Video: Inside a DH World Cup Mechanic’s Life

Jul 7, 2015
by UR Team  
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One of the hardest jobs on the circuit. From building up the bike to mental support before the start, the mechanics support and follow their riders during the ups and downs.

photo Dave Trumpore
  Photo: Dave Trumpore

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 They are the ones who are feeding Rat-boy with some cheese before the race and giving the Bulldog a bone to chew on, oiling up the chain of the Chainsaw massacre and threading the Needle when times get tough... well you got the picture Smile
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 God Bless the unsung heroes
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 This was a really cool feature. Great to see the mechanics doing their work. Thanks for giving them credit, PB.
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 Gwin: Ya ya ya
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 This is an awesome concept for a video series, I hope Polygon continues with this... and maybe some of the other teams as well!!
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 Seconded. I really enjoy the "slice of life" take on racing. It honestly makes me marvel more at the riders and their amazing talent seeing them and their crew as just normal (as normal as a broccoli cake is...) people. Great stuff Polygon and Pinkbike. #Moarplzkthx
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 @ 3:26, "So every World Cup is like Rampage for chicks." Slightly misogynistic, but made me laugh!
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 props to Andrew neethling, he is a legend in the sport and has just had a stretch of bad luck, definitely one of the most talented riders along with Steve Peat and Greg Minaar in the all time legend scale. his section in 3 minute gaps was one of my favorite bike scenes!
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 Agreed that Needles is an all time great....he just needs to get it together and get on the podium. Cool that his brother is his wrench.
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 That look on Bobby's face when Remy says' the most quiet my bikes ever been, thanks Bobby.' That's soo rad!
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 Awesome to see him so appreciative of his mechanic.
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 I wish my bike could be quiet... Big Grin
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 Nice job polygon and UR! Very classy to do a vid of the support team!
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 i wouldn't mind working along side tracey ...........!
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 Always good to see things from a different point of view.
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 @8:20 "just go down on the lift...(pause) I need to poo"
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 Go Tracey!
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 Best video at MOMENT!
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 'Every world cup is like rampage for chicks'... dont Neg prop me, just quoting...!!!
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 All the videos from UR team are very exciting. They not only show the bike side, but other sides of MTB. Keep doing it right!!!
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 it must be so cool/rad to have his own mechanic, who's only goal is that your bike is always at 120%
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 Mechanics look more nervous than the riders!
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 In true South African lingo... "No, it's kak". Love it!
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