World Cup Women - Tahnée Seagrave

Apr 10, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  
Women of the World Cup


Age: 19
Nationality: Great Britain
2014 rank: 5
Experience: 1 year elite
Current Team: FMD Racing

It was always going to be interesting to see how the 2013 Junior World Champ stacked up against the field when she moved into elite for 2014. Posting solid top ten results was a great start, but as the season went on Tahnée came more into form and began working her way up the rankings until she eventually stood with fellow-countrywomen, Rachel and Manon on the third step of the World Champs podium. Tahnee has left snow covered Morzine this winter in place of Shropshire, and has been spending much more time on her bike this off-season as a result. We expect with the extra ride time and the help of her mums smarties flapjacks, (the food of champions), Tahnée should be coming in hot for 2015.

PB: 1: Where and how have you been spending your off-season?

bigquotes I've been based in Shropshire, UK, near a load of tracks in North Wales to get away from my snowy home in Morzine. It's been good to keep at it rather than putting the bike down for a whole 8 months then going straight into the first World Cup unprepared. so I've been having a bit more time on all my bikes, keeping it all fun! - Tahnee

PB: 2. What was the highlight of your 2014 season and why was it so significant to you?

bigquotes By far, Worlds. It was such a surprise as it wasn't a focus for me at all as a first year Elite. I'd just wrapped up a 5th overall title so I was over the moon. I got really ill before Worlds, so I went in with a positive mind, thinking I'll do the best I can, and will walk away happy no matter what. You bet I walked away happy! Not my best result as I then went on to win the national but it was the closest I had been off the win all season and to have a 3 Brit podium was incredible. Proud indeed. - Tahnee

Tahnee Seagrave is the first riders since Sam Hill in 2004 to back up a Jr World title with a medal in Sr Worlds the following year.

PB: 3. Was there a moment or period you considered to be your season ‘low’ and for what reason?

bigquotesI hate to admit it but yes. It's always taken me a couple of races to get up to speed, so I got annoyed after my first two world cup results after crashing. I know a lot of people would think I'd mention Fort William but to be honest it's been put in the "high" category. I qualified 4th, showing what I was capable of, followed by a puncture in the finals that only made me hungrier. - Tahnee

PB: 4. Are there changes you are looking to make to your approach mentally or physically for 2015?

bigquotesMentally, no. I know what I am capable of and there isn't any doubt there. That's when the physical side of things come into place. The stronger you are, the more mentally strong you will feel. - Tahnee

PB: 5. How have you split your time between ‘on’ and ‘off’ the big bike training?

bigquotesI don't really. I do love riding, but I way prefer racing. I'm a competitive soul and it's hard to get motivated when there's no competition put in front of you. I'll mix things up when I get bored, that's where Chris my trainer is real helpful. Girls can be a handful! I'll mostly ride on weekends when more people are able to, it's more fun! - Tahnee

Tahnee Seagrave rounded out the women s podium making it a GB one two and three.

PB: 6. When inspiration has run low lately, to whom or what have you turned to kick your motivation levels up a gear?

bigquotesWell, as I just said, it's not in front of you it IS hard. For any racer/competitor, the thought of losing is enough to motivate you. I have a lot of people to thank for picking me up and dragging me along, no need to do a long boring list, they know who they are. Smile - Tahnee

Shots from Qualifying at Leogang.

PB: 7. What bit of kit are you looking forward to using most at the races?

bigquotes Big wheels is a new thing for me! I've just got them on my new Devinci Wilson and I love playing around on it. It's new, different and interesting! - Tahnee

PB: 8. Which rider do you see as the biggest threat to the 2015 title?

bigquotesI'm sure all the other girls will be saying the same. After Manon racking up the World Cup overall title and winning World Champs she's definitely on form. She is a really good friend of mine and we ride together when we get the chance, but I'd love to give her a run for her money! - Tahnee

PB: 9. Which race or single moment of the coming season are you most excited for?

bigquotes Fort William. Always. - Tahnee


PB:10. Complete the sentence: ‘I won’t be racing a single World Cup without....'

bigquotes Mums smarties flapjacks. Food. Of. Champions. - Tahnee

MENTIONS: @devinci, @Fox-Head-Inc


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 "I won’t be racing a single World Cup without.... Mums smarties flapjacks. Food. Of. Champions." - Tahnee

Love it. Aside from that, it was awesome to see an all British podium! Hopefully it becomes a regular occurrence, with the 3 of them fighting it out for 1st Razz Not to count out the rest of the field, they're all fast as f**k, but the brits just seem to have the edge.
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 Only positive thing that comes from shitty weather Wink
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 There's a video of her on youtube at 14 or 15 years old, sending a jump at Champery and hitting a tree. She kind of bounces off it and laughs. She's not soft. Ever since then I've wanted her to win.
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 I thought you had forgotten the girls PB, really cool to see more interviews coming !
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 And the whole of Pinkbike users simultaneously googles "smarties flapjacks"......
  • 35 0
 They're flapjacks... With smarties in...
  • 21 1
 GavB, to someone in the USA, smarties are a hard, colored chalk candy that sounds gross in pancakes. Apparently in the rest of the world they are a candy-shelled chocolate, what we would liken to M&Ms. Mountain biking expands our minds again.
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 Cheers @Snfoilhat. It seems you guys also don't know what she means by flapjacks either, here's a recipe: They're soft and chewy, not like granola bars (Which they may look a bit like!).

Smarties over here (we have M&Ms too, the chocolate ones are very similar):
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 To add to the confusion in North America a flapjack closely resembles a pancake or similar. But a UK flapjack is nothing like that and is more like an oatcake / oat bar...
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 GavB and Sweaman this thread has become a Tech Tuesday of international foods for me and I thank you.
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 And you can also buy smarties in cardboard boxes 4cm long to 1 meter long
  • 3 0
 Yeah nah yeah in Australia we just eat snags and drink goon.
  • 6 0
 That really clears things up! After reading smarties flapjacks I was pretty sure Tahnee's mom was taking some huge bong rips before starting breakfast prep. Do you all have bong rips across the pond?
  • 3 0
 No worries @Snfoilhat if you give them a go you'll know why they are so great.

Bong rips? Sounds like the result of the previous night's curry...
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 2015 is gonna be a big year for Tahnee, looking forward to thiiiissss!!!!!
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 I remember meeting tahnee as a wee lass when they had the chalet just down from morzine. We stayed there at the same time as nige page. She had the smallest intense ive ever seen. We pulled up and got the trailer and bikes unpacked and set up. Her and her brother pulled out a mini i ramp into the middle of the street and just started launching it. Her mam was an ace cook and great host.
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 I have never considered adding smarties to flapjacks! If they make me as fast as Tahnee I'm all over it!
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 Save me a couple from your next batch fella
  • 2 0
 Long road ride tomorrow but no ingredients. Can I be arsed going shopping..?
  • 3 0
 Man I'm on world cup overload, its like drowning in joyous rapture!
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 I'll give u some choco cornflake cakes in exchange lol
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 Deal! Mini eggs on top?
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 Lmao as a matter of fact there actually is
  • 1 0
 It's easter. If there weren't I'd be very upset!
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 Mini eggs all year round buddy
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