. The Shakedry Viz Jacket and Active Trail Pants fit well and are a great waterproof combination if you want to venture out in the rain. Perhaps the only downside of the jacket is that because it's made of a superlight Gore-tex membrane, you can't wear a backpack with it. That being said, that membrane means it's only 3.9 ounces, so if you're riding without a pack and it looks like it might rain it's a great jacket to stuff in a bib pocket. Better safe than sorry I say!

The Velocio Merino 210 Long Sleeve layered under the Gore jacket may be my favourite piece in this entire Check Out. It's a soft, cozy and versatile piece that's suitable for riding, skiing, hiking or snowshoeing. It's become a go-to piece in a very short time.

When the Gore M Windstopper gloves first arrived, I scoffed at their thin fabric and simple design. They might be great for holding onto your handlebar, but I doubted they would keep my hands warm. My hands are always cold. However, even though they don't have any insulation, they cut the wind entirely and are therefore able to keep my hands warm to almost 0 degrees C / 32 degrees F if I'm not stopping. I hadn't realized how big of a part the wind was playing in cooling down my hands, and wearing these Windstopper gloves was an eye-opener.

Activity #3: Indoor Trainer - Creating your own microclimate

Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
A third way to wear that Peppermint Buff.

Pearl Izumi Women's Wander Crop
• Soft, high-stretch double-knit fabric
• Flow-Free wide waistband
• Rear internal waist band pocket
• Side stretch triangle pockets
• Dark denim/navy
• $75 USD
lululemon Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew
• Sweat-wicking
• Engineered mesh is strategically placed in high sweat areas
• Silverescent technology, powered by X-Static
• Endless number of colours
• $68 CDN

Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Clever pockets make these a lot more versatile than your cycling shorts.
Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Spinning specific shoes. No embarrassing (and dangerous!) slips getting off the bike.

Pearl Izumi Vesta Studio
• Single strap for easy on/off
• Mesh forefoot for breathability and comfort
• 2-bolt SPD cleat compatible
• Easy to walk recessed-cleat design
• Sizes 26-43, 3 colors
• $125 USD
Velocio Grid Dot Signature Wool Sock
• Ultrafine Merino is incredibly soft, moisture-wicking and thermo-regulating
• Lightweight for three-season comfort
• Crosshatch knit arch band keeps sock in place
• 16-20cm cuff based on size
• $18 USD

Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Velocio Grid Dot Signature Wool Sock
Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Lighter mesh in high sweat areas.

bigquotesNot a fan of going outdoors in the winter? With Zwift, TrainerRoad, and indoor cycling classes, you can make the transition to riding in the spring a whole lot easier.

This lululemon shirt with its Silverescent fabric technology is a great choice for indoor cycling because of its sweat-wicking abilities and because it's designed to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria, which means you'll smell fresh. I usually wear regular cycling shorts for indoor cycling, but Pearl Izumi's Wander Crop tight is a great option if you plan to work out in the gym before and want a less conspicuous outfit.

Pair this outfit with some spinning-specific shoes (yes, they exist!) and Velocio's super comfortable wool socks and no one will know what activity you've just done when you stop for coffee afterward. You're also a whole lot safer wearing these grippy shoes than you are wearing road shoes indoors...

Activity #4: Riding to the Pub - Warm & Fashionable

Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Maybe I rode here, maybe I didn't.

Women's Recon Snap Jacket
• Polartec’s Alpha Direct insulation
• Pertex Quantum Air shell: windproof, water resistant, stretch
• Two large zippered pockets
• Casual/Trail cut for comfort on and off the bike
• Dark olive
• $267 USD
Women's Rove Long-Sleeve Shirt
• Brushed polyester woven twill with wicking performance
• Two open front chest pockets.
• Full-button front
• 3 patterns
• $80 USD

Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Mountain biker uniform.
Winter Riding Kits 2020. PNW Winter Riding
Nice details on Velocio's Recon Snap jacket.

bigquotesNothing says "I'm a mountain biker" like a plaid shirt and a flat brim cap. Often, however, women's plaid shirts are shapeless and uncomfortable. Pearl Izumi elevates the women's plaid shirt with their Rove long-sleeve, which is suitable for wearing on fall mountain bike rides and every mountain bike-related event you're invited to. Whether you ride down the street to the pub, or spend hours on the trail first, you won't be out of place with this plaid option.

As for the Recon Snap Jacket , it's a bit of a hassle to do up the snaps every time you want to throw on the jacket, but the aesthetic is appealing. So appealing that it almost seems too nice to wear on the trails or commuting, but Velocio says it is "perfect for cool to cold trail riding or for every day commuting." The jacket also a lot warmer than its light weight suggests, with cozy zippered pockets and a high collar so the wind doesn't come in. Fashionable, functional, and comfortable, who would have thought you'd be able to get all three?

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 A fat biking suit? That's me in lycra.
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 Came here to see a fat suit. Disappointed.
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 lol, "mountain biker uniform".
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 Accurate, though.
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 Guy here but insulated pants sound kinda nice.
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 Guy here also, I bring my own level of insulation. I'm big boned.
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 Guy here, insulated pants (flants) are nice. marmot has a 3/4 insulated tight for skiing called the toaster, i want those
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: Excellent tip.^ thanks. I have at least 3 pairs of winter cycling pants plus a plethora of nordic/ski pants - most of this gear is more technical than is needed and it's priced outrageously. If I'm being honest, none really hit the perfect mark for riding so a $26 option sounds great.
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: those Wrangler pants look awesome! I hope they make more with a longer length soon...
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 @JimmyWeir: I actually went and checked them out. Not for me - if you need something on a budget tho, maybe worth a visit to the store to see for yourself.
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 Super stoked the field test won’t be wrapping up today. On to 2020
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 C'mon, make a bit of product placement and show the logo, after all the beer is called trailforks! XD
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 Wait wait wait wait
You mean there is more to winter gear than just rain coats?
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 I think the issue is that for most people thats all they need. Biking is such a physical activity that true "winter" gear really isn't necessary most of the time. Anything to thick or insulated is too much. For most people a decent shell and a baselayer or two is plenty, even in the winter.
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 @sino428: Fat biking in ten below requires insulation.
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 @michaelasnider: Sure, but relative to the overall market, there aren't alot of people fat-biking in -10 degrees. I never said there is no need for it, I said that most people don't need it. And companies are going to produce the gear they think will sell the most. There isn't going to be a ton of options in what is a pretty limited market.
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 Ok stop. Where is the dogs winter gear? Surely 7mesh makes a goretex pup suit?
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 I'm sure Emmy would love to review that if it were to happen!
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 @tj7mesh: If you make money -I need a commission.........
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 Found some cabellas pants at a thrift store that are windproof front, heavy canvas rear. Great for snow riding when combined with some gaiters.
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 A few pics don't line up with the synopsis...es.
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 Finally you can say "yes" when she asks "does my bum look big in this?" and not get into trouble.
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 Best winter biking gear is skis.
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 The gloves are the ticket. I need some of those suckers.
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