Video: WynTV - EWS Les Orres 2019

Jul 8, 2019
by GT Bicycles  

Baguette in hand, Wyn has a good yarn with Le Grand Champion - his brother, Eddie Masters - as well as all of the other athletes after another great round of enduro racing in Les Orres, France.


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 was great seeing Raphaela's reaction to winning the privateer award. great thing wyn's done.
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 I believe the privateer won more than the actual race winner.
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 Haha, speechless! Nice one guys.
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 was great seeing a dispenser of Durex condoms right behind Wynn too. the french fkkn party aye?
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 It's not actually Eddies first time on top of les orres.
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 This made me laugh
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 @tomlynchwatson this might be the first time he's been paid though.
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 Ed Masters is currently in the top 20 overall in both EWS and DH World Cup. Strong contender for bike athlete of the year right now.
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 Nope that's automatically reserved for someone who wears spandex and stays seated most of the time
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 One of the best episodes yet, highlights would have to be: Eddie Masters winning an EWS, Raphaela's reaction to winning €1,000 (and doing a beer bong to celebrate), and the WynTV crew pirating the wireless mic frequency.
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 Audio quality of the microphone enfused baguette was the best I've heard this season, +1. baguette. Hacking the EWS PA, +2 baguette
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 Awesome that Wyn got to announce Eddie onto the stage. Great moment!
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 Wee wee weee All The way Home!!! Bahaha, I Laughed harder then I've laughed all month, Cheers! :-p
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 I smacked my head against the wall I was laughing so hard.
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 He shouted Yes yees yeees, but in French. Oh well.
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 @mi-bike: oui ;D
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 love that early 90ies vibes gt shirt from wyn. all hail to the masters brothers! congrats raphaela and texti for the great results.
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 I want my - I want my - I want my - Wyn TV
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 "your a trans-specialist" hahaha
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 It's the popular thing to do these days
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 This was a GREAT episode!
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 One of the best episodes yet... Well done Wyn!
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 Love how the whole wireless interference thing ended up, what a great way to handle what could have been seen as a problem!
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 Finally wyn!! That sabotage moment when you announce your brother or no one does haha Killer stuff!!!
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 Come on Wyn, ask Richie rude point blank "your performances suggest you must have gotten rid of the girlfriend, true or not?"
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 With all the banter between DH and Enduro Eddie Master comes and shows how it is done well on both sides. I take my hat off to him. The fastest moustache on the circuits!
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 Was I the only one waiting for Wyn to ask Richie if he wanted to have a sip from his bottle?
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 I didn`t know that beer bangs were authorized by the UCI. Cool!

I think this was actually a french/belgian kind of torture session on a UCI member to revenge Martin Maes Smile
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 gotta try a beerbang myself sometime
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 One of the best Wyn tv's ever! Congratulations to Ed, can't wait for next week. Wyn's privateer fund is such a great thing!
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 Great video Wyn! Good commentary and interaction with the riders. Cheers!
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 What a great rider can achieve when he puts a little effort on ,congratulations Ed
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 SO is Bernard Kerr f*ck*&(g teleporting or what ? I swear he was down eating andorra dust still jahahahaha
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 Best Wyn TV yet... stoked on the brotherly love and that privateer award
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 Claude, Jean-Claude Van Damme :-) ! LOL
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 Straight to the pool room.
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 Whoop whoop stoked for ze Germans!
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 Bro, sup with the watch on the right hand?
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