WynTV: Lourdes DH World Cup Finals Chat

May 1, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  

Wyn has dialled in his race run, cracked open the beer, and has gone around the pits putting the pressure on the riders for their comments… see how the other riders got on and gauge their reactions.

MENTIONS: @GTBicycles / @wynmasters

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 "Doesn't matter what the size is, as long as you know how to use it" - Rachel Atherton
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 oh man that comment could run into so much hate nowadays... haha great xD
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 Rach really won the past two episodes
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 @MaximilianJakubowski: I wanted to dislike her a little, I reallly did. But I can't.
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 @MaximilianJakubowski: I love it. She always puts him back in his place haha.
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 As soon as I heard her say that I knew when I scroll down it would be at the top of the comment section
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 Watchout for next session.
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 So there is a chance!???!
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 I love how Wyn gets progressively more and more drunk throughout every video
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 i dont see the problem. i prefered it, when he got more drunk from interview to interview, anyway such a awesome dude.
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 @GuinnessRCD: It's not a problem it's what makes these videos great!
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 He definetly on some feel goods
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 Shot through the heart...and you're too late...darling you need love...the bad man
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flag cuban-b (May 1, 2017 at 19:40) (Below Threshold)
 i always thought it was "Shot through the heart... and you're to blame... darling you give love... a bad name"
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 That was the best part LOL
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 At a BDS at Fort William a few years ago the wind was predicted to come in around 16:00 meaning gondolas would close. The event was a UCI Classe 1 event and we decided to bring the start forward by 3 hours due to safety and fairness, cutting out seeding runs. No complaints and as predicted, 60mph winds came in at 16:00 and closed the gondola. At that time we had done podiums and everyone had packed up and gone home. (Except us and the Commissairess). It can be done.
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 This man knows the score.
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 Then we just had the horrendous job of driving vans home over Glencoe, and one motorhome didn't survive!!
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 I wonder if that microphone helped Wyn to gauge the reaction of his interviewees?
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 Doh, just seen pinkbike beat me to it in the summary under the video. I hope I don't get barred.
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 Not sure but it probably helped relieve some of the pressure of the situation
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 @jimoxbox: Well something was helping, as he seemed pretty pumped.
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 "What's your hidden talent?!"
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flag g-42 (May 1, 2017 at 12:56) (Below Threshold)
 @whatyousaid - I get what you're saying, but it's not that easy. The forecast was for a storm to come in - but then again, forecasts are uncertain, and I read at least one report that said the forecast had been for rain early, then a bit of a reprieve, then more rain. Moving the whole event two hours earlier would have been hard to do at short notice - and would have probably mean that the juniors and women would have had hardly any audience (in person or online). Not to mention all the broadcast stuff, etc., all of requires all kinds of advance notice, and that's what pays the bills.

So let's say they had decided to run the pro men first, with the logic being that was the largest field, and therefore they'd then have that whole group racing in conditions that were the same for the whole field. Then hold off for a bit, wait for the rain to fully set in, then race pro women, junior men. You could argue that would have produced a fair outcome - the pro men all would have raced in dry conditions and there'd have been a fair contest. The women and juniors all would have raced in wet conditions, and they'd each have had a fair contest. But you would have had pissed off spectators (missed the event they wanted to see because of the change, etc.), and pissed of sponsors (who don't like pissed off spectators), and you'd have basically told the women and the juniors that they're second class citizens to be pushed around for the benefit of the pro men (in an industry that realizes that growth for the sport is very much tied to increasing women's participation). Not great, right?

Or how about they'd changed the start order, running the top 20 or so qualifiers first, then the rest of the pro men. That way, you'd have likely ended up with the favorites getting their podium spots and ranking points. Probably also a "fair" outcome from that perspective - but seriously shitty for the rest of the pro men, to whom that basically would have said that they're second class citizens, to be pushed around for the benefit of the top dogs. Again, not great.

Frankly, this outcome was not great. At all. But the problem with large events is that it's really hard to move stuff around. Conditions-dependent sports are tough that way - you can't schedule the weather and all that. And then there's the thing where in this field, the top guys have a lot of advantages. You could even argue that sometimes the fact they start last is an advantage - because while tracks usually deteriorate throughout the day, unless that just goes batshit crazy (like it did here - where it's not just corners getting more blown out during the day, but the course basically getting flooded by this monster storm), they probably still make out OK, because they get input from other riders' race runs that may help them with last minute line choices (oh, that secret line I've been taking in practice is not looking so good today; oh, that aggressive line we've been liking has gone to shit and people have crashed on it left and right - need to beware of that; etc.). Sometimes, course conditions improve during the day (tracks drying out after a wet start and such). And sometimes, that just turns around and bites the top guys, hard, as in this case.

