WynTV: Finals Day - Lenzerheide DH World Cup 2016

Jul 11, 2016
by GT Bicycles  
Wyn TV
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 Does Wyn only own one t-shirt?
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 Be glad he owns one.
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 Gee and Wyn need to sit down and smoke the alpenhorn together.
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 What happens between Wyn and Athertons??
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 I like Gee as a racer, I like Wyn as a personality. we need atonement.
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 @rober005: they just seem like the two boys who can't get along in class or on the same playground. one likes to prod the other, while the other just likes to do his own thing and wants people to leave him alone. I honestly think it all started in good fun, but one took it a bit further than the other would have preferred. also the fact that gee isn't doing so well this year means he probably isn't having as much fun compared to past seasons. I would like to think that Wyn initially engaged Gee just as he would any other rider, but when Gee showed a bit of resistance or hesitation, Wyn just egged it on and on. then it's just a slippery slope to what looks like boorish and bullying behavior. If Gee had played along, I think Wyn would have backed off a bit. Then there was that whole thing with Rachel telling Wyn to fuk off. It looks like Athertons versus world now due to a bit of embarrassment on Trek's part as well as everyone else tip toeing around them.
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 @cuban-b: Yup, that's a wrap and film at 11, you described the escalation spot-on.
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 Kanye Atherton.
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I think it is between GT and the Athertons and not Wyn and the Athertons. He has interviewed all of them for years with his ghetto mic and never had an issue. I think that the way they jumped to Trek might have angered some in the Dorel camp.
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 @downhere67: that is an interesting look at the situation... since GT is not paying him to win DH races, they are paying him to be a character and promote the brand... does insulting the Athertons help the GT brand? If this was a plan I hope it backfires for them. Either way, on his own or paid by management, it's a shitty way to behave.
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 @DirtbagMatt: couldn't be further from the truth - serves them frek tucks right though to be quite honest - Wyn has been nothing but a an awesome sport and witty chap getting an inside look at things.
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 The unsubtle digs at the Athertons leave a bitter taste. Boorish. Be sweet if Warner would do some after the race interviews.
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 It seems like it's the Athertons vs the world, what's the deal!?
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flag ddd (Jul 11, 2016 at 7:40) (Below Threshold)
 bin masters
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 @Milko3D: Gee and Rachel were all smiles in the DJ vs Downhill vid!
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 Lets have warner interview the redbull tv techs and ask about the poor performance.
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 @ADGproductions: Wyn didn't do the DH side of it though. He did the interviews with the jumpers.
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 @ADGproductions: Right, just saw both vids and honestly I have no idea what you mean, all the guys on both sides were respectful and shit.

now this however was a lot harsher, and not cool at all - Soho Bikes TV: Episode 01 - Warner, Peaty and Ratboy
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 @ADGproductions: you could tell that it took Gee a good few seconds to realize the videographer was not out to prank him, with those slightly obtuse answers at first. Wyn has made him paranoid!
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 daammnnn Daniel, back at it agaain haha fantastic interviews Wyn
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 Dam its years since Danny SMILED !!!!! well done
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 Sven is a legend
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 I wish I could be as relaxed as Steve Peat for my job.
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 To be honest I like the feel of the video. Yes, Wyn's antics, without context, can rub anyone the wrong way but at the same time having lived a life full of mountain biking I can't help but smile when I watch Wyn tv. It seems to capture the sort of outlaw charm DH culture has. I think it's cool that we get to witness this, and other, small glimpses into the highest level of the sport and see evidence of the vibe that has helped keep me riding. Thanks Wyn.
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 Wyns been watch the lance Armstrong documentaries. haha
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 No interview from Gwinn? WTF?
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 He can't interview everyone every time.
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 @AlexD96: sure he could, it would just be a longer video.
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 too much gluten
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 @JoseBravo: Never too much gluten...extra gluten
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 Someone hook this man up with a better mic setup. He can still attach it to whatever he pleases, but I've got my speakers cranked to try and make the entire thing out lol
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 I actually read the comments to see if anyone else thought this. Watching the tiny lav mic dangle an inch from the racers' mouths makes me wonder if he is doing it on purpose--he isn't, but I've seen a few people in previous episodes pull back with a little cringe. Better audio to boot.
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 6:31 thought that was justin bieber lol
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 7:14 Wyn little brother Smile
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 HAHAH Danny! You silly bastard... my sentiments exactly. Wyn, you are truly retard sometimes, but I love watching you stir shit up.
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 He's the person people love to hate, yet hate to love.
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 So much look forward to the post race from Wyn, hes sometimes not perfect but mostly the interviewees are so relaxed around him
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 This thing with the Athertons and Wyn is just silly now....
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 Tahnee and Wyn don't get along.
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 the visual segway to canada at the end.pro touch
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 besides race sunday, wyntv is what I look forward to the most... chur
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