World Cup XC Riders Warned for Using 'Team' Plates to Gain Extra Training Time

Jul 2, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  
Go time for the U23 Men s field.

World Cup XCO riders have been warned by the UCI prior to the Les Gets World Cup for using 'Team' plates to gain extra training time.

As per regulation 4.9.014, "A coach of a national team or a UCI elite MTB team or UCI MTB team who holds a licence, must request a handlebar number to use when reconnoitering the course. As well as the handlebar number he must wear a helmet." In short, coaches can register for a 'Team' plate that allows them ride alongside their team's riders in any practice session to help them with line choice, measuring efforts and general race tactics.

However, it seems that some racers have been using these plates to enter a practice session they are not normally allowed in and the UCI is trying to cut down on this practice. No riders have explicitly been named but it seems this has been a tactic among teams at both Albstadt and Nove Mesto. Team plates will now only be issued to National Federations, UCI teams and Elite teams and any team found abusing the system will lose the privilege for the rest of the year.

bigquotesFollowing inappropriate use of ‘Team’ plates at the first two rounds of the XCO World Cup they will now only be issued to National Federations, UCI teams and Elite teams.

We would remind you that ‘Team’ plates are for the use of Federation or UCI team coaches to be able to ride with their athletes during the official training period for the rider. They
should not be used by athletes wishing to train in a different training period to their own.

Any rider found using a “Team” plate will be subject to a fine penalty and the ‘Team’ plate will be removed from that team/rider for the remainder of the season.


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 All right, which one of you dirty rotten Pinkbikers have been trying to squeeze in extra XC training laps?
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 I can assure you it did me no good.
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 number plate doping. what's next!?
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 Sharing number plates?
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 @boozed: Sharing is caring.
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 "I accidentally picked up someone else's helmet and bike. I'm innocent, I tell ya!"
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 ...and water bottle!
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gerund or present participle: reconnoitering
make a military observation of (a region).
"they reconnoitered the beach some weeks before the landing"
synonyms: survey, make a reconnaissance of, explore, scout (out), make a survey of, make an observation of;

You’re welcome.
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 I'm actually surprised, I thought this was common vernacular. Now let's see how many people Google 'Vernacular'.
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 Let's hope they're not sharing bottles!
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 New word alert...."reconnoitering" the course
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 It's an actual word. Not in everyday spoken use, but perfectly correct.
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 Indeed, as @endlessblockades mentions, it's where "recon" comes from.
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 Not to pile on, but is cheating cheating? A fine? If you really want to stop this behaviour hit the rider also. Fine the team, DQ the coach for that event, time penalty or DQ to the rider for that event. That would cut down the reward for the risk.

That is if course recon is that beneficial at that level of racing. I'm working on world champion status so maybe I should pay more attention.
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 Even when you're clean, you can be dirty.
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 So, one rider on the team can't be coaching another team rider during practice?
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 That is all we need more rules, next the UCI are going too be banning e-bike for training as it is more fun for less effort?
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 Rules typically exist because someone got cheeky. Case in point.
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