WynTV: Finals - Lenzerheide World Cup DH 2019

Aug 10, 2019
by GT Bicycles  

Tight times on track, and loose interviews from the finish corral in Lenzerheide.

Regions in Article
Lenzerheide Bikepark


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 “...top five or hospital” - Payet

Probably the most committed statement ever
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 Yolanda on a DH bike Smile
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 would BE COOL
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 She did well at Windrock this spring.
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 @BigballmcCall: By did well, you mean won, right?
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 Wyn setting up the privateer award is incredible. You can see how truly grateful they are.
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 Wyn has matured in his approach just enough! Fun, great energy, but not as awkward or juvenile. He asks better questions and gets good responses now. Cheers!
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 Yeah when he first tried to be more professional it was awkward and maybe even boring. He's come a long way. If I were a big wig of a sports network and saw wyntv I'd sign him up in a heartbeat.
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 My GD favourite thing on PB...always look forward to this segment...WYN TV RULES!!Smile
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 Yeah na
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 Yeah na yeah
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 @fatduke: shityeah like yeah
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 All I could think of was „me names Mike Nolan“
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 Its really refreshing to see how polite and humble these guys and gals are.
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 Dean Lucas is awesome!
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 he cracked me up with those facial expressions behind the GOAT and Wyn
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 The french are exceptional. Well done everyone and keep the fire going!. Stockedd and stockt are coming into my vocabulary!.
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 Why do people misspell and mispronounce STOKED so much? SoCal Surfers from Venice Pier the late 60s are amused.
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 @endlessblockades: I guess your French & German would be perfect if you tried to speak and write it.
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 @mh731: Mais, oui fraulein!

P.S. I thought you were actually joking about all the different pronunciations we hear in the interviews - it wasn't directed at your schpelling.
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 Wyn tv rules thank you Wyn and the video editor / camera person!!!! Maybe see you at Whistler or snow shoe!! Shake and Bake!!
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 See you at SS
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 Hairballs for all
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