Wyn TV: Lenzerheide World Cup Track Walk- Video

Jul 7, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
Wyn TV
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 I think I actually look forward to Wyn TV more that Claudio previews now. It takes some serious effort to watch these quietly at work.
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 I second you on trying to keep quiet at work while watching.
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 So you like watching people talk rather than people actaully ride bikes? Jk I think I enjoy wyn's interviews more as well.
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 Agree,love the unpredictability of Wynn and his victims vs the predictability of Claudio can be a snore. Plus I prefer to listen to Wynn's voice over Claudio. Wynn get a job doing the free skiing world tour please thanks
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 Rob warner & Peaty video is better than both Blank Stare
I miss Robs dirty business.
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flag BenPea (Jul 7, 2016 at 14:35) (Below Threshold)
 @mazze: Correct, this ain't funny, never has been. Emperor's new clothes.
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 WynTv is the best - these guys are hilarious and having a good time - can't wait to catch more episodes!
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 Where are you at Bred Tippie + Redbull can and/or Claudio Clauriori.
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 Wow. I guess there's no accounting for taste. I loved the DH vs DJ bit, but these ones I find dull. I love Claudio's track previews. Those are gold. And nothing comes close to the pure joy of a Tippie interview.
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 Even though I can barely understand anything he says, any interview with the Rat is a good interview.
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 He only uses vowels and I love it.
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 As soon I saw him I went down to the comment section looking for some kind of translation. maybe later
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 a summulum...yeasnfoo...yup....mumfurdnkafajk braky ....dungiglingy..bye All I got outta RAT. LOL
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 Loic has a better command of the English language.
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 @norco5dh: Hilarious! That's what I got too.
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 @t-stoff: he said he's gonna do an alley oop footplant in his race run.
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 I speak fluent "Rat" if anyone needs assistance

Alli-urpin eh bem n'a race ren, thu beh pred su wudn iii :voice trails off:

Translation - Ally ooping a berm in a race run, That would be pretty sick wouldn't it
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 @JC9won4: We should have you being with Rat doing the translation like someone for the hearing impaired.
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 @norco5dh: I'm picturing something like the UN, where everyone has those earpieces in to hear the real-time translation.
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 @bkm303: EL OH ELLL Rat being a high security measure for "not knowing the f*ck he is saying"
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 "You're really bringing a new flavour to mountain biking"
"Thank you, would you like a taste of it?" Bahaha
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 @ninjammin: THIS!!! Bahaha!
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 Wyn: "So you're not moving to enduro...?" Loic: "no never...If I'm too old I'm like 40...then maybe" That made my day.
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 Dude im close to be 40, and do enduro, so yeah... lol
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 Doesn't he say "if I'm too old and I'm like 40 at every world cup and I can't go top 10 again" so talking about placing rather than age?
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 I'm over 40 and still ripping DH......
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 Shots Fired Enduro!
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 Let's be honest here. If you're 40, have a family a job and hopes for the future....and still schralping that downhill as hard as when you were 18...ya gotta start thinking about mellowing out. I mean...it's one thing if you're on the WC circuit and making a living...it's another if you're just a legend in your own mind (or on strava). Not saying ya can't shred a trail bike...just maybe it's time to chill a bit on the dh
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 I can't imagine this being a good thing in any way, but I understood everthing Ratboy said this time.
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 Call a doctor
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 Once you get used to it he's really not that hard to understand, but there's a learning curve there for sure.
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 see ...keep;istening dude. Same with Peaty originally and Rachel some days
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 @guytherev: do you think he's having a stroke or something?
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 @madmon: Sam Hill was tricky to interpret back in the day as well.
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 "You're really bringing a new flavor to mountain biking."

"Thank you, would you like a taste of it?"

Ratboy, FTW. Ha!
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 "You guys talking about susepenshun set ups?"
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 This what you guys do in the army? Set up camp in the middle of no where and blare music?! FK"N EH?!
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 I want to see a Wyn TV at an XC world cup!
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 ''Better keep moving,keep the hart rate down''
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 God I love Wyn so much
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 "and was that a full gluten pizza?" hilarious
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 they probably cut out so much gold just to make it viewer safe for the internet. I would love to see the actual raw interviews hahaha
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 There have got to be some epic out-takes by now - he's been doing this for a few seasons now, hasn't he?
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 Vote Wyn for the win and for the next Rob Warner commentary job...
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 LOL Sik Mik team handjob
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 battle of the crips! lol keep it up Wyn!
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 I try to lought but its impossible...
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 Marcelo talking about Columbian coke, it's just for the world, not us lol gangsta
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 Unfortunately Colombia has been plagued by problems due to the rest of the world's lust for drugs
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 @jcjp94: i believe it. and thats shitty. i just found his comment funny
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 "Theres a lot of deep "powder" in Colombia"

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 strange maybe, but i have really started to like gwin mostly thanks to wyntv...
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 wyn tv for the wyn! always entertaining with a smile on my face..
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 what a crack up.
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 cool video
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 Weak chat wyn
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 Come on Harry....
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