World Cup DH Coach Alan Milway on the Downtime Podcast: Beyond the Bike

Jul 24, 2018
by Downtime Podcast  
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Alan Milway - Beyond the Bike
Words Chris Hall // Photo Ben Turner

Alan Milway is a coach with a list of clients past and present that most people can only dream of working with. The Athertons, Danny Hart, Manon Carpenter, Martin Maes and Brendan Fairclough are just a few of the amazing athletes that he has worked alongside.

Alan has a wealth of experience in the world of strength and conditioning, and what it takes to be really fast on a bike! We sat down to get his take on mountain bike fitness, and there is some great information in this episode for anyone who wants to get better on their bike. Keep an ear out for the 3 things that all riders should be doing in addition to riding their bike!

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 here's my take away: do more slow steady rides (or 'training') to improve overall aerobic base. check. do more flexibility stuff, especially for the hips. do some strength training for upper body in general. and do some single leg stuff to address side to side imbalances. check.

what are you take aways?
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 Normally Pizza, but sometimes I'll go for Chinese or Indian. Depends how I feel.
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 That, was super interesting. I'm by no means in need to training like an athlete, but it's certainly helpful to hear a layman's explanation of what's ideal to make training overall more effective.
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 Thanks, really glad you enjoyed it. Plenty more to come!
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 They have really progressed beyond drinking a few beers for training to elite functional trainers. Functional training is the best for this type of activity, the old days of meathead lifting are over.
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 @downtimepodcast: really helpful, as I'm off the bike with a broken collar bone atm so any tips for recovery would be greatly appreciated!

Looking forward to the next episode!

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 @ryandodgeshaw: Glad you're enjoying it mate! All the best for your recovery.
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 That was a great episode. I think the big standouts for me were adding (and feeling okay about) a bit more low intensity but increased duration workouts, making sure to add more movement oriented preparation and recovery; like the hip flexor exercise he suggested, and adding some targeted strength training. I really like how he seemed able to apply research and experience in a way that is accessible.
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 Awesome podcast! Much prefer the production and style compared with vitals offering. Alan Milway talks so much sense - I found the advice on improving overall aerobic base really interesting. I've also been trying to add more mobility into my workouts and have found that it makes a big difference.
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 Great stuff. Thanks for the awesome podcasts! This episode and your interview with Jordi have been the most informative podcasts relating to mountain biking that I've heard. Keep up the great work!
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 Downtime podcasts are great, I always listen to them on my commute and so I actually look forward to the journey! Keep up the good work!
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 Thanks everyone, I'm really glad you're getting something from the podcasts, that's exactly why I started it!
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 what were the "3 things that all riders should be doing in addition to riding their bike!
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 1: Listening to the podcast
2: Not skipping to the comments
3: Something about hip flexors.
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 Loved the interview with Adam Brayton's trainer. Please keep em coming!

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