The WC tour has 7 races. You can do the points math - it's very unlikely that over the course of a long season, this will really keep the fastest and most consistent racers back. It's a complete gut punch on the day, for sure, and I don't mean to minimize that. But it also keeps things exciting - which is what ultimately pays their salaries.
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 @g-42: ain't nobody got time for that
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 That face will be meme'd so fast! It was an amazing expression haha!
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 @g-42: TLDR
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 lol....I didn't even know we were allowed that many characters in here
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 "I probably will..."
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 WynTV was the only thing salvageable from the men's race.... Mas WynTV!!!
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 Better Wyn - funny but not crass - keep it there.
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 Agreed. Others have been a bit cringe worthy, this one was more laughs. Well edited.
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 Not moving the start time of the race a few hours earlier = fail.

I know adapting to changing conditions throughout the day is part of the game, but if conditions change that drastically and its an obvious frickin storm front moving in adjust the start time accordingly an hour or two...just sayin.
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flag jewsef (May 1, 2017 at 12:53) (Below Threshold)
 Then the top riders would have just moaned about the wind, they just need to man up and accept that weather is changeable
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 Yes, it's a fail, or a lack of common sense, but it's not in the rules. And if you know the UCI, you know they love their rules. Currently the rules only allow for an event cancellation in the event of weather - not a time change. Probably they'll consider making a change to that rule, concede it would make sense to make a change, and then not do it.
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 @jewsef: This is a occupation for these guys. My guess is that you are just as fast, but who is asking. When you have more than a penny on the table let us all know.
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 I learned the only way I'm pronouncing ginger from now on.
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 Good antidote to a crappy early early morning of viewing. Jack 'Film' Moir was my favorite interviewee and Rachel was being a bit of a damn good sport.
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 I need more WynTV in my life. Every race please. Pretty please.
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 "Whats your hidden talent?"
*Look of defeat*
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 WynTV literally the best thing that happened at 2017 Lourdes.
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 Masters brothers together ahahahahaha
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 What does Danny Hart sayto wyn after wyn says 37th or so ?
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 Tidy work i think
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 @ian1086: aha thanks
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 Loved the "yeah. I probably will" right after that
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 Kinda weird question, but anyone know what brand Wyn's hoodie is? I know it GT branded, but not sure about the manufacturer. Why would I ask? Going to be Wyn for Halloween.
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 Wyn needs to stick his mic on a Camberwell carrot. He is Danny. s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/bc/43/af/bc43af77d9601a49bcdf7a1b51d15de4.jpg
Although Danny was more coherent...
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 "tastes like Girl Guide biscuits" is such an obscure reference! But I know exactly what he's talking about....
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 We call them Girl Scout Cookies over here
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 @endlessblockades: Are they also a disgusting but delicious over the top vanilla flavor?
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 this could be 4 times as long and I wouldn't get bored of it.
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 Oh man poor Danny. Hang in there man!
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 I love these makes u feel as if ur actually at the race and awesome to know how the athletes feel after the race !!
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 Ed Masters cracks me up. I could party with that guy. Also,i'm going to start "shooting" everyone i beat now.
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 Danny shouldn't feel badly at all. It was totally beyond his control and in no way a reflection of riding ability. it's not like he could have used his brakes differently or something. There wasn't any traction to be had. Gwin's crash made him look like a kid that had just lost his training wheels. Nothing to be done there Danny.
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 Funny!!! Great voice. Guy is hilarious. I don't think I've seen its like before. Don't care at all about the race but really glad to watch the video. The rain. Whole thing is perfect. Well done. Thanks!
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 Why is Wyn tv so short since it moved to Pinkbike?
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 GT is giving me a 30". Ha.
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 The BOSS!
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 Love the screwed up lyrics...better than the original.
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 Drink story: Glass with unknown liquid (looks like beer) > Duvel > Kronenbourg
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 .hahah great video but more minutes please Wyn!!!
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 Feel so bad for Danny there he looks absolutely devastated! Shows the pressure some of these riders are under to perform!
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 Haha this is a great one!!
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 So funny. Finns face hahahaha. Jack Moir, yep, yep. hahahaha
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 so where is winner´s bike check?
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 Top qualifiers should be able to pick their start times-like Supercross picking gates based on heat results!
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 He was smashed
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