The UK's Leatherhead Trails the Largest Skatepark in Europe - Worth It, S01 EP17 - Video

Sep 17, 2017
by Leo Gamboc  

Worth It is a documentary series produced by Leo Gamboc and Jonas Drechsler. From May this year, we have been on the road, traveling and living in our van to find the best and the most secret trails in Europe. We started in Italy, traveled through Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and for the last two weeks we have been in the UK.

In this episode, we had the chance to ride Leatherhead a.k.a. Jimmy's Jumps. Due to the weather, we prepared only the main line for riding. It was a short session, but it was worth it. 15 perfect jumps in a row—no pedal, no break, and you can go as high as you want. The jumps are getting bigger as you flow throw the line. You can't find a similar set up anywhere in the world. We will remember this unique experience for a long time and we can't wait to go back.

Unfortunately the next two days the rain didn't let us go back to the trails so we drove north to Corby and enjoyed the Adrenaline Alley. We had a chance to meet Mandy the manager and she gave us such a story that it's almost unreal.

The photo below is the best representation of our great second week in the UK.

The UK s Leatherhead Trails and more - Worth It S01 EP17 - Video
Photoshop credit: Mazic Carl (SLO)

We are publishing episodes every week. If you missed the first episode from the UK click here.

For the full documentary, series playlist click here.

Next episode will be from France.

The UK s Leatherhead Trails and more - Worth It S01 EP17 - Video
John Pound

The UK s Leatherhead Trails and more - Worth It S01 EP17 - Video

The UK s Leatherhead Trails and more - Worth It S01 EP17 - Video
Jonas is 1.8. meters, you do the math?

The UK s Leatherhead Trails and more - Worth It S01 EP17 - Video
Adrenalin Alley


  • + 47
 What a heartbreaking yet inspiring story. Moreover, what a anazing mom. Thanks for sharing.
  • + 15
 Yeah, having ridden there it truly is an inspired place too. Never knew the back story and I had tears in my eyes listening to it. Incredible young lady who deserves all of the respect.
  • + 14
 Love Mandy !
  • + 9
 Well,there you have it right there,Mandy,one of the single finest ambassadors for adrenaline sports there has ever been,and the world had never heard of her,i have to admit i'm choked up to hear her story,gobsmacked in fact,what an incredible lady,it's not often a story on PB has the power to inspire like her's does,i hope she goes on to even greater things,i really do Smile
  • + 10
 wow, what an amazing mum! RESPECT X
  • + 6
 What a magnificent lady. No more words.
  • + 2
 Am I right in thinking the Leatherhead jumps are on the left behind the first line of trees as you drive down the A24 almost opposite Forty Foot Road? I think I saw these the other day when stuck in traffic!
  • + 2
 Good to see Bryan Cranston isn't afraid to roll his sleeves up and get stuck in.
  • + 1
 Always happy riding Corby, the place is amazing and full of inspiring riders
  • + 1
 My local trails need more 4m high wallride berms.
  • + 1
 Great job Jonas and Leo! Cant wait to see the final episodes.
  • + 1
 ma boiii
  • + 1
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