World Ride Hosts Online Women's MTB Movie Night During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Apr 1, 2020
by jsg2  

World Ride is a 501(c)3 non profit with the mission of empowering women globally through mountain biking. We work with women in Nepal, Guatemala, Peru and Lesotho to develop the women's mountain bike community in each place. In these cultures, outdoor activities are not traditionally encouraged for women. The confidence gained for women from the challenge of mountain biking opens new possibilities and transfers to other areas of their lives. World Ride supports leadership and guide training to help women make a career through mountain bike tourism. World Ride organizes mountain bike trips to the places we work. These trips are guided by women that we have helped to become professional mountain bike guides. We also encourage social rides and have helped to develop bike libraries that women can borrow a bike to use for group rides.

World Ride had planned a series of movie nights across the US featuring women's mountain bike films to help fundraise for our programs. Due to the current coronavirus situation, we have had to postpone these events. Instead, World Ride is hosting an online movie night to support the mission of empowering women globally through mountain biking. Let’s all join together for a fun community event that anyone can participate in online.

Online movie night access is only $10. Proceeds will go toward keeping our programs running in the places we work and supporting the women we work with globally through purchasing bikes for bike libraries, building a pump track in Kathmandu, Nepal, hosting BICP Level 1 and 2 courses in Nepal and Guatemala, and more!

When: Thursday April 2, 2020 at 6:30pm MST
Where: Live streaming online, here is the link to register
Cost: $10 donation
Sweepstakes: Over $2200 in prizes! Tickets here.

Full information here




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 Is this an April Fools joke?
  • 10 0
 Hard to tell my friend.
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 It’s gotta be, right? Who’s paying to watch bike videos?
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 So according to this, women are incapable of 'empowering' themselves?
Gloria Steinem would prolly disagree a tad.
looked this org up quickly on the interweb, and curiously they filed a form 990 so they don't have to report ANYTHING.
No assets, income, expenditures, payroll...NOTHING.
To do this, you state that you take in less than $50k annually.
You'd think it'd be kinda hard to have a GLOBAL reach like they claim with such a low intake.
And this filing is apparently from 2018. They haven't filed for 2019 yet-all according to charity navigator also shows the same thing.
This being the case, you'd be donating to a 'charity' that doesn't disclose ANYTHING. Where your money goes, how much/if any actually goes to 'empower' anybody, what percentage of their income goes to 'administrative'/local rides near their Moab location etc..
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 Here we go.
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 It looks like the charity was just formed in 2018. Makes perfect sense that they wouldn’t have much to report on a 2018 filing.
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 Where in the article does it say that women are incapable of 'empowering' themselves?

I think you're reading what you want to read... and not actually what this is. I am all for accountability and skepticism, but the way you lead this off is disturbing.
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 @bikekrieg: It's an article that includes the phrase "empowering women." Of course some dude is going to go to great lengths to discredit its message, even at two in the morning. Nobody threatens the status quo on his watch!
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 @fullfacemike: equal is equal, simply that simple.
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 last I checked the tax deadline was extended into July, so the fact that they haven't filed for 2019 is completely irrelevant. you are a classic example of what is wrong with the internet. you think you're smart, you run a quick google search and spew some info while not actually knowing anything. have you been to their events? have you ever talked with their director, Julie? have you seen their movie or any of the films they feature? no, you have not. i have and what they are doing is actually very cool. they are helping create jobs in places where women don't have as much opportunity. so before you go bashing something you have zero experience with i suggest you do some real research.
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 @erod: Form 990's aren't due on the same schedule as regular tax forms. It wasn't due on April 15th anyway, regardless of anything getting pushed back.
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 @sino428: ok so it's due may 15. still irrelevant that they haven't filed for 2019 yet.
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 @erod: Agreed, I was making the same point as you.
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 How many girls does it take to ride a bicycle?
See photos for answer.
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 Wait, is one of them Rachel?
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 Sounds like a superb idea. Mountain biking empowers and saves lives. More power to them.
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 An unsurprising reaction to a great cause, but nonetheless disappointing. PB incels and trolls never take a break.
YoKev thinks Julie is getting rich off $10 donation to charity lol
Only 2 kinds of people in this world: those who create and build .... and those who can only tear down and destroy others work.
Lotta you on the wrong side.
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 I presumed this was an april fool.
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 Why, Because it's not a sausage fest?
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 April Fools turned scam!
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