Video: WynTV Track Walk - Les Gets World Cup DH 2019

Jul 10, 2019
by GT Bicycles  

It's been a while since a World Cup circus pulled into Les Gets, so Wyn puts out all the stops to find out what the riders think about this classic French track.


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 Wonder if Wyn (also sounds a bit like Korg from a Marvel movie, giving him bonus points) could juggle being a commentator during the broadcast while racing DH.

I vote yes.
  • 3 0 thoughts as well. I vote y..cheers!!!
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 Taika Waititi who is Korg's voice (and directed Ragnarok) is also a Kiwi.
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 Can't believe Loris thought he was on a bad run last weekend, it was amazing.
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 “That would be alpine”. This was a great episode of wyntv, a great among greats. Baguette for anyone? What about you when will you be coming over to Enduro? Excited are you? Gonna run twenty spacers in the fork. Classic episode thanks wyntv
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 Blinky - "You're getting old!" Big Grin
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 thats not how you hold a disc rotor !!
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 I came into this weekend expecting a fist fight in track walk between Wyn and Cathro. Disappointed.
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 I wonder if the times will be tight.... not convinced, seems that someone always puts a stormer in this season.
Gonna be some crazy footage of people going flat out fast and wild (hopefully).
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 Imagine the quality banter that would be Wyn and Danny commentating.
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 Good stuff as usual Wyn!
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 Whats with Loris hand? He seems to wear some sort of support
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 its one of those guards for archery
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 No archery, no guard, just the Mobius X8 Wrist Brace, i think. 
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 The stutter editing in these videos is driving me nuts!
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 Is that what's going on? Awful. Love the vid other wise .
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 I don’t know why they do that. It does make it hard to watch, and it’s almost like they edit it to change what the person was saying. I dig these videos, but that part is odd.
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 Havent heard a good Yeaaaaaaah in a while.
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 I didn't know Wyn was a member of the Rotory Club.
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 Geeez, who held the camera? Felt like the Cloverfield version of a trackwalk Big Grin
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 Now swap that rotor out with one in the pits and listen to it howl during the race!
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 Loris ''Put some gas'' Vergier.
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 Your old mate Ty Bowmaker
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 Hanging for this race big time.
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 Some drink coffe, some watch Wyn TV!
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 Any one know the unanswered question? Peaty angry?
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 so fucking good!

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