Story of XTR - Part 2

Aug 17, 2010
by Karl Burkat  
Delving deeper into the story of XTR, long time Shimano Skunk rider Paul Thomasberg takes you inside the walls of Shimano to introduce the development team as they take you through the intricate process to refine and perfect the new XTR.

Watch the video from Anthill Films
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 I'm so buying that marketing... if I only had enough money I would be so buying all these products... so far I will just buy their trail pedals. Would be actualy great to see some exclusive XTR bash to the 2-ring setup crankset.

Oyy Shimano, this vid along with 2011 XTR products makes SRAM XX look like high-tech plastic toys Big Grin
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 luv it3xoxo
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 i dunno, i mean its awesome stuff that id still love to have on my bikes, but i cant help but thinking theyre playing catch up with Sram at the moment
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 i was just kidding. Both are good. What's better SRAM or Shimano is as pointless discussion as Mercedes vs BMW, Canon vs Nikon etc... Smile
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 *cough* CANON *cough*

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 mercedes Smile
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 from stereotype point of view by buying either Merc or BMW you are on the bad side: old_prck's_car vs. under30_gelhaired_wnkr... I'll have a Toyota Aygo then... along with some Fuji SLR... and Suntour drivetrain - who buys that crap?! I don't know...
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 I was in Fukuoka Japan last month and I went to EVERY major bike shop. The strange thin is, I could not find "one single" shop that carried XTR( as I was looking to buy). They monopolize to the extreme and I'm not happy about that... Whats the deal with this???
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 I love this series. Its nice to know the history of the most well know cycling company (arguably, of course) in the world. Also good if a customer asks where they're made, now I know ahah
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 Wow. I wonder how many access issues they face on 1200 year old trails?
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 I sort of find it as one of indicators of certain Nations' maturity in managing forest and mountain areas. Maturity that give a proper understanding of what it means "to protect forest/mountain areas". For example in Poland in most mountain areas biking is just FORBIDDEN! just in case. I also believe when the law of "no biking" in certain mountain areas around the world was made, there were no mountain bikes yet. And it just stayed like that.

Mature countries allow biking activities in many protected areas, i.e Switzerland, and as we see Japan also.

What authorities don't realize is that in most of protected areas, without the lift access, there will be a very limited number of riders at all and even more limited number of those truly "destroying" the nature and trails. These are usualy amateurs with poor technique, sunday riders without developed respect for the nature. And even if some brake burners, dragging a locked rear wheel for most of the way down, go there, I believe they are far less harmful to the environment than a bunch of disrespectful trekkers throwing cans around.
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 yeah but sometimes if one of those sunday riders gets hurts, he very well could sue the city/state, and that's something the city/state obviously doesn't like/want. It's a shame though, and I bet a lot of teen delinquency could be erased by putting up more places for teens to ride/skate/etc...
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 In Canada their is quite a few trails that are strictly no biking, but yet you can horseback ride on them? After horses go through its full of shit and sinkholes... And yet they say we ruin the trails...
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 lux-freerider there is no such an issue with somebody suing state for being hurt. Otherwise all govermental bodies taking care of forest areas / natural reserves, would be unable function at all, because of all trekkers doing stupid or simply irresponsible stuff in the mountains and suing them afterwards. Its just one of excuses of authorities. They say the same thing when somebody want to build a skate park. Then when they agree they don't say a single word seeing kids riding and skating without helmets...

ritchie rich - all i can tell you is that for some reason horse riders, hunters (i mean those wnkrs with stupid checkered hats and dogs) and golfers do what they want with the nature. Porshes and Land Rovers Rangers seen very often in front of stables or golf clubs should give you a small hint that these are very influential people Wink plus as a matter of fact, many politicians are golfers and horse riders Big Grin
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 the new stuff looks hotter than ever. looking forward to my new whip in full XTR kit!

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