Video: Wyn TV Finals - Val di Sole DH World Champs 2021

Aug 31, 2021
by GT Bicycles  

It's time for Wyn TV from World Champs finals and another set of stripes for PomPon and the GOAT.

Filmed/Edited: Jules Bellot


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 Great to see Izabela doing this good - Bulgarian national champion, European champion from few weeks ago and now a World champion. Fingers crossed she does well in the remaining WC races and signs up with a bigger team for next year.
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 so good to see! big respect to the Wyn tv fund for helping these riders with a bit cash too
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 Go Izabela!
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 Yeah, one of the best part of that Wyn session. I'm very VERY proud of her. She was so touched to get this Wyn TV fund, and she well deserves it. Bravo Izabela!
More generally: congrats to all these junior young guns. They are fresh and talented and I'm looking forward seeing them in a near future.
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 Wyn is a great example of great human being, will be cheering for Izabela, go IZA !!!!!!
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 @danstonQ: Sympa ton pseudo
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 @Cocorico: oui c'est fin, délicat, élégant, raffiné; un peu de finesse dans un monde de brutes Smile
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 Have been waiting for this! Thanks Wyn for these rad re-caps. Ed Masters South African accent is actually pretty good!
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 How spoiled are we with this quality content! Thanks for the public service,Wyn!
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 Faaackkkk....Laurie. You can FEEL the emotion coming off him, this one hurt. It was a track he likes and has done well at; he was on a heater and he knew it and it can all end so fast. On to the next one, you deserve that top spot again.
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 I do wish we could’ve seen a full run from Laurie - I know it’s part of racing but can’t help feeling that patch of rain was a bit unlucky. I remember Dean Lucas was interviewed on the livestream just before Laurie dropped in, and he did say the roots suddenly got super icy from the rain. He was on it all week, would love to see him bounce back with a win at these last couple world cups!
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 "we suck, we got beat by the old guy"

Hahaha, great line, so clearly said with love and respect
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 Greenland got pretty well screwed by the seeding that just completely ignore qualifying runs.
What is the point of risking your weekend, your opportunity to race and your health for a run that doesn't affect your ability to seed higher?
The seeding off ranking is so damn arbitrary. They added points back into qualifying years ago to make it valuable and enhance the flow of the finale of the W.C. Series so that the best on the day come down together.

They need to change it for World Championships and let the guys a course favors have a shot at the seeding of their choice.

We're just ignoring all the work put in to make the finale special. Should have been fastest qualifiers in reverse order.

Sure they weren't the only ones, but guys like Antoine Vidal (qualified 3rd but had to go in the 70s) Pierron, Dickson, Henry Kerr, Kye O'Hern. Austin Dooley, Charlie Harrison, Dante Silva....all far down in points on the circuit (which is supposed to be separate from this one off event)...all qualified ALOT higher than their start times. The rain from the night before doubtless hampering their race runs. Other MAJOR notables I'm sure I missed.

If it's the biggest show we've got, why the hell are we relegating a dozen stars to "also ran" status?
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 @blowmyfuse: I agree and that’s just UCI having different rules for worlds for some reason, but it didn’t affect too many guys and the weather affected Les Gets race a lot more and only for the top guys. Here it was a small amount of rain mid race that was the issue which luckily stopped with about 20 to go.
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 @wynmasters: Appreciate the response.

More than anything, we really appreciate the video coverage.
Would love for you to have gotten the personal stories behind the jersey swapping that between riders. That was pretty cool to see. Bruni in the Italian jersey, etc.
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 the whole dam field is filled with class these days. and wyn has grown into a spectacular interviewer. frickin love this shit.
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 I almost teared up for the Jr Women winner getting the privateer award, well done. And she has another year in Juniors!
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 Fantastic. Thanks to Wyn for such a great video, great insights and great vibe. Wyn seems a real nice guy and he brings out the best in already great people. Fantastic to see Vali being interviewed, she seems to have her approach right now, be good to see her take a win as she could be the absolute business.
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 She's clearly kicked herself up the arse about the attitude she needs to adopt. You could see it in her reaction to the success of her rivals in Sunday. Bodes well. She'll be unstoppable if she gets her head right.
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 @BenPea: Absolutely. A lot of people, myself included, were critical of her approach, so it is fantastic to see how she has reflected on her circumstances. Very positive. She is only young so it is only reasonable that she is commended for her mature reflection and given a fresh start and lots of support. She is massively talented so it will be exciting to see how the rest of the season goes, we could see something special!
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 Nobody gets mad when Greg wins.
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 True! Some riders seem to be appreciated by every fan. I’m thinking at Loris Vergier or Myriam Nicole as well. Everyone seem to like them since they just have a nice, humble and friendly attitude. Good on them!
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 I think in majority nobody gets mad for anyone winning. It is that kind of sport where you have the most respect for every rider that gets down the fastest that day. Yes riders are dissapointed, but with all the class those riders have, I believe nobody should get mad
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 1st off 100% respect to Wyn for the half hour segment with some of the best interviews ever. So stoked to watch this and for DH this race was mad tough incredible how the GOAT slayed the destroyed mountain.
Hats off to the young rippers some first time on camera.... and Bulgaria!....
CHurrr bro!
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 haha Wyn not giving Puck Moonen any attention and cropping her from the shot is kind of funny... she's probably not used to that
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 @Stonerz94: 1:56 when he is talking to Twan
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 @Stonerz94: 1:54 onwards
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 Tough year for Vali. Really impressed to hear her sit into a bit, reflect and look ahead with positivity and gratitude. Sounds like it has been a big personal growth year. Looking forward to when she can put it together and overcome the mix of nerves and bad luck.
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 Wyn, you‘re such a nice fellow!
Always love watching Wyn TV.
Please continue doing it
And massiv respect for the bikeride to Lenzerheide!
Done it on a motorbike 2017. But on a bike, Boy!
Huge climb!
Peace ✌
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 9h on the saddle,190km with over 5k of climbing,unreal!!
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 @nozes: 5K meters? Damn......
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 Good on Wyn to give the spotlight to more than the usual riders.
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 Totally agree, nice seeing some different faces, be nice to carry on having a mix of different riders not just the same ones. Well done Wyn.
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 He means it. It's just a minute or so, but the camera time can be pretty valuable for the upcoming ones, I would guess.
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 @xice: Just putting money in the privateer's hands is huge, and you can see it straight away.
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 Yep the pimply young rippers make for some great content. Getting on WynTV must be a hoot and they all handle it well. I think a lot of that has to do with Wyn's great attitude and style.
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 Wyn rose to the occasion with this episode, frt
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 What an awesome video, thanks Wyn. Syndicate squad doing things the way many of us do in our garages. Could get more done quicker, but you’d have to put ur beer down
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 Fake Greg was hilarious. And the accent was spot-on as well. How come Wyn can't look at the camera?
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 Fake Greg was even funnier right at the end of Bernards last video.
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 On another note seeing Mr Goldtone in the rainbow stripes is absolutely amazing.
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 Is Loris getting PR coaching from Trek? Only 1 f bomb, was looking forward to sailor Loris
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 More WYN! these are amazing segments.
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 Really hope Mani does ride more DH. He has pace.
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 Wyn is a legend! I want to be more like him, cheers bro.
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 Hey Vali, bleib cool! Des werd scho!

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