WynTV: Finals - Snowshoe World Cup DH Finals 2019

Sep 9, 2019
by GT Bicycles  

Wyn does the rounds after one of the most exciting World Cup finals DH mountain biking has seen in years.

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 Wyn follows up an epic race with epic interviews. And thank Jean Girard for taking time from Nascar to spend with us mtb'ers.
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 I really hope that Amaury Pierron can get a sponsorship from Perrier
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 Watching this I’m certain we’re witnessing some of the best the sport has seen: Best riding. Best tracks. Best sportsmanship. Best bikes. Best riders. Best WynTV.

Thanks Wyn. Roll on 2020.
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flag KiwiEnduro128 (Sep 9, 2019 at 15:32) (Below Threshold)
 is Amaury actually gay or just horsing around idk lmao
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 @KiwiEnduro128: the French love their bises
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 @KiwiEnduro128: Ha, who cares!?!
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 Jean Girard races Formula Un
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 Hart's comment on Snowshoe is classic!
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 and that's been the happiest face we've ever seen from him!
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 Holy crap Amaury was so drunk !!!!!
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 He only took one sip of that moonshine.
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 @IntoTheEverflow: That was more like multiple gulps.
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 There was another video where he chugged moonshine from a milk jug.
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 He always looks drunk anyway Big Grin
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 @grgos: He's drinking that moonshine like Perrier!!
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flag KiwiEnduro128 (Sep 9, 2019 at 15:33) (Below Threshold)
 @IntoTheEverflow: fun fact moonshine makes u go blind
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 Win or loose on the booze! Can't blame him. These boys have worked their asses off to be at the top of the sport, and race on the very edge. Time to party!
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 I love Amaury's interviews. "Danny was ze man, who did ze run!"
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 @grgos: 9:00
followed by whiskey in a shot ski.
Loic was on that too. But the chug of moonshine was downright dangerous!
Amaury is fast.
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 @KiwiEnduro128: naw mate we make excellent quality shine its an art form for generations not some wood alcohol poison.
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 @WynMasters thanks for being such an ambassador for our sport! Loved chatting with you this weekend & looking forward to supporting next year’s Privateer Awards!

What a way to end the season!
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 With all that's f#@ked in our lives and the world, this sport, these people put a smile on my face. Thank you. Well done girls and boys.
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 Well Damn Said Dude!
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 The nascar jump suit is epic.
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 Hats off to Jean Gerard, such a good sport. And so trashed so early.
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 Wow this WynTV episode got me smiling and laughing so hard ! Thanks Wyn and the whole downhill family for the good vibes
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 I will say, Gwin and Minnaar always have good interviews with Wyn. Always look forward to their 1 minute.
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 The energy surrounding this race was next level. Racing was off the charts and crowds were mental. Doubt theres anyone who wouldnt want this to happen again next year. Hell, Danny actually laughed!
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 Took a minute to figure out the dumpster fire he was holding. Lol! Fantastic race! Great last episode!
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 I hope that... thing makes more appearances
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 It was like a conglomeration of every mic he's ever had. Only thing missing was Bernard the duck.
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 I made his microphone!!! My broken parts are famous!!!!
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 @Mavic101: thanks For all your effort best Mic this year!!
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 @wynmasters: MOMA should have a permanent exhibition of your mics´collection!
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 @metaam: And the Pinecone!
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 If that guy is 40 I eat my shoe
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 a tough Appalachian 40 maybe?
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 Haha, maybe he had a real hard paper round as a kid.
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 I know that dude! Tim is a local legend and also fast as F*&# and great bike handler!
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 Would you like some salsa for that zapato? If that kid shaved hed look 32
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 Can´t believe the season is already over. Thanks Wyn for the dedication and the great work.
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 Lmao at Danny Hart’s “a*shole of nowhere” comment! He should see some parts of the Dakotas, Idaho, Wyoming, or Montana.
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 Fuck I love downhill
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 Doesn't get much better than swigging champagne on a car roof with Greg Minaar. Énorme les p'tits froggies !!!
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 SNOWSHOE one of the funnest and best places on the East Coast. If you have never had the pleasure of enjoying tread to dirt here put it on your bucket list because it is a must Shred.
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 Jean Girard didn`t get the title but happy to see that he was in a great form. Such a good lad. Cheers Momo!!!
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 OMG! I think Amaury is my new fave!
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 Who ever got him the fire suit. Thank you.
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 Best Wyn TV ever and the best year of racing ever!
Well done guys and ladies!
Look forward to 2020 Big Grin
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 Yo Danny! So stoked you won... always the Danger man!
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 As much as I love watching WynTV and this is a banger of an episode especially, Wyn really needs to get a better microphone. The volume is all over the place and it's just getting more and more quiet as the video goes on. The range on that mike is so poor that as soon as Wyn wants to say something and leans the mike over to his side again you can basically not hear whatever the other person was about to say. Still, absolutely great content and fantastic to watch, thanks so much for this!
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 This! Love the content, hate the audio. Someone PLEASE get him a proper mic!
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 How close to Talladega could they host a world cup DH? Windrock or closer?
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 Windrock is few hours and one state north.
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 Thanks Wyn for that last one and happy that you didn`t break any teeth with your pedal/microphone. That was close sometimes Wink
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 After all the ALN, "use her full name" noise made on here I'm surprised no one is standing up for this USA dude.
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 Just (incidentally) heard on the main stream propaganda machine today that West Virginia was ranked 50th happiest state in the good ol' Red, White and Blue...

Watching this video and the stoke, I'd say we're doing alright!
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 what a season, and what a race to end it on. thanks all the riders for a killer year, and thanks wyn for doing this at every event and just being a class act all around. snowshoe 2021, already cant wait to go again. till next time!
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 Wow freaking awesome interviews------ how did Amuary get the full "Jean Girard" race gear---Holyshit that is funny!!!!--Perrier are you listening----you may finally be interesting LOL!!!!
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 WYN TV rules! Keep up the good work WYN. Your interviews are fantastic! I'm bummed the season is over. Man, that last race was intense.
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 Yeah boy! Next season, at every round you should ad a new bikepart to your microphone! Best mic so far!
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 Thanks! I made the microphone from broken parts that have been my garage for too long. Stoked that he used it!
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 OMG...WYNN TV just gets better with time...Thanks WYN can't wait for next season!!!Smile
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 So happy to see an Italian on the overall podium. Finally!
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 SOOOOOO GOOOD thank you so much Wyn you re the man!!!!
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 hot take at 16:40 lol
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 I wanna see this dude commentating in the booth with Rob next year!
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 brilliant Wynn makes the perfect ending to the best ever final race - what a Boss !
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 The best WinTV ever !!!! Great end of the season. Thank you
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 Best interviews on PB. Thanks Wyn!
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 Ha, well done, Wyn, but still didn't get him to say "Ricky Bobby."
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 WYN TV rules many thanks looking forward to next year xxx
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 Fuuuuckin A!! Next US world cup, I'm there!
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 When did Ron Howard start racing DH WC
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 Awesome finals!!! More U.S. world cups please.
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 Just awesome all round! Really hope things dont get all PC and the show gets watered down, its so good
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 What season! Can’t wait for more in 2020!!
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 Missed the race! Where can I get the replay?
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 Red Bull media
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 Out on DVD Christmas 2019!
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 First Amaury "Pee-Ron", and now Jean Girard
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 Nail biter!
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 What a time
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 Best WynTV ever

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